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Search Results for: sexy dress

Allison Pierce 8

Allison stars in another farting clip, this time in a white dress with white cotton thong panties on. She is pushing so hard to fart that her hole pushes out into a rosebud! Very sexy clip! 9205 views

Naughty Holly 20

Holly is back and she's in a sexy black night dress with no panties on! She bends over, spreads her sexy little ass cheeks and farts her nasty smelling ass gas rigth in your face! She has such a hot, sexy, tight little butt hole that you just want to... 6311 views

Naughty Holly 22

Holly is waiting for you in bed right now. She's got a sexy black cocktail dress on and a pair of pink cotton panties on that have creeped into her crack as she farts, she pulls them out of the way to fart uninterrupted. She spreads her cheeks and pu... 7372 views

Jazmyne Starr 2

Sexy ebony Jazmyne is wearing a dress in bed. She's on her knees blasting farts, then she lays on her side and farts some more - NICE! Jazmyne pulls her dress up so you can clearly see her bare asshole struggling to get the gas out! Jazmyne then play... 5211 views

Madison Luna 2

Madison is back for another clip. This time she's in a fishnet outfit that looks really sexy. She's got a g string panties that is perfect for farting in. The smell just comes right through! 4464 views

Madison Luna 6

Madison farting in her tight black dress on the stool. Very sexy, very stinky farts with close ups on her tight fart hole and beautiful round booty! 3581 views

Alexa Bay 5

Alexa walks into the bathroom holding her tummy, lifts the toilet lid, drops her panties, and sits down. She's hanging onto the seat when she farts in the bowl! That fart stinks, because she waves it away. She spreads her legs wide and the camera zoo... 18005 views

Alexa Bay 6

Sexy Alexa walks in wearing a dress, then she bends over and says her tummy hurts, and poots a couple times! She blames it on the Mexican food. Alexa pulls up her dress and sits on the coffee table and farts on it, then says that hurts and it stinks ... 6097 views

Asia Zo 18

Asia is on the bed wearing a cute sexy little black dress, and she ate a lot so she's gonna fart it all out for you! She sticks her ass in the camera and immediately blasts fart after fart after adorable little fart! The camera zooms in so close, you... 4940 views


Today we introduce a sexy ebony girl named Baby. She went to the Burrito Shack and it did a number on her belly. She's wearing a short-short dress and no panties, so she leans over and blasts some nasty burrito farts, then waves the stench right into... 6664 views

Britney Stevens 13

Today Britney is wearing a dress on the bed with no panties. She had one too many cocktails at a party, and now she's got gas. The camera zooms in on her bare ass as she blasts juicy farts! Britney spreads her cheeks and blasts extreme-closeup bare-a... 4462 views

Britney Stevens 24

Sexy Britney is wearing a see-thru white mesh dress, and she says she has a lot of gas today. She pulls her dress up and sticks her ass in the camera and blasts huge farts into your face! You can see her asshole open when she blasts her farts out - W... 3786 views

Britney Stevens 26

Britney Stevens has a lot of gas for you today, and she's wearing a tight-tight stretchy red dress, and you can see how bloated she is! Britney lifts her dress and farts bare-ass right into the camera - SEXY! She's telling you about the Mexican food ... 3560 views

Brittany Blue 8

Buxom Brittany is here to fart for you some more! She's wearing a cute leather outfit with fishnets, and she starts to undress, asking you if that's okay. She removes her dress to reveal the cutest little strappy outfit, which she promptly pulls to t... 4721 views

Carrie Ann 3

Sexy brunette Carrie Ann wants to fart in your face! She bends over and pulls up her dress and sits in a chair ass-out and blasts farts onto the hard surface of the chair with the camera right there catching it all! Then she gets up on the arm of a c... 4220 views

Cece Stone 3

Cece walks into the bathroom, pulls up her dress, and sits on the toilet, saying her stomach is so upset. The camera swings around behind her and you can see her ass as she blasts a little fart into the bowl! She keeps on blasting farts into the bowl... 4253 views

JR 3

JR runs into the bathroom wearing a see-thru net dress, and sits on the toilet. She's leaning over and straining, then she gets up and turns around, facing ass-out on the toilet seat, when she blasts a fart! Her ample behind is hanging off the edge o... 6077 views

Kartier 5

Kartier walks into the bathroom in a sexy dress, holding her tummy and wailing about her bad gas. She pulls up her dress and sits on the toilet and with the camera right there at her ass, blasts the toilet full of nasty farts - YOWZA! Kartier's farts... 4262 views

Kendall Foxxx 9

Kendall is talking on the phone, and she's wearing a sexy see-thru pink mesh dress. She pulls one leg up and plays with her pussy and asshole, and blasts a fart! Then she puts the phone next to her ass and farts into it - WOO-HOO! She rolls over on h... 3947 views

Lucky Starr 9

Sexy little lucky sits in a manager's chair, saying you're the right person for the job, and asking you how you feel about farts. Then she pulls her legs way up and her buttcheeks apart, and blasts a fart into your face! Then she asks you how you lik... 4493 views

Lynna Fox 14

Hot sexy blonde Lynna Fox walks into the bathroom, pulls down her thong, and sits on the toilet. She says she has a lot of gas today, then lets a couple silent-but-deadlies as the camera swings around to catch them! She tells you to smell that, and y... 5685 views


Today we are happy to introduce Marlena, a HOT little brunette who is farting on camera for the first time! Marlena's wearing a sexy black lace dress, which she lifts to show she's wearing no panties! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and lets an airy ... 5090 views

Miranda Gomez 2

Sexy latina Miranda is back to fart for you some more! She pulls her dress up and she points her bare asshole at you and blasts a fart! Then she rolls onto her back and pulls her legs way up in a rimming position and farts in your face! It looks like... 4654 views

Myeshia Nikole

Brace yourself for a special treat, as we introduce Myeshia Nikole, a sexy ebony beauty with a bellyful of gas from some nasty Italian food she ate! Myeshia pulls her dress up and blasts a big stinky fart right into your face! That fart is followed b... 5594 views