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Search Results for: redhead


Grab your dick and get ready for a special treat as we introduce a flaming redhead named Honey! She is a laid back little slut, but when it comes to ripping out farts she is brutal as hell. The cute outfit fits her and all, it looks nice and sexy, bu... 5434 views

Miss Marie

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce a sizzling hot redhead named Miss Marie! For her first time farting on camera, Miss Marie decides to jump in buttfirst by making her debut in the fart chair! She plops her thong-festooned booty into... 4366 views

Miss Marie 8

Miss Marie is on teh bed, wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties. She points her ass right at your face and blasts some huge farts through her thong! She spreads her buttcheeks wide so you can see everything. She rolls onto her back and pulls he... 4107 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne

The redhead Miss Marie and the blonde hottie Daisy Layne has some wicked ideas for today. Guess what? The hot babe Daisy wants her ass to be licked pretty good by the luscious Miss Marie, she wants that babe to eat her farts all day. Miss Marie got a... 10863 views

Charli Piper 16

Hey Charli, have you been working out? Well she's back from the gym and ready to give your hard cock some exercise! This redhead in her blue one-piece wants to spray your hard cock with her hard gas. Charlie instructs you as she strips, showing you m... 8116 views

Kodi Gamble 3

Fiery redhead Kodi Gamble can hardly handle the stench when she is busy on the pot. A hidden camera captured her displeasure and grimacing facial expressions as she rid herself of gas and waste. She is such a cute little thing, but her ass is just so... 3967 views

Kodi Gamble 7

Catch Kodi Gamble’s small ass up close and from afar while she farts! Despite her slight physique, her toots pack quite a punch! Her fair-skinned body was in the buff, but for a pair of thigh-high socks that hugged her slender legs. She is a red-ha... 3679 views

Kyrin Mae

Introducing sexy ginger MILF Kyrin Mae! She is a hot piece of ass, quite literally! Looking fantastic in a black bra, she will soon be a favorite farter of yours. Her fair skin and pink lips are perfection! There is something so alluring about her as... 7106 views

Kyrin Mae 2

Sexy lace panties look amazing on hot Kyrin Mae! This is a rousing redhead who has no shame. She will fart in your face as soon as you wish. Be careful, everything about this sexpot is potent, from her bedroom eyes and smelly ass, to her soft bare fe... 5635 views

Kyrin Mae 3

Lovely Kyrin Mae slipped into a sexy thong, and she can do no wrong. Fans of farts will especially appreciate her filthy booty and her surplus of gas that shrouded the room in extreme stink. Without a doubt, she is a redhead who has so much to offer,... 4084 views

Kyrin Mae 4

Lovely and lively Kyrin Mae is a sight for sore eyes, and fans of female farts will absolutely love seeing her in the buff as she proffers poot after poot! What a dirty girl! Redheads do not come much hotter than this, and if you love ladies who also... 6162 views

Kyrin Mae 5

Kryin Mae’s milky skin and fantastic ass are but two of her great qualities, and when she is stripped down to nothing and farting like mad, she is by far a fart fanatic’s wet dream in the flesh! She is an exquisite dame who deserves the sum of yo... 4012 views

Kyrin Mae 6

Delectable ginger Kyrin Mae checked herself into a high-end hotel room, but before she could fully enjoy her plush accommodations, she had to get rid of the terrible gas collected in her pudgy tummy. It is quite remarkable how this dame can make fart... 4796 views

Kyrin Mae 8

One of our favorite redheads is gorgeous Kyrin Mae, who has hair a man just wants to run his fingers through, and milky fair skin that is as soft as a baby’s bottom. However, not every thing about this dame is sugar and spice, as she can be quite s... 4091 views

Kyrin Mae 9

Kyrin Mae got all dressed up for a night out on the town, but before launching an evening of debauchery, she had to get her insides cleaned out! Lucky for us, a bathroom cam captured every moment of this ginger beauty as she let her waste and gassers... 4414 views

Aria Carson

Let’s give red-haired stunner Aria Carson the warmest of welcomes! She certainly is a girl who is easy on the eyes, and for her inaugural fart performance, she really raised some heck! Her girl farts are displayed close-up and in slow-motion! It do... 8666 views

Aria Carson 2

Aria Carson looks divine in a sexy red lingerie getup, and when she pulls her bottoms to the side, you are in for quite a view! Her ass pucker really pops when she farts, and you just don’t see a raunchy rosebud this active as often as you should! ... 8133 views

Aria Carson 3

Wowzer, for such a sexy fox, Aria Carson is nasty when it comes to her toilet habits! She doesn’t bother to be discreet when she needs to relieve herself. During this bathroom expedition, she let it all hang out, and the result was absolutely dasta... 4652 views

Aria Carson 4

Lovely Aria Carson is the quintessential girl-next-door, which is why it’s so sexy to spy her on the toilet, thanks to a carefully placed camera! Turns out this all-American doll is a dirty bird! She did some nasty work on that pot, even giving up ... 5805 views

Aria Carson 5

Allergies are a bitch, and sometimes cause a mess. When Aria Carson was gassy, she also had a sneeze that snuck up on her, and her sneezing and farting at the same time is pretty damn hot! What’s also hot is that her farts were so juicy, she had to... 8258 views

Aria Carson 6

Velvet booty shorts look fantastic on sexy ginger Aria Carson! Though she really did a number on the inside of the shorts as she let out some massive farts. She is such a joyful lass, but even the sexiest girls have stinky, messy moments, and this wa... 4895 views

Aria Carson 7

An ass as loud and gassy as Aria Carson’s is not one to miss! Her lady honks pack quite a punch, and even when she isn’t pushing them out as hard as she can, they make their way into the world in a loud way! Wearing only a sexy black bra, she pos... 8656 views

Aria Carson and Leah Winters

This is a game I want to be a part of! Check out sexy redhead Aria Carson and her brunette counterpart Leah Winters as the ladies have a contest to see which of them can fart the loudest. Going in, I had no prediction on who would come out victorious... 9923 views

Aria Carson and Leah Winters 3

Aria Carson and Leah Winters went head-to-head once again for an ass blast competition. You decide who the victor is, but one look at sexy Aria’s filthy ass, and she might just have to be declared the winner. Regardless who lands as your favorite, ... 11826 views