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Search Results for: flexible

Berlin 6

Berlin stars in one or hottest clips here at Fart Fantasy; the gas mask. This gas mask was specifically designed for smelling farts. It's got a face sealed mask with a flexible tube that leads right to the mouth breather. Berlin sticks the open end o... 6978 views

Amber Rayne 5

Cute little Amber Rayne is here to share her gas with you again! Today she is wearing nothing but thong panties, and she's bent over on the table. She wants to show you all the different kinds of farts she can muster up, and she even does the alphabe... 8332 views

Amber Rayne 6

Flexible little Amber returns today, totally nude on the couch, and she's got a helluva case of gas! She sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blows a little fart! She bounces some more gas down and the camera zooms in for some close-up shots o... 14416 views

Lucky Starr 13

Flexible Lucky says her ass can tell your future, then she lays back and pulls her legs up and you can see her asshole open up as she translates what her ass is telling you. She lays on her side and farts into the camera some more, and continues tell... 4007 views

Sindee Rose 2

Remember Sindee, the hot new girl from the other day? Well, she had so much fun farting for you, she's back to do it again! She's wearing cute pink plaid panties, and she throws her legs way up near her shoulders and blasts a bunch of farts right thr... 4059 views

Jasmine Jolie 4

Jasmine Jolie is so full of nasty gas; she'll do just about anything to get some relief! This dirty girl is letting all her toxic farts rip, her gas is so horrible that the stench is almost too much for even her to handle! Fart lovers, you won't want... 5174 views

Nicky Ferrari 3

Nicky Ferrari is working out, and showing you just how flexible she is. Of course this gassy girl isn’t just stretching for fun; she’s also trying to find the best position to help her push all those stinky farts out! Nicky doesn’t have to try ... 8370 views

Kat Lowden

Kat's tummy is all upset after a few beers, and now she's learning that you happen to enjoy it when a woman farts! This lovely brunette is ready to experiment and proves very flexible, hiking her legs up, rolling around, and passing the gas! Kat is v... 4798 views

Ashley Luvbug 4

There is something to be said about a girl who is down to earth, and this describes playful Ashley Luvbug to a T. She is all alone and naked as the day she was born, giving her pussy some much-needed attention. No fancy implements are needed when Mis... 5900 views

Kamiyah Diamond 3

Check out the extreme flexibility from resident ebony hottie Kamiyah Diamond! With a wide smile on her pretty face, Miss Diamond gives up the farts you find so alluring! There is no shame in her game as she sullies her sexy black thong in a throng of... 1911 views

Bambi Simone 33

Celebrate fully naked Bambi Simone’s flexibility as she farts for the camera without an ounce of hesitation. She really busts out some huge honks and giggles with glee when the really powerful poots make their way into the world! This yummy honey i... 1603 views

Bambi Simone 41

Sexy, flexible and vivacious Bambi Simone is up to no good! She is sharing her gassers with you, and this might just be her stinkiest state to date! Bambi is a beauty, and the fact that she is a nice mix of bashful and bold makes her a perfect ten to... 2865 views

Baby B 13

Flexible Baby B employed some really rousing positions as she dealt some seriously stinky farts into the air. Her ability to get her body into some sexy configurations makes this fart spectacle super spectacular! Baby is a guy’s favorite due to her... 1315 views