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Search Results for: ff shorts


We would like you to meet Zamora, she is a black chick wearing super-tight shorts, tempting huh? And to make your fantasies more delicious, she has a pretty bad stomach ache right now. Now sit back and enjoy the fun as dirty Zamora squirms all over t... 6494 views

Allison Pierce 4

Allison farting on the stool. This one she's got a pair of really cute pink booty shorts and she hangs her sexy little ass over the side of the stool to fart in your face! Very hot and very nasty ass gas. A real ball drainer! 6897 views

Abigail Peach 24

Abigail Peach in sexy, short peach-colored shorts? Yes please! This dynamic darling has a divine booty, and when she is gassy, she is a fart-lover’s dream come true. During this dastardly fart session, she was so overrun with gas that her pucker ke... 5304 views


Berlin stars in her very first clip for Fart Fantasy! This fart-veteran knows what it takes to put on a good fart show. Watch her as she farts in a pair of tight booty shorts before she pulls them over and lets you get some nice close up naked ass ho... 8612 views

Chanel 7

Chanel stars in her very first toilet farting clip! Aren't you excited? She's got a tight white top displaying her huge knockers and a pair of mesh booty shorts on. Watch as she blasts her gas into the toilet bowl! Enjoy! 3393 views

Naughty Holly 2

Holly is back again for another hot sexy fart session! This time she's in a hot pair of booty shorts and a tight little green tshirt. She pulls her shorts over to give you a peek at her tight little pink stinker as it expels lovely ass gas! Another h... 3939 views

Naughty Holly 9

Holly knows what you want and she's here to give it to you. She's got plenty of stinky ass gas that she's ready to let loose in your face. She's wearing a pair of black shorts and a tight cowgirl print t-shirt, very sexy. She really knows how to fart... 3588 views

Naughty Holly 10

Holly has got a bit of gas for you this morning. She's about to blow, so come 'n get it! In this hot clip she's wearing a pair of plaid shorts and a black shirt. She has a little trouble getting the gas out, but she pulls her cheeks apart and her sho... 3915 views

Naughty Holly 14

Holly has stopped by for another fart fantasy. She's wearing a read sweater with some short black shorts and white cotton panties. Holly starts off by farting in the chair she's sitting in, about a minute into the clip she pulls off her shorts and pa... 7394 views

Mollie Green 4

Mollie is back and she's just eaten asparagus and she's got gas before she's supposed to go to yoga. So she decides to stay here and do some fart-yoga for you while she's in her tight little spandex shorty-shorts. This is another nut-buster, you gott... 6260 views

Sinnamon Love 3

Sinnamon Love loves to blast big farts! Back again in her sexy little purple booty shorts outfit. This one shows her booty in from some real nice angles, along with some close up butt hole farting shots. A real nut buster! 6330 views

Sinnamon Love 7

Sinnamon Love back again for more farting. She's got a bikini to and some tight fitting, hot as hell purple shorts on that allow her ass to fart freely and frequently! Smell her stinky round brown booty as it busts in your face! 3537 views

Tanya 5

Tanya returns for another fart session, this time she's in a pair of black lacy booty shorts and a black bra. She's on the couch and she's farting like a champ! Another nutworthy clip from this hottie. 3411 views

Tanya 7

Tanya returns once again to fulfill your fart fantasies by bending over doggy style in a pair of black booty shorts and bra. She blasts off some seriously nasty ass gas! So sexy, another nut buster! 4021 views

Alexa Bay 7

Sexy Alexa sits at her desk when she suddenly is overcome with gas pains. She leans back and spreads her legs and the camera moves in as she blasts a fart through her skin-tight shorts! Next she gets on her knees in the chair and bends over and farts... 7413 views

Alexis Monroe

Today you're in for an extra-special treat as we introduce Alexis Monroe, an 18-year-old girl who is farting on camera for the first time! She's wearing tight Daisy Dukes and she says her tummy hurts. Then she leans over and rips a huge fart through ... 5833 views

Amber Rayne

Introducing Amber Rayne, a cute, young brunette with a dirty, little secret. She ate way too much fiber, and might have to go. She bends over and blasts a loud fart through her denim shorts - nice! She pulls her shorts down, sticks her ass into the a... 6795 views

Amber Star

Making her debut today is Amber Star, a hot ebony girl who wants to fart for you! She says she shouldn't have had that Mexican food, then she does a one-cheek sneak on through her shiny purple booty shorts on the sofa! The camera hangs under her like... 5068 views

Asia Zo

Making her debut today is Asia Zo, and she ate a bad cheeseburger so it's given her gas! She pulls her shorts down and farts bare-ass into the camera. You can see and hear how bad her gas is, too! She pulls her top down and squeezes her tits together... 5246 views

Asia Zo 7

Asia is bouncing on the sofa, wearing a tank top and booty shorts. She slaps her ass a few times, then blasts a big stinker! The camera zooms in on her butt as she blasts another - WOW! Then she shows you her titties and plays with them, and strokes ... 4797 views

Baby 3

Sexy Baby says you're in for another fart marathon, then she drops her shorts and starts blasting farts ! You can see that cute round booty struggling to get the gas out! Baby lays back in a rimming position and blasts farts up into the air, then she... 5896 views

Brandy 13

Brandy is outside in a bikini top and shorts, and she lets a silent but deadly! Then she drops her shorts and blasts a fart - OH YEAH! The camera hangs under her ass as she passes gas and tells you how good it feels. Brandy keeps blasting fart after ... 5369 views

Brandy 14

Brandy is starting yoga to relieve a tummyache. She's wearing green halter top and shorts. Brandy does some yoga stretches and she farts while stretching! The camera zooms up as she blasts a fart through her cute little green shorts. Brandy then pull... 4321 views

Britney Stevens 16

Britney is eating on the sofa and she wonders what you're doing, She stands up and pulls her shorts down and farts in her food! Then she sniffs it, and asks you if you want to smell that too! She then bends over and sticks her bare asshole into the c... 4234 views