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Search Results for: plus size

Ms Behave 6

Ms. Behave found out that someone spilled a pile of sugar on her table and decides to try blowing it off by farting on it. She's wearing nothing but a size-too-small bra and her tits are busting out all over! Sexy! She tries and tries to fart of that... 3236 views

Asia Zo 27

Asia Zo is back and one can only wonder what she's been eating while she was gone because she's going bottomless to reveal a bottomless supply gas! Asia gets out of her thong panties to reveal a lovely little asshole, straining with the pressure of n... 3868 views

Olivia 2

Olivia is having some fun with her inflatable friend and is going to make him all stinky with her farts. He’s the perfect size for her to manhandle as she sticks him in her ass and straddles his middle to really stink up his exterior with her poste... 8462 views

Jasmine LeFleur 39

Jasmine LeFleur has a big booty, and the size of her sphincter seems to accentuate all of the MILF farts escaping her ass! She felt gassy on this day, and wearing only a dress, and no panties, she hiked up her frock and went to town, ridding her siza... 3889 views

Jolie Shawen 5

Blonde black MILF Jolie Shawen shares her farts with whomever will give her some time! Since she holds nothing back while pushing poots out of her chocolate pucker, she is the type of gal guys love to see in action! Not all black asses are this stink... 5737 views

Tala Black 27

Yummy Latina sensation Tala Black wore skimpy clothing when she hopped into bed for a stinky fart session. Her cute tiny shorts barely covered her tight, toned ass, as she pushed out poots that burned coming out. For such a slender young lady, she su... 3881 views

Michelle Malone 44

Michelle Malone plopped her armed and dangerous booty on a desk chair and let her air tulips hit the chair with gusto! This was quite a disgusting display, but with an ass that size, you know those lady farts are going to leave a lingering scent and ... 6719 views

Violet Coxx 23

Looking damn fine in a sexy maid’s uniform, vivacious Violet Coxx put on quite a stinky show! She is such a dirty woman, and farting for her fans brings her so much joy. Those who take pleasure in plus size dames spewing stench from their puckers w... 2620 views

Violet Coxx 24

If you’ve seen Ms. Coxx fart in the past, you know that she is known for her toots that really pack a punch. With an ass that size, you’d expect to hear loud blasts when Violet really pushes hard! Check her out during this gassy state that saw he... 3151 views

Violet Coxx 28

Hot MILF Violet Coxx is a vibrant woman who is always seeking attention. When she is dealing with gas, she does not let opportunity pass her by, as she love sharing her farts. Take a look at this sexy show that sees her farting like mad in size XL bo... 2823 views

Abigail Peach 18

Abigail Peach is beyond stinky in the potty, and when she is overrun with gas, she keeps releasing rump roars that rival those of a man three times her size! She is almost run out of the restroom by the stench, but tenacious Ms. Peach will not depart... 3459 views

Lucckii You 3

Despite her slender physique, Lucckii You’s body is a powerhouse! She can rip farts like a man three times her size, and while doing so, she is thoroughly excited and savors the attention. Lucckii has a kink for stink and appreciates a man who harb... 2477 views

Cindy Crawford 9

Cindy Crawford took a dump and made a tinkle in the potty, and while doing so, her belly was teeming with gas that made its way out of her hot ass. This lady may look somewhat refined on the streets, but when she is in the bathroom, she sounds like s... 2584 views

Sana Says

BBW Sana Says has never farted for the camera in the past, but here she is, feeding you farts filtered through her sizable black lace panties. Though large in size, these panties do next to nothing to filtrate the filth emanating from her filthy ass ... 1900 views

Sana Says 3

Perky and personable BBW Sana Says has some fun plans for the two of you! She is going to be oh so naughty as she teases with peeks of her tits and full views of her smelly ass while she farts. Hope you can handle the stench, as this girl’s stink f... 1410 views

Heady Harmony

The first time you meet adorable Heady Harmony, she is stationed on the potty, doing her best to get her ass rid of obnoxious farts that make such a shambles of the toilet bowl as she gives her bowels a workout. How can a girl this cute fart like a m... 1443 views

Julie Ginger 2

SSBBW Julie Ginger commands attention due to her size and bubbly personality, and for fart fanatics, she is a favorite due to her extremely stinky backside. Her huge ass is a product of a poor diet, and her fierce farts are an extension of the flawed... 2144 views

Julie Ginger 3

Jolly, belly-jiggling Julie Ginger is a total load of fun when she farts for her fans! Despite her plus-size status, she knows how to use every inch of her physique to get a fart aficionado’s motor running. Today, during her gassy state, she has a ... 1650 views

Julie Ginger 6

Julie Ginger’s jaw-dropping ass in a sexy thong is all a SSBBW-lover needs to see when his mission is to witness the worst big-butt farts imaginable! This plus-sized vixen is fixin’ to give you all you want in the form of formidable stench and th... 994 views

Sydney Screams 22

Ick! Sydney Screams is gross. She has a huge ass that she uses to turn on fellas with a kink for stink. This is a dire situation, as she craves attention and wants your nose all up in her business right NOW! 1175 views