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Search Results for: funny

Naughty Holly 15

Holly the queen of farting here at Fart Fantasy really knows how to make a really hot, sexy farting clip for sure. Never does she disappoint! In this clip she's got on a brown shirt and some tight khaki colored jeans with no panties on. She blasts so... 4780 views

Evanni Solei 14

Sexy Evanni is wearing shorts today. She reaches in her shorts and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts a huge nasty fart through her shorts! Then she does it again - BOO-YAH! Evanni's got a lot of gas in her belly today, and she's having fun squeez... 4835 views

Nilaya Brown 4

Nilaya just came back from the pool because she was farting in the water and people were looking at her funny! So she drops her towel and walks around blasting huge farts through her bikini bottoms! She's really letting those farts rip too - AWESOME!... 4130 views

Torie Heart 8

Torie is in a tiny thong and she's facing ass-out in a chair. The camera zooms in on her ass right as she blasts some loud, squeaky sounding farts! She says they stink, and you can believe they do - WOO-HOO! Horton hears a fart, that's for sure - lot... 4694 views

Chrissy vs. Priscilla 3

Chrissy and Priscilla are both ready to go to bed but they are too gassy. They are both in their nighties with gstring panties but no bras. Since they both have gas they think it'd be funny to have a fart contest. You're going to love this one, Chris... 4586 views

Justice Jade 9

Justice is back on the toilet today - our personal favorite! She walks in with nothing on - totally nude! She notices you there watching, and she allows you to enjoy her private time on the toilet because she knows how much you you like it. She think... 3670 views

Samantha 3

Samantha gets off her booty and plops it right down on the coffee table to get a nice hard surface to fart on! This girl is so cute and funny as she busts off nasty ass gas out her tight little hairy butt hole. Watch her stinky brown eye as it pushes... 4485 views

Katt Garcia

Wowzer! For a girl who has never farted on camera, Katt Garcia is knocking it out of the park! This girl knows it is only natural and isn’t holding back a thing as she pushes poots out of her luscious ebony backside right through her pink panties. ... 11042 views

Gia Love 9

Gia Love is always acting silly, and she’s thinking of taking toilet selfies and posting them to social media! She imagines a video would be off the charts funny, but she eventually puts her phone down to concentrate on the matters at hand. This se... 11255 views

Alice Frost 30

Alice Frost is in a playful mood and is using whimsical pillows to play! Looking hot in matching panties and bra, curvy Alice is also feeling gassy and decides to embellish her emoji pillows with her gassers. Hitting the plush pillows with her poots ... 4491 views

Royalty 15

Oh, Royalty, you're so fun to watch in the loo! Little did this dame know, she was being recorded while she paid a visit to the pot. Let's just say, she did not keep things ladylike, as she filled the bowl. The farts accompanying this dump are shocki... 3943 views

Amber Star 61

Amber Star is a fun-loving fox who thinks it’s rather funny to fart in an empty bucket! The sounds made are quite impressive, as they are loud and pack quite a punch when blasting into the barren plastic pail! She is a stinky MILF who loves to have... 5078 views

Aria Carson and Leah Winters 4

What a fart spectacular! Hot redhead Aria Carson and her brunette counterpart Leah Winters put on one hell of a show when they stacked themselves and farted like mad. Both were in the sexiest panties they own, making the eye candy factor off-the-chai... 6902 views

Royalty 76

Asian cutie Royalty can be so silly sometimes! Recently, she was feeling very gassy, so she dipped her body in the tub to make some stinky bubbles in the water. Her giggles with the funny sounds she makes are adorable. This was certainly a dirty bath... 3858 views

Tristina Millz 43

Tristina Millz is always a fun stink-creator, but today she has some sound words of advice for farting at the club! She is so silly, and her personable nature really shines during this super sexy and smelly POV fart display! Take pleasure in this bla... 3360 views

Lily Lovecraft 10

Listening to slender blonde Lily Lovecraft work her way through some vicious gas is funny and heartbreaking at the same time! This beauty was feeling just awful, but looked amazing in delicate lingerie. The hot farts really put her fragile ass pucker... 2873 views

Lily Lovecraft 17

Zany Lily Lovecraft is up to her old tricks! She is full of farts and makes a sexy movie of herself during her odd quest for relief. You have not seen someone this messy and gassy and hot! Lily is tiny and overtaken by gassers that put her minuscule ... 2369 views

Agatha Delicious 3

Let Agatha Delicious pull that sexy black thong of hers to the side and show you her winking pucker in action! This yummy honey is all about getting her fans into the perfect headspace with her dirty deeds and mighty derriere. She playfully feigns in... 2020 views

Cindy Crawford 31

Those who have had the honor of seeing hot MILF Cindy Crawford fart for the camera are well-aware of her fun-loving nature. She kicks things up a notch when farting in the tub, creating hilarious sounds and an abundance of stink. Cindy is always a to... 1306 views

Cece LaRue 7

“The squeaks are funny, the squeaks are amazing, the squeaks are hot.” This is what sultry Cece LaRue declares as she starts to fart for you while naked in bed. Her inked physique is its own type of eye candy, and her dirty talk and putrid farts ... 1621 views