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Search Results for: nilaya brown

Nilaya Brown

Making her debut today is an ebony lovely named Nilaya Brown! Nilaya is on the bed in a bikini, and she is bloated with gas! You can see how bloated her belly is, and before she even has her bikini bottoms off, she's blasting big fat farts into your ... 4696 views

Nilaya Brown 2

Nilaya just got back from the strip club and she's been drinking. She bends over and blasts a huge fart into your face! She's farting through these tight purple shorts, which hold in the stench nicely! She wiggles her shorts down and removes them, th... 4578 views

Nilaya Brown 3

Nilaya has a tummy ache from something she ate, so she rips a huge juicy fart in her jeans! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts another one. It's too hard to fart in those tight jeans so she unzips them and lays on the bed and rolls around f... 5123 views

Nilaya Brown 4

Nilaya just came back from the pool because she was farting in the water and people were looking at her funny! So she drops her towel and walks around blasting huge farts through her bikini bottoms! She's really letting those farts rip too - AWESOME!... 4128 views

Nilaya Brown 5

Sexy ebony Nilaya has nacho gas today! She's rooting for Atlanta to win the game, and farting through her sexy red shorts! Nilaya lays on her side and blasts some great big stinky farts in those shorts and boy are they loud! Nilaya then removes those... 4919 views

Nilaya Brown 6

Nilaya walks in and sits on a sex chair with her bare asshole hanging right there in the camera lens, and she starts blasting loud stinky farts! Nilaya has one big asshole on her, and you can see it pooched way out under the chair as she blasts big f... 4742 views

Nilaya Brown 7

Nilaya walks into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and starts blasting nacho farts into the bowl! She says she wants you to lick her clean when she's done, and she stands up to show you her dirty asshole - YIKES! You can tell her farts are stinky,... 4816 views

Nilaya Brown 8

Nilaya is in some serious agony during her trip to the swimming pool. It's from eating poorly and then holding in all those farts! Now she has retreated to a private room and is letting the gas out. Nilaya's thong panties are rattling in the wind and... 5278 views

Nilaya Brown 9

Silky, sensual Nilaya looks heavenly, but she stinks like hell! Clad in he fishnet lingerie, she writhes upon the couch, utterly in love with herself and with the smell of her own ass! Nilaya is just loaded with farts and she acknowledges both beauty... 11782 views

Nilaya Brown 10

Nilaya is stretching all of her muscles including her sphincter. As she moves through her yoga routine she is also moving copious amounts of air out of her ass! The shiny shorts that cover her big, full ass are no protection against the brutal farts ... 5728 views

Nilaya Brown 11

Sometimes even cute, curly-haired girls like Nilaya have an agonizing time on the toilet. Today she has some massive gas and is grunting and groaning in the bathroom. As she strains upon the toilet, frightening noises are heard, pulsating from within... 9277 views

Nilaya Brown 12

Nilaya has been waiting for you, all clad in her little black dress and with a tummy loaded up with gas. She can't stop thinking of your big, hard dick, poised just outside her asshole as she unloads her farts. Nilaya's asshole quivers with each hot ... 9352 views

Nilaya Brown 13

Can Nilaya's farts ruffle the frills on those lacy purple panties? They can certainly spread her big butt cheeks right open! Nilaya acts like she's interested in her phone, but you know she's hearing and feeling those massive farts as they belt forth... 9546 views

Nilaya Brown 14

Nilaya gets naughty in her lingerie! She is eager to play with herself and to please you while farting as she does it! This naughty girl knows how to pleasure her clit, rubbing herself vigorously and getting so relaxed that the farts burst out of her... 3720 views

Chanel 2

Chanel is back for more farting! Her ass had a blast last time, so here is more of her big brown round booty! This time she's in a blue dress with some blue thong panties on to match! She sits her onion booty down on the coffee table to get a nice ha... 5077 views

Naughty Holly 5

Holly hasn't given up on gassing you out just yet! In this clip she's in a green and brown bikini, appropriate colors given the gas she's going to be pushing out! Watch as she bends over and farts through her bikini bottoms, both spreading her ass an... 4862 views

Naughty Holly 15

Holly the queen of farting here at Fart Fantasy really knows how to make a really hot, sexy farting clip for sure. Never does she disappoint! In this clip she's got on a brown shirt and some tight khaki colored jeans with no panties on. She blasts so... 4778 views

Jenny 7

Jenny our little asian 18 year old farter is back for more ass blasting! This time you finally get to see her naked little brown eye! She pulls down her panties and farts on the coffee table! You get to hear her naked ass farting on a hard surface, c... 6684 views

Sinnamon Love 5

Sinnamon Love(s) to fart! She's back to fart on the stool in some nice skin tight jeans. Watch as her fucking hot ass round brown booty busts some sick stinky gas right in your face! This little nasty talker will make you nut your pants. 5818 views

Sinnamon Love 7

Sinnamon Love back again for more farting. She's got a bikini to and some tight fitting, hot as hell purple shorts on that allow her ass to fart freely and frequently! Smell her stinky round brown booty as it busts in your face! 3574 views

Sinnamon Love 14

Sinnamon Loves to fart and fart she does! In this clip she's farting on a coffee table! You get to hear her farting on a nice hard surface with her big round brown booty! She's in a sexy purple mesh top and panties outfit that allows the farts to jus... 5568 views

Sinnamon Love 16

Sinnamon Love is back for another toilet farting clip! This time she does a POV style scene where she is talking to you in her nastily sexy voice. She lets off some real bowl blasters but the are stinky, too! When she gets done letting the gas out, s... 9651 views


Tanya joins us for her very first ever fart video! This hot sexy little ebony girl cuts some nice smelly farts that sound beautiful! She's got a nice round brown booty that can cut some real farts! Want to see? 7027 views

Kat Stevens 4

Naked Kat gets up on a brown leather sofa, spreads her buttcheeks, and blasts a big fat fart right into your face! Then she does it again - NICE! She sits on a table and farts on the hard surface, then gets back on the sofa and blasts a whole bunch m... 3896 views