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Search Results for: long nails

Rose Lane 14

Poor Rose Lane just wants to relax, but a massive tummy ache prevents her proper rest. She does not enjoy the stinky farts she has to force out in order to feel better, but she has to do something. With her sexy pink lace thong pulled to the side, sh... 8152 views

Sedusa D 6

Sedusa D is a spectacular maven who was made to fart on demand! With her hot black thong pulled to the side, this short-haired bundle of fun is spotlighting what her tight pucker can do when she’s gassy, and the end result is outstanding. In slow-m... 6533 views

Royalty 34

Royalty farts her first fart and says that it felt nice! She really likes pushing out her booty pops, and she looks so adorable when doing so! Watch out world…Royalty is ready to make a statement! Her sizable tush is bare and in your face as she fa... 3845 views

Royalty 35

With her manicured fingers on one of her bubbly butt cheeks, Royalty shook her booty to help release the massive ass blasts she had stockpiled in her backside. This adorable Asian teen sure can make the air stale in any room with those powerful farts... 3843 views

Naomi Quinn

If this inaugural fart-filled video is any indication of Naomi Quinn’s allure, she has a stinky and sensational future in dedicating her butt blasts to film! She’s a playful girl who decided to acquaint herself with future fans by featuring her f... 7048 views

Naomi Quinn 2

Pierced and tattooed blonde ebony Naomi Quinn is quite a hottie! Adding to the heat factor is her beautiful butt releasing hot wind into the air! Get your nose up good and close, and enjoy the view as she liberates lewd toots in your direction! 4988 views

Royalty 43

Royalty has really developed into a formidable fart porn star, as she is now normally as talkative as she is gassy! Her belly often gives her fits, and it is not above her to talk about how stinky her farts are when she is feeling extraordinarily gas... 5110 views

Michelle Malone 12

Michelle Malone’s ass is capable of launching some highly stinky and lengthy booty bombs! Fans of black girls farting will not be disenchanted by this fart spectacular! As she sits backwards on a chair, her dimpled backside is on full display, as s... 6486 views

Michelle Malone 13

Share some stinky moments with ebony babe Michelle Malone if you are in the mood for some hardcore stink! She is feeling so gassy, so she is fully prepared to cater to your penchant for stench! Her black ass will be front and center as she gives you ... 4462 views

Jasmine LeFleur 34

Overeating always leaves curvy MILF Jasmine LeFleur’s belly in knots, and this time, with her big ass uncovered, she releases so many unforgivable honks that were so powerful and stinky, you can even her her cat meow a protest to the stench! 3302 views

Temple Love 2

Ebony Love has a lovely ass, and when she shows her dirty pucker up close, there is no telling what is going to come out! She says that she feels so much better when she lets loose, so a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, when she is plagu... 5344 views

Temple Love 13

Sexy Temple Love is a gassy and sassy black girl who often shows off her dirty ass when she is gassy. She simply loves the attention! So give her some time if you can stand the stench! Few gals are as stinky as she is, and when she offers up some fac... 5215 views

Temple Love 15

Temple Love has quite a swell booty, and now that she’s rocking vibrant purple hair, she is looking as fine as ever! Check out this stinky ebony while she spews the most nasty butt blasts imaginable! She begins by farting in a thong, but eventually... 3741 views

Moca Angel

What a way to become familiar with sexy, stinky starlet Moca Angel! Her booty is dirty, and she shows off a hot fart session in slow-motion! Her stinkers really pack a punch, and she is such a lovable gal as she pulls her designer thong to the side a... 5772 views

Moca Angel 2

Oh boy! Moca Angel’s black ass was working overtime with the farts she found herself needing to discard. There was no regard for decorum as she released stink into the air while pulling her thong to the side so that her sexy black ass pucker was in... 4197 views

Moca Angel 3

Moca Angel smells like ass! Check out this black beauty as she liberates some awful stinkers from her butt in an effort to feel better. She was certainly struck with some catastrophic gas, and there was no way she could keep it all inside! 3198 views

Moca Angel 5

Do you love a curvaceous black girl with a stinky, full ass? If you do, have a long look at ebony beauty Moca Angel! She is a drink of happiness in the form of a curvy ebony who loves to make men happy! She goes out of her way to stockpile stinkers a... 4102 views

Moca Angel 12

You do not get much closer and more intimate than this! When heavy-bottomed Moca Angel felt some gassers coming on, she spread a pink blanket on the floor and let the farts fly while she shared awesome closeups of her ass. This chick’s poots pack a... 5563 views

Michelle Malone 15

Top-shelf sharter Michelle Malone is back, and she hopes you are ready for more of her stinky black ass! Take a look at this lady…she seems to age like a fine wine. And during this face farting session, she leaves nothing to the imagination with cl... 8490 views

Michelle Malone 16

Care to take a stinky journey with alluring Michelle Malone? She is in a naked and nasty state right now! Farts filled her belly, and she was not about to hold them in. She wanted to liberate the sum of the smelly waste causing her stomach to cramp, ... 5450 views

Michelle Malone 17

The beautiful black ass of Michelle Malone is something to see! Her cheeks are heaven, and her farts are terribly offensive! These two factors make her a fox worthy of some play time! Join her for some stinky fun if you think you can withstand the aw... 9940 views

Remy Rayne 2

The sky blue lingerie Remy Rayne has selected for you is the ultimate eye candy! She has devised a smelly plan, and this involves her giving you the sum of the stinkers collected in her white ass. Foul farts are her lifeline to working her way into y... 4577 views

Amber Cream 66

Amber Cream’s big black ass is amazing, and the best way to experience this busty babe’s booty is to catch up with her when she is gassy! Ms. Cream has a super ass and is certainly a lady who commands attention when she pulls her sexy black thong... 3229 views

Royalty 64

There is something so uplifting about young Asian Royalty and her chunky booty because she’s adorable and a breath of fresh air in the area of sexy girl farts. Yes, she’s terribly stinky, but that is how we love her. What makes her fart sessions ... 3841 views