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Search Results for: petite


Samantha is our newest fart girl here at Fart Fantasy. She's a cute little 22 year old brunette hottie! This petite pooter farts some of the best, nastiest gas you've seen in any of our clips! Her tight little hairy ass hole is so tight and sexy as i... 7658 views

Valerie Gibson

You're in for a special treat today - Valerie Gibson, a petite ebony beauty, farts on camera for the first time! She gets right up there - she's not shy - and pulls her thong to the side and blasts nice farts in your face! You can see her bare asshol... 4949 views

London 6

London is in the middle of taking a shower when she needs to use the toilet! She jumps out of the shower and hops on the stool all wet. She cuts some nasty ass farts and ends up stinking up the bathroom, wow! This petite ebony babe blasts some ball d... 3881 views

Mya Mason

Porn star mya Mason has decided to give the whole farting thing a try since she's a kinky kind of girl! She hasn't done any farting fetish stuff before but she takes to it and poots like the pro she is - after scarfing down a mountain of Cuban food, ... 4208 views

Victoria DeVille

Victoria is our newest farting booty here at fart fantasy. She has never done anything like this before! A farting virgin, perfect. This sexy, petite latina girl has got some of the nastiest smelling gas around. - And she thinks it's the funniest thi... 6783 views

Victoria DeVille 2

Victoria, our cute new latina fart girl is back for another stink session! This cutie can't stop farting and she thinks it's just hilarious. In this clip she's wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white tshirt with rolled up sleeves. For such a petite... 6784 views

Asia Zo 21

How can a tiny body like that blow off that much air out of that super tight little asshole?! It is a wonder to behold and only Asia, this petite Asian cutie can pull it off. Watch the video and see her in so many sexy positions just to blow you away... 4909 views

Asia Zo 25

Damn Mexican food does not agree with this little Asian's tummy! Poor Asia Zo, having another stomach problem because of it! Mexican food always makes this petite little beauty gassy but you know what? She simply must be doing it on purpose. This sil... 30256 views

Essence 7

Essence runs into the bathroom, pulling down her pants, and sits on the toilet. She sits down and starts blasting huge, juicy farts! You can see how painful those farts are by the look on her face. Her farts really echo in the bowl, and boy do they s... 4457 views


Brianna has never farted in front of anyone before and is surprised to hear about your fetish. But this midwest petite cutie is open minded and willing to give it try. Brianna leans to the side, lifts her ass cheek and releases her first smelly far... 5992 views

Auburn Lights

Auburn enjoys a big, meaty burger. But the one she had for lunch has left her with big, meaty farts! This pretty, petite girl is very shy about her flatulence, but she bravely pulls her panties aside and lets it fly anyway. It's hard to believe such ... 2053 views

Paris Marie 3

Paris Marie exercises in the nude because she knows clothes only hamper her ability to stretch and spread her legs wide when she’s hard at work. She works out for a while in that pink thong of hers, but eventually removes that as well for uninhibit... 6400 views

Maryjane Mayhem 20

Maryjane Mayhem’s sex appeal is on high gear when she is wearing nothing but her glasses. Today she’s completely nude and is looking to fart right in your face! That smooth, smelly ass looks so good but is so stinky and loud! How does a young gir... 7331 views

Olivia 7

Bombshell Olivia has been subjected to cafeteria food and is glad to be home in bed feasting on tacos that are much more yummy. Despite loving the taste of her cuisine du jour, she is quite gassy from the tacos and her previous cafeteria samplings. T... 7708 views

Rapunzel 6

Cumming all over Rapunzel’s ass after she has been farting up a storm isn’t a bad way to allocate the next several minutes! This long-haired, sexy Asian would love to treat you to the farts you love while you are stroking your hard-on in her pres... 11507 views

Caramel Lee 5

There’s no scientific evidence to back it, but it seems pussy rubbing makes some girls gassy! Caramel Lee is home all alone and is massaging her pussy and expressing some pretty petite poots. A few of them pack a punch, but for the most part, this ... 6066 views

Kay Love 8

Kay Love’s killer light blue unitard is thoroughly sexy and really complements her petite frame. She is hanging out on the couch reading, looking like the delicate darling she is - until the precious princess is plagued with a mind-blowing amount o... 7358 views

Ashley Luvbug 9

Ashley Luvbug feels the burn in more ways than one! Post-workout, she’s slightly sweaty and has a suddenly sour tummy upon completing her squats. Eating right before a rigorous exercise session proves to be a poor choice, and sexy Ash is shooting g... 5073 views

Kim Chi 19

Being lactose intolerant means tattooed hottie Kim Chi should not eat pizza, but she likes the taste, and self-control has never been her strong suit! She was quite excited to learn you love the scent and sound of a petite gal shooting burning gasser... 5031 views

Tiny Ebony 10

How does sexy spinner Tiny Ebony stay so tiny? A devotion to exercise, of course! This doll has her pink yoga ball out for a workout, but it’s her ass pucker that steals the show! She is feeling gassy, and she loves the feeling of hitting the rubbe... 4035 views

Kim Chi 29

Have you enjoyed watching Asian sensation Kim Chi fart like mad in the past? She's back and gassier than ever, so if you are a fan of a dirty derrière, check out the tush on this inked up tart! She sure knows how to put on a good show, and her petit... 4822 views

Kim Chi 33

Kim Chi was recently captured on a hidden bathroom cam while she took a wee and dumped major waste into her potty! This petite Asian treat sure knows how to stink up a room, but she's a fart fan's dream come true with the ways she pushes, moans and p... 5203 views

Kim Chi 35

Kim Chi decided to make a sexy selfie video for you that included her rubbing her sweet pussy and breaking wind at the same time! She looks so cute as she murmurs and passes toots out of that tiny ass of hers! She's a small package, but her smelly an... 7247 views

Kim Chi 37

Asian sensation Kim Chi has the most sultry, yet sweet, voice, and when she shares a fart-filled encounter with you, expect to be aroused! She would love for you to keep your eyes on her ass while she lets some huge honks out for you to inhale! She i... 5994 views