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Search Results for: ponytail

Katrina Kox 27

It has been a spell since the outstanding Katrina Kox has been in our midsts. Is her ass as awesome as always? That’s a resounding, “Yes!” She wants to share some farts she has been saving in anticipation of you joining her on the couch as she ... 3908 views

Kay Love 12

Tonight’s dinner was an entire pizza for cute Kay Love! How does such a little thing eat a 12-inch pie by her lonesome? This lactose intolerant babe is feeling the burn inside her belly from all that cheese, and the dairy has also left her constipa... 7048 views

Lucky Starr 24

Lucky Starr asks if you’d like to tap that ass! Such a silly question with a very obvious answer! Any guy with a pulse would want her ass when it’s all sweaty and full of gas! Lucky would love for you to lick that ass and jerk your cock off to he... 7492 views

Savanna Ginger 20

For our sake, let’s hope nobody gets a gym membership for Savanna Ginger! This sex kitten is on fire working out at home in a gold unitard. She is working hard on her body in the privacy of her living room and farting up a storm, just the way we li... 6190 views

Katt Lowden 35

Sexy coed Katt Lowden had a rough practice and has rushed home for a shower to take care of her sweaty body’s stench. As she waits for the bathroom to become available, her tummy starts to do tumbles, and she finds herself needing to release some m... 4196 views

Ashley Luvbug 48

Playful Ashley Luvbug knows you love her ebony ass smells, so since you are away, your sexy ebony girlfriend has recorded a video of her farting, and whatever else, on the toilet! She ate sushi, so her collection of farts were quite daunting! She end... 5472 views

Ashley Luvbug 50

It’s hard to watch Ashley Luvbug’s desperation, as her belly is in fits, and she really needs to take a dump. She is begging for bathroom access and is hardly holding it in as farts work their way out in rapid succession. Those sexy jean shorts s... 8139 views

Maci May 2

Ponytailed and tattooed fartty tart, Maci May, looks great in tight pink bottoms, despite the fact she seems intent to soil the inside of the ensemble! She’s especially gassy and is giving those pink boy shorts something to stink about! These gasse... 6452 views

Maci May 4

Let’s take a look in on sweetheart Maci May as she takes a bathroom break that is lewd and loud, and lovely for anyone who has a kink for stink! Her potty deposit is something else, but when a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go! Poor thing can ... 6911 views

Maci May 6

Gassy blasts abound after sexy Maci May has consumed some caustic Mexican food! This fab female is feeling the burn in the form of formidable farts escaping her ass pucker with gusto! She has more farts than one can count as she remains naked as a ja... 9343 views

Aliza Lauren

We would love for you to meet sexy Aliza Lauren as she is one of the fabulous new Fart Fantasy additions! Her cute white bootie patootie is a smelly one for sure, but that is why we love her so much. Go along for the ride as this foxy minx farts on f... 5327 views

Aliza Lauren 2

Now that’s one dirty booty! Look closely because inked up MILF Aliza Lauren failed to do a decent job of cleaning herself up, and now she’s feeling gassy, and we shall see how productive this series of farts proves to be! She is a sexy lady, but ... 4886 views

Aliza Lauren 5

Tattooed tart Aliza Lauren was at her loudest and smelliest during this torrid trip to the potty! She was fully nude for this endeavor, which totally adds to the allure as she frees bombs from her booty over and over! These stinkers are no joke, and ... 5065 views

Amber Cream 58

Amber Cream’s unforgettable booty was back in business during this trip to the bathroom. A strategically placed camera captured her dropping deuces in the bowl, and the funky stench created was outrageous! Ms. Cream was bound and determined to get ... 3553 views

Amber Cream 59

A bottomless Amber Cream settled on a desk chair and looked quite demure as she practiced great posture while farting up a storm! If you are familiar with her fantastic black ass, you know her farts pack quite a punch, and they smell like day-old tra... 3946 views

Abigail Peach 61

Abigail Peach was about to get ready for a night out, but before she slid into her sexy ensemble, she laid herself out on the sofa to push plaguing gas out of her belly. This sex kitten was so very stinky, and she was eager to share her unthinkable g... 1710 views

Abigail Peach 67

“Let’s see how stinky and how loud I can get these farts for you,” is what flawless Abigail Peach says as she urges you to get up close and personal with her winking ass pucker while she delivers farts to your face. Abigail’s bubble butt is t... 2388 views

Abigail Peach 69

Lucky number 69! For Abigail Peach’s sixty-ninth installment of farting for the camera, you know she planned something awesome for your eyes only! This naughty little nympho loves nothing more than catering to your penchant for dirty farts, so she ... 3059 views

Abigail Peach 76

Barefoot Abigail Peach has some dirty talk for you while she feeds you the nasty farts you have such a pressing hankering for! She is not shy one bit, but she is certainly sinfully sexy. If stink is what you want, be careful what you wish for, as Abi... 2896 views

Abigail Peach 79

After Abigail Peach ate too much of the wrong kind of meal, she was regretting her culinary choices big time. She found herself logging in serious time on the toilet as she let all of the gas and waste escape her little tush as she worked her way tow... 2452 views


Sexy, slender ebony babe Benji is new on the scene and eager to show off her chocolate butt pucker as she farts in your face for the first time. She is not shy and gets off on showing off that perky black tushy of hers! Enjoy the sight and stink fact... 3017 views

Benji 2

Perky ebony darling Benji is a leggy wonder who excels when stinking up a room while in the nude. Check out this tattooed angel as she exposes her stinky asshole and lets you sniff up all of her smelly offerings. Benji is a beauty who doesn’t hold ... 2243 views