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Search Results for: masturbation

Cece Stone 12

Cece Stone is going to show you exactly how she likes to rub her pussy, but only if you promise to play along with her! You better get your cock in hand, so you can keep up with this gassy girl as she rubs that juicy pussy of hers! With so much gas s... 6477 views

Crystal Lopez 10

Crystal Lopez is taking a moment to play with her pussy, but just as she starts to get it nice and wet with her fingers - she can\'t help but let her farts loose too! She\'s a little surprised by how bad her gas smells, but that won\'t stop her from ... 8392 views

Daeja Monae 6

Daeja Monae is one horny girl, and she\'s not afraid to let you watch while she fingers her wet juicy pussy! That pretty pink snatch is so wet... the only thing that could make it any better is if she spread those cheeks open to let her farts escape ... 9020 views

Eden Alexander 8

Eden Alexander is all hot and bothered, rubbing her pussy, just trying to get herself off. The more she rubs her pussy, the more she has to fart - and the vibrations coming from her butthole as she releases her stink, just make her more excited! Each... 6434 views

Jasmine Jolie 3

Nothing makes a gassy girl, like Jasmine Jolie, hornier than hearing the sounds of her own farts as she lets them explode out of her asshole! Only a real fart lover would get turned on by the stink of her own ass! If you're in the mood to watch a far... 5896 views

Melody Jordan 11

Melody Jordan is all worked up and as horny as ever! This naughty girl can\'t stop playing with her pretty pink pussy... even though she\'s pushing out her disgusting farts while she plays with that juicy clit! Is the scent of her own horrendous gas ... 6465 views

Miya Mounds 4

Gassy girl, Miya Mounds, has something extra stinky for you today! This sexy chocolate vixen is rubbing her pussy and letting her farts loose at the same time! This girl loves to fart, and gets pleasure from the sound of her ass-stink leaving her tig... 12229 views

Katrina Kox 10

Katrina Kox spends a little time exploring her wet pussy and soon learns that spreading her legs to play with herself comes with the benefit of letting her smelly farts escape from her asshole too! This gassy girl gets so much pleasure from pushing h... 7894 views

Nikki Ford 6

Nikki doesn't even need to get naked to get you to blow your load. All she has to do is fart through her spandex pants! Fresh from a workout, and a bad choice of post-workout snack, Nikki guides your masturbation to the sound of her stinking up the r... 7821 views

Asia Zo 31

Clad in her red and black bra and panties and with a belly full of farts, Asia is your masturbation fantasy! She is loaded up and lets them rip, knowing they are what makes your cock hard and ready to blow! Asia opens her holes for your inspection, m... 12883 views

Asia Zo 32

Asia is so horny that she just has to reach into her panties and start playing with her pussy, but then she lets out a big, juicy fart! Undeterred, Asia continues in her quest for self-pleasure but the farts follow her. She slips out of her white pan... 8507 views

Nicky Ferrari 11

Things get "muey caliente" when Nicky gives you masturbation instruction in Espanol! It doesn't matter if you can't understand: her orders to stroke your hard dick are easy to understand, plus farts speak every language! That's right, Nicky has a but... 12782 views

Zamora 11

Are you hard enough to rub one out for Zamora? If you're not, her forceful and fragrant farts will get you there! This ebony beauty guides you through your masturbation with sound cues provided by her powerful rectum! When she counts you down to blow... 8555 views

Zamora 15

To masturbate or to fart? It's a classic question and Zamora proves that you can do both! In fact, she loves her anal activity so much that with her free hand she shovels the smell from her ass to her nose and proclaims them good! This sexy siren wil... 7468 views

Aryana Adin 20

Clad in a naughty see-through dress, Aryana reclines on the bed masturbating her pussy. But her belly is filled with gas and the farts come bubbling out as she stimulates her clit! Sexy Aryana can feel the vibrations deep within her pussy as the gas ... 9760 views

Jessica Taylor 7

Jessica is up to a little magic with her magic wand, but her asshole isn't wanting to cooperate! Undeterred, Jessica works that toy against her pussy even as the farts continue to trickle out of her! All the while, her tanned, tone body writhes and b... 6279 views

Katya Ivanova 3

Katya's naughty red negligee is made to be jerked off on! She is out to control your masturbation, however, and will not let you cum until you've smelled a good share of her farts! Her ass is up to no good and Katya spreads it, knowing how dirty you ... 1768 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 15

Dark chocolate beauty, Jezebelle Foxxx, is alone in her bed and having some fun with her naked body. Her slender fingers massage her clit while she is relaxing her ebony pucker to blow stale air into her bedroom. She assumes the perfect position on h... 13887 views

Blair Winters 14

Blair Winters has stockpiled a serving of girl gas for your enjoyment! She wants you to stroke that cock and cum all over her farty ass! She says she has an ass full of farts for you, and together, you will not let them go to waste! Blair is driven w... 7690 views

Katt Garcia 6

Cum-hungry Katt Garcia wants to see you explode, and she is not taking no for an answer! She is going to make it easy for you with a plethora of poots escaping her ass hole and saturating the fabric of her immodest pink thong. Her sexy ass growls are... 9603 views

Katt Garcia 9

Katt Garcia’s pink butt plug is being put to good use! She is alone in bed pushing her pucker to the limit as she slides her treasured toy into her pucker again and again, taking time to bring it to her mouth to relish in her ass tastes and lube th... 12102 views

Maryjane Mayhem 16

Maryjane Mayhem is looking for some R&R: relaxation and relief. Sprawled on her inviting bed, she’s enjoying some alone time stroking her kitten and letting go of some hot wind in the process. Donning sexy lingerie, she’s fully enjoying her sensu... 5896 views

Olivia 6

Join sultry brunette Olivia in bed as she is rubbing her pussy through panties at first, then removes them to feel the sensation of her fingers directly stimulating her clit. Delicate rubbing is interrupted when she has an especially smelly fart, and... 7546 views

Rapunzel 6

Cumming all over Rapunzel’s ass after she has been farting up a storm isn’t a bad way to allocate the next several minutes! This long-haired, sexy Asian would love to treat you to the farts you love while you are stroking your hard-on in her pres... 11543 views