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Search Results for: long legs

Summer X 3

Sexy Summer is back to fart some more! She's wearing a bikini, and she removes her bottoms and spreads her cheeks and lets a long airy fart blow your hair back! Then she spreads her legs and lifts her ass as the camera zooms in tight and catches her ... 5725 views

Amber Star 4

Amber is on the bed, wearing a bikini, She has a bellyache because she ate Chinese food today, so she pulls her panties down and her legs up and her buttcheeks apart and struggles to get her gas out! She rolls onto her side and throws one leg up into... 3739 views

Carrie Ann 2

Remember the new girl from last week? Well, today she came back with a bellyful of gas and all she's wearing is a blouse and no panties! She spreads her legs right into the camera and lets a long, airy fart hiss. Then she blasts a fart, followed by a... 3395 views

Angel Cummings 4

Angel is wearing a black bra and panties today, and she wants you to smell her farts! She lifts a leg and lets a nice, long fart rip, then another. She lays back and the camera zooms in between her legs, and she rips another fart! She knows you want ... 4765 views

Angelica Raven 10

Angelica is in a bikini, laying on the floor and blasting farts - OH YEAH! She likes farting all by herself. Angelica unties her bikini bottoms and removes them. She spreads her legs and strokes her pussy while farting - what a great little multitask... 6418 views

Cassandra Cruz 3

Saucy latina Cassandra Cruz has a tummy ache today. She's nude in the living room, so she lays back on the coffee table. pulls her legs high into the air, and blasts a long, loud fart right into the camera in an extreme-close-up bare-asshole fart - B... 7771 views

Harley Valentine 7

Sexy Harley is on the sofa wearing a bra, booty shorts, and socks. She pulls her shorts down and blows a couple of squeakers! Then she removes her shorts, spreads her legs, and blasts some huge, stinky farts right into the camera - NICE! She pulls ou... 3797 views

Harley Valentine 11

Ample Harley is in the kitchen, wearing only a sheer black miniskirt. She ate a ton of garlic, which gives her the stinkiest gas! She farts at the counter, then hoists a leg up onto the counter for a loud, long fart. She spreads her legs and treats y... 3202 views

Hayden Night 2

Cute little blonde Hayden is back in her green panties, and she's got more gas for you today! Her tummy is so bloated with gas, so she hikes her ass into the air on the sofa and blows a fart through her panties into your face! Then she lays on her bc... 3818 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 4

Long-haired Dominican beauty Jezebelle Fox returns to fart in your face - so she sticks her ass into the camera and lets an airy fart hiss! You can see her asshole in action as the camera zooms in on Jezebelle's gorgeous round booty! Then Jezebelle l... 5107 views

Lux Play 8

Lux is nude on the bed/ She lays on her stomach and blasts a fart. The camera zooms in on her asshole for great bare-asshole views. She spreads her legs laying on her back, and plays with her pussy. You can see her asshole pooch out as she blows kiss... 3756 views

Luxury Amore 5

You are in for some Luxury today! Luxury Amore returns, and today she's back on the toilet! She's wearing an ittybitty bikini, and she drops her bottoms and sits on the toilet just in time to blast a long, wet fart into the bowl! Luxury thought she h... 4667 views

Rane Revere 4

Rane Revere returns, and she's nude on the sofa! She's had a tummy ache all day long. Rane sticks her ass into the camera and farts right into it! Rane sure does have bad gas today. She rolls over onto her back and pulls her knees to her chest, and s... 3712 views

Scarlett Pain 6

Scarlett Pain is nude at the computer, on the Fart Fantasy website. She ate tacos today, and they've given her a horrible case of the taco farts! She sits on the hard surface of the computer chair and blasts some loud farts that'll rattle your keyboa... 12090 views

Scarlett Pain 8

Scarlett is on a futon. She ate a load of tacos today, so she pulls her legs up and farts through her pink pants! Then she pulls her panties to the side and you get to watch her little pink asshole pooch way out as she blasts some huge stinky farts i... 4968 views

Scarlett Pain 9

Sexy Scarlett is nude on a futon today. She spreads her legs wide and blasts some huge farts! Then she rolls around farting. She sticks her ass in the air for excellent POV shots of bare-asshole farting action! She plays with her pussy and farts at t... 5871 views

Zoey Holloway 2

Zoey Holloway is back, and she's full of gas today. She pulls her cute little booty shorts down and lets a real stinker rip - OH YEAH! The camera zooms in on her spread-out butt-cheeks and she blasts a loud, long one! Zoey sure does give a great fart... 6497 views

Zoey Holloway 4

Zoey is wearing a cute string bra and booty shorts, and she drops her shorts so her booty can talk to you! She blasts several good farts, then rips a nice, loud, long one! Zoey has no idea what she ate, but it's given her such bad gas! Her belly is a... 4372 views

Mya Redd 5

Oh no, Mya's got to get rid of her gas! She's in a tiny thong on the bed, and she pulls the thong string to the side and blasts a huge fart out of her ample ass! Then she lets an airy fart hiss. She's got horrible gas pains. and she's really stinking... 3168 views

Sofia Devine

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce sexy Sofia Devine, a hot buxom blonde who is really gassy! She immediately blasts a huge rumbling fart, then spreads her legs wide so you can see her asshole and farts again! She says that feels so ... 5405 views

Brianna 9

Brianna is so cute in her little thong and nothing else that you almost hate to see her pull it aside. But hiding within her pink, puckered asshole is a big bubble of gas that she would love to share with you! Brianna's backdoor backdraft is so good ... 4119 views

Cece Stone 26

Cece is on the bed, ass and pussy bare, and ready to play with you! Sexy Cece can't wait to see you jerk your big, hard cock for her, but she really wants to feel your nose in her asshole while you do it! She has all sorts of nasty anal smell to shar... 6203 views

Jessica Taylor 6

Jessica is still looking for her roommate her gave her fart-inducing medicine. Since she can't find her, she churns up a delicious revenge by farting all over her roommate's pillow! Wrapping her long legs around it as surely as if it were her victim'... 9398 views

Londyn Taylor 10

Long, strong Londyn takes her fitness seriously. She works hard to stretch and tone her body. But no amount of fitness can change the fact that she's got an ass full of gas like everyone else! Still it's a pleasure to watch Londyn's taut belly and lo... 7509 views