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Search Results for: long hair

Summer X 3

Sexy Summer is back to fart some more! She's wearing a bikini, and she removes her bottoms and spreads her cheeks and lets a long airy fart blow your hair back! Then she spreads her legs and lifts her ass as the camera zooms in tight and catches her ... 5823 views

Daejha Milan 2

Daejha is sitting spread-legged in a large chair, wearing only a pink multicolored camisole top that is waaaaay too small for her titties, while playing with her long blonde hair. The camera zooms in, and Daejha blasts a fart, then laughs because she... 3948 views

Daejha Milan 4

Daejha is not impressed with the book that her dorky friend wrote. She's sitting at her desk, wearing a glittery pink negligee that barely contains her gigantic titties, with her long blonde hair hanging all the way down to her ass. Daejha's got some... 3407 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4853 views

Tabitha James 3

Nasty Tabitha James the smegma queen is sitting at the computer - naked! You can see both of her pierced nipples, but not for long. Tabitha gets up and bends over right in front of you to show you her filthy pussy and stinky, farting ass. In this cli... 3306 views

Destiny Dicks

Today we introduce a hot ebony number named Destiny Dicks, and it's her destiny to blow your hair back! Her tummy hurts today, and she starts out with a long, hissing fart! She gets more and more relief as she blasts that bad gas out of her belly and... 9331 views

Micah James 22

The farts Micah James is pushing out are so loud they're echoing in the room! She loves cheese, but it doesn't seem like cheese loves her. Her farts are long, loud and so furious, that they would blow your hair back if you stood too close! 4508 views

Savannah Fox 20

Savannah has something nice for you: a chair made just for farting! But this means you have to do something for her: get down underneath it and suck the farts from her butthole! It pleases your mistress to see you gulping down her ass, and to see you... 11213 views

Ivana 2

Ivana is trying her best to write you a love letter but her gassy exploits are getting in the way. She’s bellied up to her writing desk but managing to do more damage to her leather chair than composing. Clearly bothered by the smell, she wonders o... 7636 views

Ivana 5

Ivana is home alone and not timid when it comes to hitting the pot with her anal audios that might wake the neighbors. She’s trying to text and toot and decides to send her girlfriend a recording to see if she can be outdone. Her sexy shorts drop t... 9243 views

Ivana 6

Illustrious Amber Star wants to play and has selected you as her playmate. Asking you to “do her a favor and take out your dick,” she gets down to the business of sharing her ass racket while wearing sexy, bright pink panties. Once her panties ar... 8755 views

Ivana 7

Sultry Ivana proves bikinis can be sexy in more ways than one! She enters her room in a barely there, adorable bikini and has a surplus of sizzlers sliding out against fabric of her pink bikini bottom. Once she unties it, she uses the bottom to sniff... 5049 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 13

Look at that dark pucker playing peek-a-boo! Wow! Jezebelle Foxxx is hot as hell, and her winking ass hole is full of spunk and stink but so cute with the way it flexes as she’s pushing farts out in your face. Get a good whiff of her ebony rosebud ... 7388 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 14

Enjoy Dildo Fun 101 with Jezebelle Foxxx! She proves there is more than one way to have fun with a phallus as she uses her caucasian dick to slap her sweet ebony ass, taking breaks to fart all over her toy and rub it into her smelly ass hole. She’s... 5260 views

Sindell 2

Sindell just cannot resist stopping by her local Mexican joint on Taco Tuesday. Her carefree attitude allows this gassy gal to laugh it off and find some relief while sitting on her leather bench after one too many tacos. Wasting no time, she keeps h... 6348 views

Sindell Angel 7

Sindell Angel is knocking it out of the park with her devilish fishnets and black bra and is knocking it out of her ass with huge fart bombs accompanying her instruction to stroke your rod that’s grown harder just at the sight of her and the sound... 17880 views

Sindell Angel 8

Sindell Angel is wearing thong panties with “flirt” printed across the front, which is so fitting for one of our favorite flirts! Unfortunately, this vivacious vixen has to rush into her small bathroom because she has some formidable fanny bubble... 6657 views

Sindell Angel 11

Sindell Angel knows you love the sight and sound of her round ass when she is making a stink. Today she has some especially smelly farts for you to stroke to while she uses her hand to show you how fast she thinks you should be moving. Her praisewort... 8206 views

Blair Winters 12

In her cute pink panties and black bra, Blair Winters rushes into the bathroom on her quest for relief. She’s insanely full of gas and is regretting the tacos she ate earlier! Tucked away, all alone in her minuscule bathroom, this poor hottie is sh... 10760 views

Katt Garcia

Wowzer! For a girl who has never farted on camera, Katt Garcia is knocking it out of the park! This girl knows it is only natural and isn’t holding back a thing as she pushes poots out of her luscious ebony backside right through her pink panties. ... 10965 views

Layton Benton 16

Look at the gold bikini on Layton Benton! She is so sexy, but has ruined her day to a point by eating burritos and needs to find solace on the throne. She looks rather stately in that bikini, so a throne is perhaps befitting, but she’s having a ter... 8414 views


In corduroy shorts barely covering her ass, Olivia looks especially sexy today. Her lunch consisted of a greasy cheeseburger and fries, and now she is paying the price for her poor food choices. She has an abundance of amazingly loud farts and is sat... 13077 views

Olivia 4

Sexy sweetie Olivia is uncomfortable, and watching her in such distress is disenchanting. This gassy gal is on the potty, but not everything is coming out as she had planned. Her farts are fierce, but she has a surplus of stale wind that must escape ... 10074 views

Olivia 5

Olivia wants to play and hopes you join her for some guided jacking off. She wants you nice and close to her ass that is on full display courtesy of her short school girl plaid skirt and no panties. This sexy seductress needs you to smell her ass hol... 10307 views