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Angel and Janae 3

Girlfriends Angel and Janae are naked on all fours, with their greased asses high in the air, when Angel blasts a fart! Then Janae lets an airy fart hiss. The girls just keep blasting farts back and forth, while the camera zooms in to catch it all an... 10835 views

Angel Cummings and Brown Suga 2

bony babes Angel Cummings and Brown Suga have paired up again for some fart-licking! The girls are naked at the table, when Angel gets up on the table on all fours and Brown Suga starts licking her ass and Angel farts on her tongue! Angels keeps on t... 10834 views

Candy Amore vs Veronica Jett 3

Candy and Veronica have returned for yet another fart-off! These sexy ass gas masters drop blast after blast and keep it stinky! In this clip both girls are totally naked, no panties, no bras! Just naked, gassy asses - can you handle it?You're going ... 3678 views

Justice Jade 5

Justice is back again and she knows you like to see girls farting on a hard surface such as a coffee table, so she is going to do that for you! She stands up off her chair, pulls her jeans right off and plops her naked black booty right onto the hard... 4631 views

Samantha & Tanya 2

Samantha and Tanya are back from the mall and they are just kicking back after eating a ton while they were out. They both notice you are watching and ask if get off on seeing girls fart or something, so they go ahead and give you a 2 girl fart show!... 5620 views

Honey 4

Honey sure has a tight sweet ass, it's like you can tell that hole has never been screwed by a hard cock before. It is like a gem, a treasure, something fragile and holy that you can't do anything to violate it because it might destroy the sound of h... 4641 views

Mari Possa and Michelle Malone 4

When you see these lovely ladies, naked on the bed and you can see the mischief in their eyes as soon as they introduced themselves, you just want to jump right in and savor all the farts they can give you. There is a lot of butt licking and wicked g... 14378 views

Kristy Snow 11

You caught Kristy Snow naked and bored because her girls sleepover isn’t going so well. She’s filled with gas and doesn’t want the other girls to wake up when they start to smell the rancid stink escaping from her ass. You’re in luck because ... 5333 views

Brianna 2

Join Brianna in her private room and inhale deeply of her private reserve of gas! From the beginning she warns that she has lots of smelly farts saved up and she's not kidding. Clearly delighted to be on the bed for you, this naughty little mistress ... 6564 views

Layton Benton 8

This girl is so horny it's hard to tell if she's farting or cumming! Clad in decadent purple and playing with her pink slit of a pussy, this black babe groans and gasps as each fart builds to an intense release of pleasure. Layton loves telling you h... 6329 views

Nikki Ford 6

Nikki doesn't even need to get naked to get you to blow your load. All she has to do is fart through her spandex pants! Fresh from a workout, and a bad choice of post-workout snack, Nikki guides your masturbation to the sound of her stinking up the r... 7821 views

Nicki Blue 7

Would you like to have your big, hard dick sucked by a naked and willing Nicki Blue? How about having your cock pressed against her asshole so she can fart right onto it! As it turns out, Nicki is more than happy to do both! With her great, big toy s... 2353 views

Nikki Ford 18

When Nikki gets naked on the toilet, it is bound to be a noisy affair. This time is no exception, and her butt gets down to business as soon as it hits the porcelain. The noisy gas escaping from Nikki must be heard to be believed. Some of the farts a... 6875 views

Stacey Lane

Look at this hot black babe, her name is Stacy Lane and she needs to do something before she goes to the mall. It is something very private and she really wants you to watch her do it. As you can see, shes really having a weird stomach ache, and befo... 4724 views

Temple Love 7

It’s not easy being gassy, and Temple Love invites you to join her on her gas detox! She was not wearing a stitch of clothing as she let loud and lewd gassers out of her brown ass pucker. She is a sexy ebony goddess, but even the sexiest girls some... 3774 views

Remy Rayne 8

Remy Rayne was right as rain and sexy as hell as she stumbled into the bathroom for naked waste-dumping duty! She had her phone with her, but she remained mostly focused on the task at hand as she let some nastiness escape her ass and hit the bowl. E... 3737 views

Diamond Banks 7

Smokin’ hot ebony babe Diamond Banks serves as proof that hotel bathrooms can sometimes reveal secrets…especially when there is a hidden camera to capture sexy naked girls on the pot. Unbeknownst to Diamond, there was a bathroom cam installed in ... 5623 views

Gia Love 40

A naked Gia Love sauntered into the bathroom to discard some terrible farts. Miss Love is sexy as hell, but stinkier than a bag of garbage left out in the sun! A camera installed in her bathroom documented the many moments she spent letting her ass e... 5394 views

Tala Black 26

Stunning Tala Black’s athletic physique is enough to make a man rise to the occasion, but it’s her stinky farts that really stick in the minds of men who love gassy girls! Check out this naked vixen as she assumes several positions in bed, all wh... 2998 views

Amber Cream 63

There are few seasoned sirens as stinky as black beauty Amber Cream. She is one dirty girl, and she loves showing off that smelly chocolate ass pucker of hers. This ass does not smell like chocolate, however! The stink rivals a sun-warmed dumpster, w... 3570 views

Michelle Malone 39

Captivating maven Michelle Malone is a refined MILF with a sexy secret…shooting fart porn videos is one of her kinkiest escapes! She’s so damn great at producing real farts that really pack a punch. Her hot black ass is a beautiful booty that ard... 4451 views

Maddison Haze 15

Maddison Haze in the buff in a comfy, luxe bed is perfection! She is so damn gorgeous, without a mean-spirited bone in her body. Maddison’s nasty ass juice might stain that high-toned comforter, but that’s okay. A girl this beautiful is granted f... 2277 views

Abigail Peach 8

Hot girls farting are smell fetishists’ ultimate indulgence, which is why those in-the-know are going wild for sexy girl Abigail Peach. She is such a sexpot who commands attention in all states, naked and clothed, but when she is gassy, she is exce... 4080 views

Lily Lovecraft 22

When fetching blonde fox Lily Lovecraft is on a mission to release methane, her desperation is addictive! If watching hot girls fart gets your motor running, ready yourself for a road trip with wonderfully sexy naked Lily as she farts in rapid succes... 3403 views