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Search Results for: gassy girl

Abigail Peach 21

Beans and rice were what cast a gassy state on beautiful Abigail Peach. This poor girl was genuinely regretting her food choices as her stomach was in knots. She could not stand the bloat in her belly. Without a doubt, sultry Ms. Peach is as stinky a... 5104 views

Abigail Peach 22

Brunette knockout Abigail Peach is finally home after a night out partying, and she found herself in a rather gassy state. Of course this sex kitten did not want to keep all the fun to herself, so she made the most of it and constructed a sexy video ... 4724 views

Hanna Cruz

Hanna Cruz is our newest gassy girl here at Fart Fantasy. This sexy brunette babe is dressed in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a gray top. Listen as her beautiful booty blasts some smelly stinkers! Hanna had some belly ache farts and had to m... 4327 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3598 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6635 views

London 9

London is gassy and ready to rip! She's sitting in a chair with no panties and only a white bra on. She gets up off the chair and sits up on the marble table to fart with her naked booty on it's hard polished surface. This sexy ebony girl's farts are... 5124 views

Missy Milano

Missy is our brand-newest farting feature at Fart Fantasy. We know you'll love her as much as we did! This sexy latina lady is wearing a sweater-dress with full bottom panties and she's a gassy girl for sure! She bends over and jumps up and down to w... 4653 views

Roxi Main 3

Roxi sure does love Mexican food! It's her all-time favorite, but she knows that it gives her lots of gas! This girl is not afraid to fart! Wow! Watch this episode as she moves from position to position to let out all those gassy and long blasting fa... 3827 views

Tracey 2

Tracey has returned to fart some more! She is so gassy and enthusiastic about it too! She loves to fart! Check out this sexy ebony girl as she busts ass in her full bottom black and white panties and tank top. She's in bed and gives you lots of bendi... 3615 views

Alice Frost 4

Alice Frost is so horny, she won't even let the smell of her own farts stop her from playing with her pussy! This gassy girl might be getting even more turned on by her nasty gas! Her farts are filling the room while she plays with her wet cunt, usin... 3697 views

Alice Frost 7

This gassy girl, Alice Frost, has a few special fart moments for you to cherish forever! Alice is pushing out her stink, and smacking that pretty, plump booty of hers - all to give you a show you won't easily forget. If you're in the mood to have you... 5326 views

Alice Frost 9

Alice Frost is all tied up in rope, completely nude - with her ass on display! She's making the best of her situation by stretching out so she can get all her farts out - right in your face! Alice's pretty little face is turning red from the force of... 7554 views

Asia Zo 25

Damn Mexican food does not agree with this little Asian's tummy! Poor Asia Zo, having another stomach problem because of it! Mexican food always makes this petite little beauty gassy but you know what? She simply must be doing it on purpose. This sil... 30543 views

Brandi Fox 2

Brandi Fox is going to fart out all her stink, just for you! This gassy girl is jiggling her ass and wiggling out all the nasty smells! She\'s loaded with nasty farts, and she\'s not going to stop letting those huge farts explode out of her asshole, ... 4701 views

Brandi Fox 4

If you\'re in the mood to watch a sexy Ebony gassy girl release her funk - you\'re in the right place! Brandi Fox is serving up all her farts to you, on an ass scented platter! Don\'t miss out, because this sexy girl has the most disgusting gas flow... 4929 views

Brandi Fox 6

Brandi Fox is shaking out all her farts... letting them slide right out of her ass without any worries! Her gas is really stinky today, but that doesn\'t stop this gassy girl from letting it all right out! She can try to fan that funk away all she wa... 4455 views

Brandi Fox 7

Brandi Fox has the softest, sweetest little voice, so it\'s a real surprise to hear her loud farts as they trumpet out of her tight little asshole! This gassy girl isn\'t holding anything back... her gas is nasty, rancid, and hot - and she\'s going ... 5353 views

Brandy Gomez 3

Our little Latin gassy girl, Brandy Gomez, is so full of farts; she could burst at any moment! She\'s got no choice but to let her gas out, and you get to watch! That little booty of Brandys\' looks so pretty and innocent - but it\'s actually fueled ... 4969 views

Brandy Gomez 5

Brandy Gomez is going to shake all her stink right out of her ass! Her tummy is in a lot of pain from holding in her farts all day, and now you get to benefit from it! This soft spoken gassy girl jiggles and smacks her ass, just hoping it will help h... 5111 views

Brandy Gomez 6

Brandy Gomez has some explosive farts flying out of her ass for you today! We don\'t know what she ate, but we\'re happy she did, because this gassy girl is filling the room with her funk, and those tiny little shorts of hers can\'t contain all the h... 5148 views

Brandy Gomez 7

Our Latin gassy girl, Brandy Gomez, is bent over with her ass in the air... the position that fart lovers (like you) love best! She\'s serving up nasty loud farts in this clip, so you don\'t want to miss it! Watch along as she lets all her putrid ass... 4984 views

Brittany Lynn

Today we introduce Brittany Lynn, one of the hottest fart stars out there and it is an honor to present to you this awesome babe, with the sexy tattoos, delicious and tight little body, her pretty face and her blue streaked hair. Seeing this girl nak... 10130 views

Brittany Lynn 8

Brittany Lynn knows how much you like the way she lets out all of her gas for you. This gassy girl has an ass full of farts, and she's pushing them all out without a care. She's letting loose a ton of loud smelly gas, and because you're lucky, she's ... 4205 views

Brittany Lynn 11

Don't you love it when a gassy girl, like our Brittany Lynn, is considerate enough to get out all her ass stink before she crawls into bed with you? There's no need to smother those farts under the blanket, because Brittany's going to make sure she p... 7968 views