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Search Results for: schoolgirl

Nyeema 5

Nyeema is full of gas with a belly ache and she's got to get rid of that gas by farting it into your face so you can smell it all up! You'd like that wouldn't you? Well, here is a super hot clip for you. Nyeema is wearing a red plaid miniskirt (schoo... 4197 views

Goddess 12

The poor schoolgirl has a terrible stomach ache and all that gas is dying to get out of her belly. She did not have the time to even take off her cute tie but it's okay, she looks sexier and kinkier with it on. The tiny skirt will also turn you on as... 4844 views

Amber Star 10

Sexy scholar Amber Star’s attempt to settle in with a good read is hampered by her ass clamoring. Her reading is repeatedly interrupted by catastrophic colon cackles as she pushes lingering fart after fart into her leather desk chair. Nobody would ... 8575 views

Caramel Lee 7

Waiting for her ride to school, Caramel Lee is in a bit of distress. She has a plethora of poots she needs to get out and is perched on her white leather sectional to pass poofs with her plaid skirt lifted up. Was she really planning on wearing no pa... 7022 views

Ashley Luvbug

Meet sweet Ashley Luvbug, a spirited young lady who is new to farting in front of others. She is a bit embarrassed by her foul smells and loud barks, but she’ll get over that before long! In sexy shorts and a cute tank, she is ridding herself of ga... 8226 views

Ashley Luvbug 8

School cafeteria pizza is kind to nobody, and darling Ashley Luvbug is feeling the burn from her ill-fated lunch. Finally home from class, she is on the sofa, defiling her pretty pink shorts with her outrageous ass acoustics. Miss Luvbug is happy thi... 7913 views

Katt Lowden 6

Katt Lowden, in a sexy plaid skirt lacking in length, speeds into the powder room to push out some seriously productive poots that have her tummy in knots. Watching her barely make it to the pot in time causes some concern for those cute pink panties... 8843 views

Katt Lowden 37

Cute, nerdy teen Katt Lowden is home from school and quite delighted to have learned a ton about the digestive system! She wants to share her education with you and proceeds to explain a bit about her inner anatomy as she demonstrates with loud farts... 4363 views

Sedusa D 10

Chimichanga day at the school cafeteria has rendered sexy student Sedusa D embarrassingly gassy. She figures the rest of the pupils are also gassy, but she is so relived she could hold her butt blasts at bay until she returned home. Once in the priva... 4068 views

Camille Lixx 2

Sexy schoolgirl Camille Lixx is home from class and full of gas. Take a look at that hot teenage ass! She knocks it out of the park as she complains about cafeteria food and prays nobody walks in on her filling the room with her butt juice odor. Her ... 6529 views

Amber Star 35

Amber Star’s sizable booty looks outstanding in bright yellow full-bottom panties! Add to it that she is gassy as can be, and this is one sight to behold! This babe is overrun with gassers, and she is ready to show off how much methane she can prod... 3786 views

Gia Love 33

Naughty schoolgirl Gia Love was booted from her school for improper dress. She wore a slutty top with her uniform skirt and neglected to don a pair of panties! What a sassy girl! Gia was given the boot after lunch hour, and her last cafeteria meal ma... 11342 views

Abigail Peach 58

Luscious maven Abigail Peach has wrapped her hot body in a slutty schoolgirl uniform, and this gassy girl has never looked hotter! Ms. Peach is perfection in that short skirt as she exposes her ass and farts directly in your face. This filthy display... 2762 views

Carmen Kay 8

Looking fucking fabulous in a slutty schoolgirl skirt, full-figured black fox Carmen Kay shared her foul farts in all of their glory, giving a hot view of her spewing pucker. Do not miss the opportunity to see this stinky woman holding nothing back a... 2436 views

Kali Ryder 18

Kali Ryder decided to play the role of innocent schoolgirl with a short plaid skirt and a black boulder holder to match. She looked so sexy as she hiked up that skirt, sans panties, and began to fart up a storm. Her tush is perfection, and this prove... 2013 views

Brandy Jade

Menacing MILF Brandy Jade is brand spankin’ new to farting for the camera, and during this slutty installment, she shows off her slender physique in an immodest schoolgirl getup that makes her look years younger and oh so arousing! Get to know this... 2317 views