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Search Results for: sexy thong

Lexi Veracruz 16

Sexy Lexi is laying on the bed in a Forever Lazy blanket garment, and she unzips it to air it out. She is wearing a thong underneath, and she lets some airy farts hiss right through her thong! She doubles over on the bed and says she has mroe gas, th... 7893 views

Summer Baily 15

Sexy Summer Baily knows you want to smell some farts today, and she's got bean gas today from Mexican food, including nachos! She's wearing a red matching bra and thong, which she pulls to the side to blast farts in your face! You can see her asshole... 8998 views

Allison Pierce

Allison stops by to do her very first farting clip ever! This hot little fart-newbie normally does hardcore porn! She's a little sexy slut isn't she? She farts in a nice little sexy jean miniskirt and pink thong! You get some nice close ups of her li... 10815 views

Allison Pierce 6

Allison comes back to do some more farting. This time in a sexy red thong bikini! Her thong is thin enough that you get to see her asshole ass it farts! So sexy! This is a real nut buster! 6486 views

Allison Pierce 8

Allison stars in another farting clip, this time in a white dress with white cotton thong panties on. She is pushing so hard to fart that her hole pushes out into a rosebud! Very sexy clip! 9183 views

Abigail Peach 22

Brunette knockout Abigail Peach is finally home after a night out partying, and she found herself in a rather gassy state. Of course this sex kitten did not want to keep all the fun to herself, so she made the most of it and constructed a sexy video ... 4712 views

Naughty Holly 18

Holly is back for more super hot farts! She's on a coffee table with a hard wood surface. She starts off farting with a thong on, then moves the thong over to the side to make a complete asshole-seal with the table. Very sexy! Watch as her ass pushes... 3426 views

Naughty Holly 23

Holly just got off school and out of work, so her ass hole is stinky, sweaty and gross smelling, and there is nothing more she would like to do than sit right on your face, and fart right into your mouth! She is wearing some jeans, a black sweater an... 6442 views

Madison Luna 2

Madison is back for another clip. This time she's in a fishnet outfit that looks really sexy. She's got a g string panties that is perfect for farting in. The smell just comes right through! 4453 views

Madison Luna 5

Madison farting on the stool once again, this time in a sexy little outfit. She's got on a thong, miniskirt and a bikini top. She hangs her beautiful bottom over the side of the stool and blast off some nasty gas, very hot! Close ups of her booty and... 3457 views

Madison Luna 7

Madison back again for another fart fantasy session! She's in a thong bikini shaking her booty and looking hot and sexy while she blasts some nasty ass gas! Lots of close ups and hot booty shaking. 5008 views

Sinnamon Love 14

Sinnamon Loves to fart and fart she does! In this clip she's farting on a coffee table! You get to hear her farting on a nice hard surface with her big round brown booty! She's in a sexy purple mesh top and panties outfit that allows the farts to jus... 5555 views

Summer 7

Summer is back to fart for you! She's on the couch this time and all she's got on is a thin thong bikini and no top! You get to see her wonderfully bonerific boobies naked and up close as well as her hot sexy ass hole as it farts through her thong bo... 4460 views

Alexa Bay

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce Alexa Bay, a sexy little brunette who just ate a bunch of Mexican food and it gave her burning gas! She pulls her thong to the side and sticks her ass in the camera and starts blasting stinky farts ... 5919 views

Alexis Monroe 5

Sexy little Alexis is back to fart for you some more! She says her stomach is really hurting right now, so she's gonna try to get into as many positions as she can to get out as many farts as she can - NICE! She bounces up and down on the sofa, then ... 5193 views

Amber Rayne 2

Amber is wearing all black today - mesh blouse, bra, thong panties, and high heel shoes - sexy! With a bellyful of nasty gas, she pulls her thong to the side and lets a few airy farts hiss through her bare asshole, then bounces around on the bed to l... 6522 views

Asia Zo 15

Back by popular demand is veteran fartress Asia Zo! She sticks her thong-festooned ass in the camera and farts right into your face - NICE! She pulls her cheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole pushing up against her thong as she farts! But wai... 4863 views


Making her debut today is hot, sexy little Brandy. Brandy is wearing a lacy bra and thong panties, and boy is she bloated with gas! She sticks her ass into the camera and farts in her thong panties! Then she pulls her thong down and the camera zoom... 4582 views

Brittany Blue 18

Sexy blonde Brittney Blue crawls onto the bed wearing red thong panties and white heels. She asks if you get turned on by a little gas in the bedroom, then she pulls her thong to the side and blasts a squeaky fart! She sticks her ass right into the c... 5967 views

Cristi Minaj 4

Sexy Cristi is back again for more, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and you can see her bare asshole next to her thong as she farts! She stands there pulling her cheeks apart and farting, and the camera zooms in nice and tight so you can see her ba... 3769 views

Imani Rose 22

Sexy ebony Imani Rose is back to fart for you some more! today she's in a sexy leather-and-spandex outfit, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. Imani then rolls over and sticks her ass right into the cam... 4139 views

Imani Rose

Today we introduced a cute little ebony beauty - Imanie Rose. Imanie is wearing a bra, panties and fishnet thigh-highs. She lays back on the sofa to watch TV and starts blasting farts! She;s also eating and it's so sexy to see her eat and fart at the... 3723 views

Imani Rose 5

Imanie stands with her bathrobe open, wearing thong panties underneath. She wants you to watch her. She's trying to be sexy, when she blasts a fart! She spreads her booty and blasts a fart right through her thong! She plays with her tits, then bounce... 4337 views

Jizzelle Jennings

You're in for a special treat today! Making her debut is Jizzelle Jennings, a sexy little brunette who's bloated with chili-cheese-fries farts! She leans over and blows a couple silent-but-deadlies, then lays back on the sofa, spreads her legs, and p... 3863 views