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Search Results for: panty sniffing

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne 2

Back by popular demand, Allison and Amber pair up for some more face-sitting, panty-sniffing farting action - WOO-HOO! Both girls are wearing only their panties. Amber starts out sitting on Allison's face and ripping some real, eye-watering stinkers... 12393 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets

Chyanne and Kendra team up to sniff each other's farts! Both girls are only wearing panties. Kendra sticks her ass right into Chyanne's face and blasts a huge fart right into it - and it stinks - and Chyanne sniffis it right up and begs for more! The... 7946 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets 2

Girlfriends Chyanne and Kendra are back to fart on each other's faces! Chyanne sticks her face right into Kendra's thong panties, and Kendra lets her have it - then Chyanne sniffs up Kendra's distinctly Mexican-food-scented farts! Then, Chyanne sits ... 6660 views

Angel and Janae 2

Angel is asleep on the couch, and Janae sneaks up and blasts a fart right into Angel's face, which wakes her up. Once Angel is awake and aware of what's going on, Janae blasts another fart into her face - and laughs! Angel gets back at Janae by sitti... 5840 views

Daisy and LaRin 4

Girlfriends Daisy and La'Rin are playing on the sofa today in their bras and panties. La'Rin starts out by sitting on Daisy's face and farting right into her nose - and Daisy eagerly sniffs it up! Then La'Rin farts right into Daisy's mouth - YOWZA! D... 5424 views

Blair Winters 2

Oh, to be the thong Blair Winters is rubbing into her dirty ass! She is really into saturating her thongs with gassy goodness, and Blair’s underwear du jour is a cute black thong that ties at the sides. She’s taking no mercy on this pretty little... 7247 views

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6545 views

Lucky Starr 23

Look at the sexy stockings on Lucky Starr! She is in black nylons with pink lace threaded up the leg, ending in a cute bow! These nylons are not the hottest thing on this babe, however. She is wearing a thong she takes off and farts on to easily brin... 6232 views

Savanna Ginger 22

Savanna Ginger is on fire! She is so hot in a blue thong with matching blue French-tip nails and has enough gas in her hot ass to start a blaze. She loves the smell of her dirty butt and uses her thong to bring the smell to her nose multiple times. S... 6921 views

Nadia Jay 2

Nadia Jay looks like an ebony angel in her alluring white bra and panty set. With her chocolate nips peeking out of her bra, she is playing on her sofa and proving that pretty girls can be freaky too! She is busting ass on her leather couch, and is s... 6692 views

Tiny Ebony 15

Tiny Ebony’s black and blue full-bottom panties are so sexy, but they look even better coming off when she has farted on them and seeks to sniff up the fart stench lingering on the fabric. After the first sniff, Tiny wants more, so she farts on the... 4678 views

Berlin 8

Berlin is back! This time she's farting with fury! She's got on nothing but a black thong panty and she gets rid of that real quick as she spreads her large love loaves open to give you a peak at her pucker before she pushes out some poots! Lots of a... 8495 views

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne pair up in this spectacular two-fer, starting out with both girls ripping tandem farts! Both girls are wearing panties, which catches the smell and holds it there. Amber spins around and sits on Allison's face and farts... 10925 views

Amber Star

Making her debut today is Amber Star, a hot ebony girl who wants to fart for you! She says she shouldn't have had that Mexican food, then she does a one-cheek sneak on through her shiny purple booty shorts on the sofa! The camera hangs under her like... 5106 views

Asia Zo 5

Panty-covered ass farting into the camera - that's how this clip starts. Asia is standing in front of the mirror wearing a bra and panties, talking about the steak she ate that gave her gas. She's got a lot of gas too - WOO-HOO! Asia stands there bla... 5098 views

Brandy 3

Cutie pie Brandy is on the bed, wearing a red bra, plaid panties, and knee socks. She ate too much fast food today, so she sticks her ass into the camera and farts through her panties! Then the camera zooms up from underneath for another panty fart b... 4167 views

Cami Smalls 5

Cami is on the sofa, wearing a T-shirt and panties because she's obviously too bloated to wear pants. The camera zooms in on her butt as she blasts farts! She gets on her knees facing ass-out on the sofa and rips more big farts through her panties - ... 4217 views

Evanni Solei 10

Sexy Evanni is on the bed wearing ruffled panties, and she sticks her ass into the camera and farts into it! You can see her asshole struggling against the panty fabric. Then she pulls her panties to the side and treats you to some bare-asshole farti... 9952 views

Imani Rose 3

Returning for your viewing pleasure is sweet ebony Imanie Rose. She gets on all fours and sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts a fart! You can see her stink hole open wide as she releases her gas into your face - YIKES! The camera hangs... 3896 views

Julia Coburn 7

Sexy blonde Julia ate some tacos, which gave her some nasty farts. She's talking about the tacos she ate, and how they gave her some bad gas. She sits with her ass hanging over the edge of the bathtub and starts blasting farts through her thong panti... 4468 views

Kita Zen 9

Sexy Asian Kita is on the sofa wearing shorts, when she gets up on the sofa and sticks her ass into the camera and blasts big bubbly farts right into the lens! She thinks it's gross, but just keeps farting! The camera hangs under her like a faithful ... 8601 views

Miranda Gomez 5

Miranda lays back on the sofa and pulls her legs up, and starts blasting farts through her pretty pink panties! The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you a wonderful view of her farting ass - OH YEAH! She lays on her side and blasts some more p... 4010 views

Nikki Noir

Making her debut today is Nikki Noir, a brunette lovely with a bigass booty! She's wearing a lace nightie with no panties. The camera hangs under her big booty like a faithful ass-sniffing pooch as she farts - WOWIE KAZOWIE! Nikki lifts a leg and far... 4120 views

Nina Devon 4

Nina is back to fart for you some more! She's bloated with burrito gas so she bends over and blasts burrito gas through her tight spandex pants right into the camera! She just keeps blasting fart after fart after hot inky fart - OH YEAH! The camera i... 4592 views