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Search Results for: jean shorts

Justice Jade 2

Justice is back and today she's on the couch with Taco-Gas! She loves mexican food but it always gives her gas, every time. This hot ebony babe has some of the worst smelling and nasty sounding gas yet, beautiful! She's wearing a blue baby T shirt an... 4640 views

Summer 6

Summer is back for more ass blasting. This blonde haired blue eye beauty is kickin' it on the couch in a pair of tight jean shorts! She has a little trouble wrestling the farts out but she gets them out, and boy do they stink! This clip as hot as Sum... 3944 views

Mary Jane Mayhem 6

Those tight jean shorts Mary Jane Mayhem is wearing won't be able to contain the horrible smells seeping out of her fart filled asshole! This girl has gas for days, and she's only getting started when she bends over to let her farts escape out into t... 4976 views

Charli Piper 13

Those jean shorts Charli Piper is wearing won’t be able to contain the fumes of her deadly farts! Charli’s farts seem even louder when she tries to push them out through that thick denim material, but that won’t stop this gassy girl. She’s be... 4135 views

Kristy Snow 19

Kristy Snow is disgusted by the smell of her own farts. She can’t believe fart lovers get off on her rotten stench, but she’ll still push out all that gas anyway because girls like Kristy can’t resist humiliating perverts that jack off to her f... 8242 views

Nicky Ferrari 5

You won’t need a translator to figure out that Nicky Ferrari is full of farts. There’s something about that loud trumpeting sound, and rancid smell, that you can understand no matter which language you speak. You don’t want to miss Nicky as she... 8002 views

Veronica Voxx

Veronica Voxx has been taking medication to help reduce her gas, but it doesn't seem to be working. Veronica’s got just as many nasty farts as usual, and she needs to get them all out before going on her date tonight. Maybe you can help by sniffing... 3931 views

Savanna Ginger 11

Savanna has a big night planned so she is getting all her gas out before she hits the town! As she gets dressed, farts force their way out of her ass and Savanna does what she can to help them escape. With a solid ass shake or a firm thrust off her b... 2222 views

Amber Star 9

Amber Star is back, and she's not so happy about it. She's started a new medication, and one of the great side effects is a belly full of gas. In her tight jean shorts, Amber's first couple farts cause a deep rumble in the couch. Bending over give... 6511 views

Paris Marie

The personable Paris Marie heard you like farts, and she’s ready to show you what her grumbly tummy can produce. Sexy, short jean shorts hardly muffle her whirring wallops. Those shorts must be made of thin denim because she’s taking note of the ... 8987 views

Rapunzel 4

Get out of the way! Rapunzel is in a hurry to get her fine ass on the pot! Wow, she has some amazingly strong steamers to shoot into the bowl and just made it on time. This long-haired hottie is pretty as a picture, but smells fantastically foul. Far... 11584 views

Kay Love

Kay Love is cute as a button and farting on camera for the first time! This sweetheart is not shy and giggles like mad with every one of her ferocious ass rips. Her pink jean shorts are doing little to mask the smell, but it doesn’t bother this bab... 11195 views

Kay Love 6

Isn’t it adorable how Kay Love squeals with some of her startling squeaks? She has a dirty little butt, and her cute jean shorts are paying the price for her formidable flatulence. Despite the ferocious fetor, Miss Love endeavors to get up close a... 8288 views

Nikki Ford 25

Pizza gives Nikki Ford gas, but she has added fuel to the fire by consuming an entire pie! She cannot believe she ate a whole pizza and has a belly ache. While some would simple stop eating upon the onset of discomfort, Nikki keeps chomping away and ... 7752 views

Scarlet Lavey 4

Scarlet Lavey isn’t reserved or refined as she is sharing a highly personal moment on the pot! She has rushed into her bathroom with an explosive ass and needs to find relief. With her sexy jean shorts at her ankles, this edgy diva is spilling it a... 9330 views

Nikki Ford 34

Pull it together, Nikki! Hottie Nikki Ford is farting and burping when sharing her smelly bathroom session with the world! Hope you don’t mind the smell of her boisterous blasts hitting the toilet bowl while she is also belching like mad. She had t... 6842 views

Nikki Ford 38

How the hell does a girl as slim as Nikki Ford produce such fantastically loud farts? This girl is giving her jean shorts a workout today as she’s seated at the table trying to get things accomplished when she is forced to focus on the task at hand... 6803 views

Alice Frost 19

Way to go Alice Frost! One of our favorite blonde bombshells has returned home from a barbecue, excited to have taken top prize in a hot dog eating contest. Sadly, the win comes with repercussions, as sweet Alice is gassy and farting like mad. Her se... 6397 views

Nadia Jay

What feels good coming out does not necessarily smell good coming out, as evidenced by ebony hottie Nadia Jay’s daunting guzzlers being liberated from her sexy brown ass. She has dined on delicious food and has been rendered quite gassy. While her ... 7332 views

Aimee Davis 8

Poor food choices at the mall have left Aimee Davis gassy, and she is defiling her sexy jean shorts when endeavoring to make her sour belly feel better. Chili cheese dogs are a friend to nobody, and poor Aimee is suffering the aftermath of the greasy... 6095 views

Aimee Davis 9

When Aimee Davis rushes into the bathroom, she pulls down her designer jean shorts and plops on the pot, but her tight ass takes a while to warm up to the job at hand! Her poots are tame and girly, just like Aimee! Once things are working down there,... 12723 views

Nova Star

Personable Nova Star is home from a night out with the girls where hot wings and beer proved to be her downfall. This gal is gassy as can be and is sending shock waves through her short jean shorts. With her luscious, long legs spread wide, she is sp... 7486 views

Taylor Starr 21

Taylor Starr had to excuse herself from the barbecue when she found herself gassy and bloated after macaroni salad and beans did not settle in her belly. She hopes you don’t mind being privy to her putrid poots while she lies back, shorts unbuttone... 4939 views

Taylor Starr 23

Take a voyeuristic peek into Taylor Starr’s bathroom as she rushes in, pulls her shorts down and holds court on the commode while depositing more than methane into the bowl. She has a job to do and is trying to force things out fast so she can esca... 5353 views