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Search Results for: girlfriend POV

Candice Nicole and Baby Doll

Remember the new girl from yesterday, named Baby Doll? Well, today she's back, and she brought her girlfriend Candice with her! The girls are on the bed snuggling, when Candice sticks her ass in Baby Doll's face and blasts a big fat fart right throug... 10845 views

Mya Mason 13

Mya has a bad case of gas today! She's standing at the table, tidying up the dildoes and fast-food wrappers and whatnot that her girlfriend has left all over the place. She's wearing a black T-shirt and white full-bottom panties, and she just starts ... 4211 views

Alina Snow 8

Your cute little girlfriend Alina Snow is feeling really gassy and wishes you were here. Dressed in sexy lace lingerie, Alina gives you a sexy fart show, telling you exactly what she'd like you to do if you were here. Alina's ass is so gassy she'd ... 3322 views

Charli Piper 14

Remember when your girlfriend Charli Piper was going to the bathroom, and you told her how sexy her farts were? That you wish she'd fart like that around the house? Well today Charli's had a gas attack and she's excited to share her stinky farts. ... 3761 views

Layton Benton 10

Layton knows how you like to jerk off on her while she's on the toilet. And she's such a good girlfriend that she's totally into it! Layton loves how you get hard and big for her while you gaze into spread-open asshole. So get your rod in hand and ge... 9230 views

Tristina Millz 21

"Fuck yo' jacket!" Tristina cries as she takes revenge on the one who left it there. It wasn't smart of her girlfriend to leave it there after she cheated, because Tristina is going to fill it with her scent before giving it back! It gets serious whe... 4146 views

Aryana Adin 15

It's just a quiet night for Aryana, gossiping on the phone with her girlfriend... or at least it's quiet until she starts farting! Aryana has to hold her hefty butt cheeks open just to get the big cheese bombs out into the open air! Her farts are so ... 11269 views

Ivana 5

Ivana is home alone and not timid when it comes to hitting the pot with her anal audios that might wake the neighbors. She’s trying to text and toot and decides to send her girlfriend a recording to see if she can be outdone. Her sexy shorts drop t... 9293 views

Aimee Davis 18

Your rank as Aimee Davis’ love interest is rather impressive, especially since she shares sweet and sexy videos with you to keep the romance fresh! Knowing you love the sight, sound and smell of her gassers, she has gussied up in a hot matching bra... 8857 views

Ashley Luvbug 13

Ashley Luvbug in a sweaty state is never disappointing! She is back from a run, feeling sweaty and gassy. Miss Luvbug knows you love her loud ass catastrophes, so she saved them for you and is farting in her tight, black workout pants while taking gr... 6776 views

Ashley Luvbug 14

Your undeniably sexy girlfriend Ashley Luvbug isn’t in the mood for sex tonight, but she does have something kinky in mind. Her tummy is in a bit of a tumultuous state, and she would like to fart on your dick while you rub your own manhood. When sh... 6973 views

Amber Cream 4

Your girlfriend, Amber Cream, grew tired of always doing what you want in the bedroom. It is time to do something she enjoys, so she is going to make you sniff up her farts. Hopefully you deem her dark chocolate center sexy because she’s sharing ex... 4100 views

Ashley Luvbug 22

Your girlfriend Ashley Luvbug has spent a grand evening out with the girls and is quite sweaty. Not wanting to fart in front of the girls, she saved it all for you, her fart-loving boyfriend! Lucky you! Ashley didn’t wear panties to the club, so wh... 8435 views

Ashley Luvbug 24

A sexy, young girl farting on your dick? How does that sound? As your doting girlfriend, Ashley Luvbug knows you love her stinky pucker, so she is treating you to an outstanding adventure that includes her farting like crazy on your stiff dick. You l... 5143 views

Verta 10

Alluring Verta is well-aware of your wants, and she has wrapped her midsection in a sexy corset in preparation for what she has to give you. She’s gassy and is going to allow you to stroke your dick to the beat of her ass blasts. The smell is horre... 5756 views

Katt Lowden 17

Happy Birthday! As your doting girlfriend, Katt Lowden would like to treat you to something kinky. Farting in your face to cater to your fart fetish sounds like a good plan, and she is a sexy little minx who is certain to get you good and hard with h... 4352 views

Katt Lowden 18

Katt Lowden is lewd as ever, and after you and she worked yourselves up to a horny state at the movie theater, she’s ready for some action the moment you get home. Of course, Katt appreciates how kinky you are and how much you love her filthy farts... 5347 views

Ashley Luvbug 39

Your sexy and sweet girlfriend Ashley Luvbug knows you like to play, and she has something highly kinky in mind! She would love for you to sniff her farts and watch her delicate pucker hard at work as she rids her belly of gas. She will give you some... 5346 views

Katt Lowden 38

Most girls love Hitachi Magic Wands due to the powerful vibrations they send through the body when the magical device is held against the clit. Katt Lowden loves hers, but she’s not a selfish girlfriend, so she is going to share this experience wit... 5897 views

Ashley Luvbug 43

What happens when you wear out your welcome at girlfriend Ashley Luvbug’s place is that she exposes you to something that is not all that pleasant, unless you like smelling foul farts. Ashley wants to get you off fast so she can get back to watchin... 7036 views

Ashley Luvbug 48

Playful Ashley Luvbug knows you love her ebony ass smells, so since you are away, your sexy ebony girlfriend has recorded a video of her farting, and whatever else, on the toilet! She ate sushi, so her collection of farts were quite daunting! She end... 5476 views

Kierra Wilde 5

Your sweetheart of a girlfriend Kierra Wilde has something wonderful in mind. She recorded a sexy video for you, and instead of doing something typical, she was intent on indulging your fart fetish. How awesome does that sound? Not too shabby! When h... 6199 views

Amanda Pink 6

Your sexy, playful girlfriend Amanda Pink cannot believe you like listening to and sniffing up her gassers! Her tummy is in a bad way right now, and she is sullying the inside of her shorts something fierce! Go ahead and enjoy, as Amanda is going to ... 4504 views

Camille Lixx 4

Your girlfriend is sick of you watching dirty porn instead of paying attention to her! With a gal as hot as Camille Lixx, why would you divert your attention? Reasons why do not matter now that she has caught you because she is now ready to dole out ... 7366 views