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Search Results for: lingerie

Tanya 10

Tanya is in a red lingerie outfit that is perfect for farting in. She bends over and farts in your face, as well as pulling her panties over to the side so you can get a good look at her naked ass hole as it blasts gas directly into your nose! Doesn'... 3213 views

Brandy 12

Brandy's back - WOO-HOO! Today she's lounging around in her lingerie after eating a big dinner that made her gassy. She starts out letting an airy fart hiss through her panties and asks if you want to stick your dick into that - and you know you do! ... 4213 views

Indya 2

Indya has eaten some icecream and it's not working well in her belly. She's slightly lactose intolerant but she loves the taste! She's wearing a sexy little lingerie outfit with a thong on that displays her ass nicely. Her farts are so stinky and nas... 3885 views

Jade 3

Jade is back to fart for you some more! Join her once again as she gets all hot and nasty with her farts. This tease is wearing her favorite black see-through V-shaped lingerie. Her stomach can't handle the pain from holding in all that gas! She need... 4035 views

Madison Leigh 11

Madison has some nasty ass gas for you today! She's been saving it up for you. In this clip she's wearing a tight sexy lace lingerie type outfit and some thong panties - both displaying her round white booty nicely. She farts into the couch, bends ov... 3799 views

Priscilla 2

Priscilla has eaten something that didn't quite agree with her stomach and now she's got some nasty ass fucking gas, seriously stinky for real. She's wearing a sexy pink outfit, top and full bottom style lingerie that makes her booty look absolutely ... 3957 views

Summer 18

Summer is back in bed with some lingerie on, an aqua colored bottom and tanktop set. She's got an upset stomach and it's giving her a bit of nasty smelling gas, woo! She farts through her thong bottoms, then pulls the thong over to expose her naked a... 4314 views

Zoey 5

Zoey's back again to blast you with some more hot gassy farts! She is wearing very sexy, matching pink lingerie. In this clip, she is laying on the bed, trying to relax and blast out all those painful farts. Watch now as she relieves herself from all... 3624 views

Zoey 9

Zoey's back again to fart for you some more! Watch her struggle to get out those nasty, stinky farts! She is wearing sexy matching pink lingerie, and she removes her panties to pass gas on the toilet. Very kinky! Watch this now and listen to Zoey bla... 4103 views

Cassandra Cruz 16

Latina Cassandra Cruz has been eating rice and beans, and they don't agree with her, at all. She is sexy in her black and white lingerie, but her belly is quite noisy. She bends over for us, teasing us slightly before she releases the first round of ... 7472 views

Cassandra Cruz 17

Our Latina sex kitten Cassandra Cruz can "t avoid it anymore: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras are lucky enough to follow her! She sits her curvy, tight ass on the toilet in her lingerie, and lets loose fart after ... 7122 views

Goddess 6

Our curvy ebony amateur model Goddess Dior is looking sexy in her white lingerie. But don't let the pristine white outfit fool you: she is suffering from really bad gas! While greeting our cameras in her bedroom, she lets out several silent but deadl... 6433 views

Goddess 7

Ebony amateur Goddess has had enough: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras get to follow her! She sits her big, curvy butt on the toilet in her white lingerie, and proceeds to let loose fart after fart in an effort to g... 4604 views

JR 12

Inked up and pierced JR is waiting for us in her bedroom in some sexy lingerie. She releases fart from her tight ass, as our camera captures it all in extreme close-ups. Ass-spanking, ass-shaking and ass-spreading are all on display as our riot grrl... 3209 views

Jennifer Anderson 2

Slender brunette Jennifer Anderson is very sexy in her two-piece lingerie. And she's ready to release all the stinky flatulence that's built up in her belly. The brunette amateur lets out a variety of sounds from her tight little sexy ass, from long ... 3813 views

Katie ORiley 2

Poor Katie O'Riley. She is clearly in distress, suffering from a bad case of gas! Her belly is noisy and distended, and she has no choice but to let out some hot, nasty farts. The anguish is apparent on her face as she seeks release by letting out al... 3160 views

Michelle Malone, Roxy Moore, Mari Possa 4

There is no stopping this luscious trio from giving each other some hot air action. When these three lovely ladies are together it's like a whirlwind of scented pleasures. Watch as the hot black chick Michelle Malone, the tattooed blondie Roxy Moore ... 10449 views

Miss Marie 5

Miss Marie if almost ready for bed, she is already wearing that hot lingerie with her lovely ass exposed. Before she gets to sleep she has a little surprise for you. And it involves some hardcore farting action. The moment she bends over and puts up ... 3524 views

Miss Marie and Daisy Layne 2

The wickedly awesome two babes are back! Miss Marie and Daisy Layne are together once again, this time clad in those seductive lingerie. Today they are going to compare each otherís farts and see whoís the best in producing those sexy gasses. The com... 4734 views


Hi guys, meet Rose, this hot babe in sexy lingerie. She's going to be farting a lot today because she ate this big burrito for lunch. Let me tell you one thing, she did that on purpose so she can put on a good show for you. Watch as she gives a wild ... 3029 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone 3

The fun-loving interracial duo returns for their third video together, and the chemistry between these two is obvious as they please each other with a series of farts! They meet us on the couch, in sexy lingerie. They take turns ass-spreading and far... 10449 views

Shay Golden 6

If you enter the room and see this wild blonde babe in bed, looking all seductive and horny, you can tell by the tightness of that lingerie that she has a lot of gas inside that tight body of hers, and she is dying to let it rip while you watch; what... 4884 views

Shonna 5

It's Shonna-time again gentlemen, and when this crazy black woman in lingerie arrives you just know that she's going to give you what you want. This slutty babe never learned her lesson, she goes munching down on food that makes her gassed up but she... 2707 views

Alina Snow 8

Your cute little girlfriend Alina Snow is feeling really gassy and wishes you were here. Dressed in sexy lace lingerie, Alina gives you a sexy fart show, telling you exactly what she'd like you to do if you were here. Alina's ass is so gassy she'd ... 3186 views