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Search Results for: red hair

Summer X 3

Sexy Summer is back to fart some more! She's wearing a bikini, and she removes her bottoms and spreads her cheeks and lets a long airy fart blow your hair back! Then she spreads her legs and lifts her ass as the camera zooms in tight and catches her ... 5725 views

Allison Pierce 3

Allison is back again for more farts for you! She stands up and bends over and sticks her hand down her pants, oh my! She is such a cute little blond hair blue eye girl, isn't she? She's wearing a cure top and a pair of tight jean pants for this clip... 7820 views

Abigail Peach 23

“It feels so good to let all of those farts out for you…” This is what sultry brunette Abigail Peach had to say during a tremendously sexy fart session. You do not want to miss this babe at her best as she farts her way directly into your fart-... 3876 views

Abigail Peach 24

Abigail Peach in sexy, short peach-colored shorts? Yes please! This dynamic darling has a divine booty, and when she is gassy, she is a fart-lover’s dream come true. During this dastardly fart session, she was so overrun with gas that her pucker ke... 5104 views

Tanya 16

Tanya ate something bad today! Her stomach doesn't seem to like asparagus and it is giving her some hot, nasty gas. She is wearing a black bra and purple panties. Very cute! She can't stop blasting farts that would burn the hair right out of your nos... 3954 views

Chyanne Jacobs 4

Chyanne ate and drank way too much last night, and now she's got a bellyful of gas for you. She's wearing thong panties and see-thru black mesh top. Chyanne starts out blasting a couple of farts into the camera, and boy do they stink! She shakes her ... 5076 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets

Chyanne and Kendra team up to sniff each other's farts! Both girls are only wearing panties. Kendra sticks her ass right into Chyanne's face and blasts a huge fart right into it - and it stinks - and Chyanne sniffis it right up and begs for more! The... 7751 views

Ebony Star 3

Sexy Ebony wants to fart some more, so she's naked on the bed. She rolls onto her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart, telling you to come closer. Once you're right there at her ass, she blows your hair back with a fart! Then she blasts more farts in... 4510 views

Lexi Veracruz 8

Sexy Lexi is wearing a bra and nothing else. She gets into a wing chair facing ass-out, spreads her buttcheeks wide, and starts blasting stinky farts right into your face! You can see her asshole open as the gas races out - YOWZA! Lexi twists and tur... 3827 views

Nina Devon 6

Nina is on the bed, wearing a black dress and no panties. She lays back and pulls her legs way up and you can see her bare asshole struggling, then she farts! Nina blasts some loud, hot, stinky farts into the camera, and asks if that blew your hair b... 3993 views

Rachel O

Length: 2:46 Today we introduce Rachel O, a cute girl with honey-brown hair and a bad case of the farts! She\'s on the sofa and she spreads her ample booty and blasts a whole bunch of farts right into your face! Then she gets up on her knees an... 4243 views

Angel and Janae 2

Angel is asleep on the couch, and Janae sneaks up and blasts a fart right into Angel's face, which wakes her up. Once Angel is awake and aware of what's going on, Janae blasts another fart into her face - and laughs! Angel gets back at Janae by sitti... 5674 views

Daejha Milan 2

Daejha is sitting spread-legged in a large chair, wearing only a pink multicolored camisole top that is waaaaay too small for her titties, while playing with her long blonde hair. The camera zooms in, and Daejha blasts a fart, then laughs because she... 3901 views

Daejha Milan 4

Daejha is not impressed with the book that her dorky friend wrote. She's sitting at her desk, wearing a glittery pink negligee that barely contains her gigantic titties, with her long blonde hair hanging all the way down to her ass. Daejha's got some... 3352 views

Destiny Day 2

Destiny Day pulls down her jeans, sticks her ass in the air, and blasts a fart through her panties! Then she laughs, and blasts another huge fart - WOW! For such a tiny girl, Destiny sure does blast some gigantic farts! The camera zooms in and catche... 3859 views

Hayden Night 4

Hayden has a bellyful of gas thanks to some Mexican food. Today, she's wearing a black-and-white bikini. She lays on her back and the camera zooms right up to her ass as she poots! Hayden sits in a chair and lifts one leg and lets an airy fart hiss! ... 3519 views

Hayden Night 7

Hayden ate a carnival corndog, and now she's got a bad case of gas from it! She bends over and blasts some bubbly farts right through her jeans - BOO-YAH! How such a sweet little blonde can pass such nasty stinky gas is simply amazing! Hyden lays on ... 5635 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4771 views

Mya Mason 5

Mya just happens to be in the middle of getting ready to go out tonight and party, and she's in front of a full-length mirror. She's wearing nothing but a small, red thong panty. She's curling her hair when she has to get all the gas out from the din... 3770 views

Tabitha James 3

Nasty Tabitha James the smegma queen is sitting at the computer - naked! You can see both of her pierced nipples, but not for long. Tabitha gets up and bends over right in front of you to show you her filthy pussy and stinky, farting ass. In this cli... 3248 views

Veronica Jett 9

Veronica Jett returns to you today, wearing a lacy see-through bra with black-and-red booty shorts - sexy! She is bloated with gas and not feeling well at all. She bends over and farts through those booty shorts right into your eager face! Veronica s... 3826 views

Brittany Lynn

Today we introduce Brittany Lynn, one of the hottest fart stars out there and it is an honor to present to you this awesome babe, with the sexy tattoos, delicious and tight little body, her pretty face and her blue streaked hair. Seeing this girl nak... 9843 views

Destiny Dicks

Today we introduce a hot ebony number named Destiny Dicks, and it's her destiny to blow your hair back! Her tummy hurts today, and she starts out with a long, hissing fart! She gets more and more relief as she blasts that bad gas out of her belly and... 9148 views

Ebony Star 7

Ebony Star returns to get her ass into the fart chair! She hops up onto the coffee table and plops her ample booty into the fart chair with her buttcheeks hanging between the slats, and immediately starts blasting your face full of farts - AWESOME! T... 4255 views