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Search Results for: school uniform

Katt Lowden 37

Cute, nerdy teen Katt Lowden is home from school and quite delighted to have learned a ton about the digestive system! She wants to share her education with you and proceeds to explain a bit about her inner anatomy as she demonstrates with loud farts... 4363 views

Camille Lixx 2

Sexy schoolgirl Camille Lixx is home from class and full of gas. Take a look at that hot teenage ass! She knocks it out of the park as she complains about cafeteria food and prays nobody walks in on her filling the room with her butt juice odor. Her ... 6529 views

Cheyenne Jewel 10

Fart Fun 101…that’s exactly what your study buddy, Cheyenne Jewel, wants to introduce you to. Sound fun? Since you two deserve a break before cracking open the books again, she would love to fart in front of you while you stroke your johnson to t... 5888 views

Gia Love 33

Naughty schoolgirl Gia Love was booted from her school for improper dress. She wore a slutty top with her uniform skirt and neglected to don a pair of panties! What a sassy girl! Gia was given the boot after lunch hour, and her last cafeteria meal ma... 11342 views

Carmen Kay 9

A panty-less Carmen Kay slowly made her way into the bathroom when her belly very suddenly started to cause sharp pain. She flipped up her too-short plaid skirt and lowered herself onto the bowl. Carmen had to rid her doughy tummy of waste and gas in... 2361 views

Brandy Jade

Menacing MILF Brandy Jade is brand spankin’ new to farting for the camera, and during this slutty installment, she shows off her slender physique in an immodest schoolgirl getup that makes her look years younger and oh so arousing! Get to know this... 2317 views

Brady Jade 2

Lovely lady Brandy Jade is back in her knee-high black stockings and eager to fart in front of the camera once again. There is no shame in her game as she opens up the gates to her signature stench, all for your enjoyment. Ms. Jade gets into giving u... 1465 views

Naughty Holly 13

Holly is about to explode! She has no time to mess around, in this clip she gets right to the butt blasting! All she's got on is a tshirt and pair of white cotton panties, so sexy! She just got back from school, she had to let loose some ass gas, but... 4827 views

Naughty Holly 23

Holly just got off school and out of work, so her ass hole is stinky, sweaty and gross smelling, and there is nothing more she would like to do than sit right on your face, and fart right into your mouth! She is wearing some jeans, a black sweater an... 6442 views

Imani Rose 16

Veteran fartress Imani runs into the bathroom quickly and sits on the toilet wearing a cheerleader skirt and bra. She says she doesn't have time for this before school, and she blasts a big fart into the toilet! The camera hangs under her ass and you... 4840 views

Kelly Skyline 6

Kelly Skyline is sitting at her computer desk, naked except for a bikini top. She has eaten way too many chili cheese fries, and it's given her the nastiest gas! The camera zooms in nice and close from underneath, just in time to catch Kelly pull her... 3436 views

Missy Milano 5

Missy is busy studying for a test at school but she's just full of fart gas right now. She has to take a break from studying to get up and push out all the build up pressure in her belly. In this clip she's wearing a cute blouse with a pair of tight ... 4092 views

Veronica Jett 2

Veronica has returned for more, hot, sexy ass farting! Today she's dressed like a nice little school girl in a sun dress, glasses and some yellow thong panties, so sexy! Watch Veronica as she bends over, lays on her back, spreads her cheeks and expos... 7882 views

Asia Zo 23

When a tiny little Asian gal is on top of the bed naked like that, clutching her perky tits and giggling like a little school girl, you just know that your cock is going to get hard like a rock. But lo and behold! This babe Asia Zo has some really aw... 4556 views

JR 9

JR greet us in a school-girl skirt with her sexy tattoos and piercings, but she has more than a little gas. She removes her panties as fart after fart is released while her brown-eye and sweet pussy winks for our camera. JR lies down on a table and ... 4219 views

Shae Spreadz 6

Shae Spreadz farted in the middle of class and embarrassed herself. They don’t appreciate her toxic fumes the way you do! She’s going to tell you all about her fart filled day, but even better, Shae’s going to demonstrate exactly how she let al... 6024 views

Kristy Snow

Kristy Snow doesn’t know what she ate at school, but it’s torturing her tummy now that she’s home. She has so much gas, it’s exploding out of her asshole and covering her little lace panties with her rotten smells! Don’t miss this clip beca... 4493 views

Alexa Bay 11

Alexa Bay has been holding in her dirty fumes, and she’s finally letting it all out. She let a few of her smelly farts loose earlier at school and all the boys made fun of her. They don’t appreciate a stinky fart like you do, and now Alexa’s tr... 6771 views

Veronica Voxx 7

Veronica Voxx has been a bad little school girl; she ate all the horrible food in the cafeteria. Now she’s full of rotten smelling gas, and she’s pushing it out onto the furniture, covering the leather with her rancid farts! Veronica’s always b... 4853 views

Alina Snow 10

Alina is at it again. She's been such a good girl at school, holding in all those horrible farts while she studied. Now her discomfort is your reward as she instructs you to jack off to the rapid-fire tempo of her filthy gas! Jack it for her as she f... 12426 views

Osa Lovely 12

"Don't judge me!" Osa begs in a whisper as she farts into her hand and then smells it. What we can judge is that a hand cupped to her ass, ready to shovel farts into her face is pretty damn sexy! Osa begs her ass to give her gas as she keeps it old s... 3750 views

Tristina Millz 15

School teachers can't just up and fart in front of their students. Even if the cafeteria served nasty burritos you just have to hold it in. But now that teacher Tristina is in the privacy of her own home she can let all that burrito gas out of her sy... 6165 views

Sindell 3

Sindell arrives home from a long day in class and has been holding in her squeakers all day long because nothing is more embarrassing than farting in school. She lies down and lets them go, finally finding freedom from her pent-up fuel. Tight jeans a... 12665 views

Olivia 5

Olivia wants to play and hopes you join her for some guided jacking off. She wants you nice and close to her ass that is on full display courtesy of her short school girl plaid skirt and no panties. This sexy seductress needs you to smell her ass hol... 10361 views