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Search Results for: laughing

Kat Stevens

Debuting today is Kat Stevens, a hot blonde in horn-rimmed square glasses! She sticks her hot, tanned ass into the camera and poots! Then she laughs and accuses you of liking that, which of course you do! Kat pulls her cheeks apart and blows you kiss... 4026 views

Kat Stevens 5

Kat is on the sofa in a see-through tank top and nothing else! She's talking about the huge mountain of Mexican food she ate, then she bends over and starts blasting burning Mexican-food farts right into your face! Then she lays on her belly on the s... 4379 views

Kelly 4

Kelly is on the sofa, wearing a long-sleeve blouse and no panties! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts a couple of little farts! She pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a big one into your face - OH YEAH! Cute little Kelly just keeps ripping f... 3972 views

Torie Heart 8

Torie is in a tiny thong and she's facing ass-out in a chair. The camera zooms in on her ass right as she blasts some loud, squeaky sounding farts! She says they stink, and you can believe they do - WOO-HOO! Horton hears a fart, that's for sure - lot... 4682 views

Donna 2

Donna can't stand to laugh, because it gives her gas. Today, Donna is having a laughing fit, which of course is giving her a farting fit! She must be dyslexic or something, because normally farts make you laugh, not the other way around. Since she's ... 3804 views

Eva Ellington and Zoey Holloway

Eva Ellington brought her friend Zoey with her, and the girls are gonna sit on each others' faces and fart - WOO-HOO! Eva and Zoey get into a 69 shape but it's hard to work up any farts because they're laughing. Eva is sitting on Zoey's face, wearing... 8028 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore

Fiona and Luxury Amore have paired up today to fart in each others' faces and lick each other's farting asses! Fiona starts out licking Luxury's ass and she keeps farting in Fiona's mouth! Fiona just keeps tongue-fucking Luxury's farting ass anyway a... 10837 views

Veronica Jett and Mya Mason 3

This clip starts out with Mya farting into a plastic bag to fill it up. Veronica walks in laughing, and demands that Mya continue, and even helps by holding the bag! Does Vernica also fart into the bag? What about when they\'re done - do they pop the... 4554 views

Victoria DeVille

Victoria is our newest farting booty here at fart fantasy. She has never done anything like this before! A farting virgin, perfect. This sexy, petite latina girl has got some of the nastiest smelling gas around. - And she thinks it's the funniest thi... 6863 views

Victoria DeVille 3

Victoria has returned and is gassy as ever! This cute little latina can't stop laughing at her own farts, she thinks it's just fucking hilarious! It's so cute. In this clip she's farting in bed and has got on a white tank top and a pair of tight deni... 9122 views

Jasmine Jolie 2

Giggly little Jasmine Jolie is letting her farts rip! She's bent over with her ass on full display, pushing out her nasty gas, so you can get a good whiff! This gassy girl isn't holding anything back! Watch along as Jasmine fills the room with the sm... 6168 views

Melody Jordan 10

Melody Jordan is so amused by the sounds of her own gas, the explosive farts that are shooting out of her ass are making her laugh! But she soon realizes that her stink is no laughing matter, and all it takes is one sniff for her to see just how disg... 4631 views

Osa Lovely 10

Osa is being very candid today and talking about her lifelong battle with chronic flatulence. It's no laughing matter: this poor woman cannot stop farting! Osa doesn't let her keep it down though. In fact, she loves her farting, flatulent, noisy body... 5730 views

Sindell 2

Sindell just cannot resist stopping by her local Mexican joint on Taco Tuesday. Her carefree attitude allows this gassy gal to laugh it off and find some relief while sitting on her leather bench after one too many tacos. Wasting no time, she keeps h... 6421 views

Sindell Angel 4

Join Sindell Angel in her room as she’s in a sexy thong on her bed, free to find release from the build-up of gas in her belly. Giggles escape her as she’s unashamed to let blurps blast into her thong and fill the room with her sweet scent. Switc... 7646 views

Sindell Angel 6

Nobody knows how to shake ass like Sindell Angel! This gassy ebony hottie loves showing off and shakes her backside to work out every ripper she has inside that glorious bottom. In matching white bra and thong, she appears virginally innocent, but we... 5164 views

Sindell Angel 12

If juicy farts are the name of the game, we declare Sindell Angel the official winner! Our gassy ebony Goddess has more in store than a stack of subdued squeaks. It is time to get up close and personal with Sindell as she knocks it out of the park wi... 7254 views

Katt Garcia 3

Katt Garcia is doing double duty during her workout! Her stomach muscles are working overtime while she is doing crunches and squats which are causing her to fart like crazy. Even during her attempt at push-ups, her ebony ass is is releasing a surplu... 12508 views

Kay Love

Kay Love is cute as a button and farting on camera for the first time! This sweetheart is not shy and giggles like mad with every one of her ferocious ass rips. Her pink jean shorts are doing little to mask the smell, but it doesn’t bother this bab... 11189 views

Kay Love 2

Kay Love’s pink yoga ball is in the living room, begging to be played with, so she hops on in her gold short shorts. She’s so cute bouncing on the ball with her tits jiggling with every bounce. Kay is quite gassy and is ripping ass all over the b... 7545 views

Savannah Fox 23

Savannah Fox has an inventive idea when she is alone farting in bed trying to alleviate her sour tummy. She has a thin plastic bag in her nightstand and thinks farting in the bag is a neat idea. After a series of foul farts, she has filled the plasti... 10685 views

Savannah Fox 27

Who needs enemies with a roommate like Savannah Fox? She is pissed her roomie, Ashley, has left her yoga ball out in the living room so decides devious justice is in order and takes it upon herself to fart all over the sizable pink sphere! Savannah... 8450 views

Kay Love 8

Kay Love’s killer light blue unitard is thoroughly sexy and really complements her petite frame. She is hanging out on the couch reading, looking like the delicate darling she is - until the precious princess is plagued with a mind-blowing amount o... 7412 views

Silvia Rubi

Passing gas is hardly cause for embarrassment, but Silvia Rubi is rather embarrassed while pushing gas out of her sexy Latina ass! Despite saying she never does this in front of people, she has a great outlook, laughing along the way while also profu... 8690 views