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Search Results for: leggings

Brandy 2

New girl Brandy is back, and today she's on the bed wearing a red bra, black bikini bottoms, and black leggings. She pulls down her bikini bottoms and lets you watch her bare asshole struggle as she tries to blast a fart! Brandy sure does have some p... 6587 views

Cece Stone 7

Cece is on the loveseat, wearing leggings. She sits on the coffee table and blasts farts through her leggings and onto the coffee table! Her farts make the most delightful sound on that hard surface, too. The camera is right there and you can almost ... 6760 views

Cristi Minaj 6

Cristi is bloated with gas today, and guess what? She's wearing leggings! The camera zooms in on her ass and she farts through those leggings right into the camera lens - OH YEAH! You can see how bloated with gas her belly is. She sticks her hands do... 4500 views

Imani Rose 17

Imani is going to work out today! She's wearing slashed leggings and a pink top, so she arranges two chairs and as she's stretching, she farts! Then she blasts another one into the camera. She keeps on doing squats and farting while the camera hangs ... 4794 views

Kartier 6

Kartier is on the sofa, wearing a bra and pink leggings. She squats on the sofa with her ass in the camera and blasts farts into your face! She rubs her tummy and keeps blasting gas out of her ass - OH YEAH! Kartier is on her knees with her ass hangi... 4708 views

Nevaeh Keyz 14

Returning to entertain you with her ass is sexy Nevaeh Keyz! Today Nevaeh is sitting in an office chair, wearing tight-tight-tight leggings! The cmaera zooms in on her ass as she pinches out a couple of squeakers. Then she lifts one cheek and does so... 5926 views

Rachel O 6

Rachel returns to fart for you some more, and today she's wearing tight spandex leggings! She's sitting in a chair and blasting hot stinky farts through those leggings, and the spandex holds in the stench! Rachel's face squinches up when she blasts a... 4450 views

Torie Heart 14

Favorite fartress Torie Heart has another bellyful of gas for you - WOO-HOO! She's laying on the bed wearing tight leggings and she's blasting huge wet farts through her leggings and into your face! The camera is right there catching it all, and boy ... 10055 views


Ava is first time farter, but she gives you a bonus-length, nearly eight-minute performance! This dark-haired goddess has eaten something that is filling her with gas. She is wearing a black top with little cherries printed all over with some booty s... 4806 views

Ava 4

va, the farting dominatrix, farts again! Today there must have been something really bad in her Chinese food. It is giving her some really bad gas! She is wearing a black and silver top with leggings and black panties underneath. A little kinky! This... 3981 views

Jessica 8

Jessica ate so much junk food today! She decided to pig out on nachos and curly cheese fries! She is wearing a pink corset with a black thong and black sexy fishnet leggings. Extremely sexy! In this clip she is just blowing nacho farts left and right... 3966 views

Lucky Starr 21

A topless girl farting when working out while wearing crotchless leggings…that’s almost too much awesome for one sentence, but this is what Lucky Starr is all about as she is exercising in her living room, uninterrupted but for the series of ass ... 5910 views

Destinee Jackson 2

Take a peek at this tall drink of water! Destinee Jackson looks hot as hell in leggings and a simple white tank, but her tummy is in disarray! Miss Jackson is terribly gassy and has pounced on the pot with her tight black ass hitting the cold seat to... 6875 views

Kay Love 15

Watching television and kicking back on the couch prove to be problematic for Kay Love when she finds herself gassy and uncomfortable from the farts sliding through her tight leggings. As her ass barks, Sweet Kay squeaks and giggles, and tries to fig... 7266 views

Payton Leigh 8

Hot MILF Payton Leigh is logging in an exercise session, but unfortunately, she’s gassy, and stretching and gas don’t mix well! Payton is really pleased with her workout until the room starts to stink to a nearly unbearable level. Ms. Leigh perse... 5866 views

Ashley Luvbug 36

Red-lipped Ashley Luvbug’s yoga routine was interrupted when she was abruptly hit with a bummer bout of gas. Poor girl wants to get a good workout in, but there’s no way she’s doing downward dog with her butt so busy. Then there is the smell - ... 7478 views

Ashley Luvbug 49

Look at the cute little leggings on Ashley Luvbug! They are covered in cupcakes, but they sure do not smell sweet! This domineering diva is about to sit on your face and have you sniff up all the farts she is blasting through the tight pants. Siniste... 7999 views

Ashley Luvbug 51

Ashely Luvbug likes your hard dick, and she is going to make it even harder by turning you on with her farts! How does that sound? Her cute backside is covered in sexy leggings and shorts, and she gives you so many farts smells to take in, you’ll f... 8905 views

Kierra Wilde 3

Kierra Wilde works hard to keep her slender body in shape, and she has shared a post-workout vlog that describes just how sweaty she is and how gassy her protein shakes make her feel. In her tight pants, Kierra is farting like mad, but she needs to g... 5519 views

Amber Cream 35

How could you love watching porn more than seeing your sexy girlfriend, Amber Cream, at play? She’s had enough of your porn viewing, so she is going to capture your attention with sexy and stinky jerk off instructions that include you stroking your... 5591 views

Royalty 11

Sweet Royalty was hit with a massive tummy ache, and the poor dear had to do something to make herself feel better. Her best, fastest-acting, option was to push farts out of her pucker. She was wearing fitted black leggings, and she sure did a lot to... 6120 views

Kim Chi 39

Kim Chi wonders what you put in the protein shake you fed her! She suspects you just wanted to sniff up her warm ass burners! Looking great in athletic wear, she farts up a storm, as a product of protein over-consumption! Take a look at her slender b... 4899 views

Naomi Quinn 4

Big-bottomed Naomi Quinn is a gassy lady, and during this bout of gas, she was exceptionally stinky! She makes no excuses or apologies for her state, as she knows that fans of her ass will revel in the smell. Her shirt is skimpy, and her leggings hug... 5747 views

Sunny Chase 4

Sunny Chase in tight pants is a sight to behold! This sexy dame leaves just enough to the imagination to make her admirers lust after her booty in Spandex! This gassy girl is one to check out! She is smelly, sensual and spirited, making her the most ... 5676 views