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Search Results for: ff luxuryamore

Luxury Amore 7

Luxury is on the toilet and she blasts a big fart right away! Her stomach hurts and she blasts another big one, followed by a long juicy one - WOW! Luxury has no idea what gave her a bad stomachache and all this gas, but it sure does stink! No more M... 7235 views

Luxury Amore 8

Luxury is in the bathroom, sitting on the tub. She ate a bunch of KFC and it gave her some gas, so she blows a silent but deadly! Then she lets a loud but deadly. And another, and another! Luxury keeps blasting KFC gas and she's stinking up the bathr... 5136 views

Luxury Amore 9

Luxury is standing in front of the mirror when she blasts a fart into the camera! She wants to know if you like her psychedelic tie-dyed outfit, and she farts again! Then she shakes her big thick titties at you, then opens her dress and shows them to... 6672 views

Luxury Amore 10

Luxury is in a chair, wearing a red teddy and shaking her enormous tits. She crosses her legs to be ladylike, then gets up in the chair and sticks her ass out and shakes it around. The camera hangs at her ass and Luxury blasts a gigantic fart through... 4295 views

Luxury Amore 11

Plush Luxury is sitting in a chair wearing a shirt, which is hanging open. She lays back and strokes her big fat pussy through her crotchless panties - nice! She gets up in the chair and points her ass at the camera and blasts some big fat stinky far... 4534 views

Luxury Amore 12

Luxury is sitting on the sofa, squeezing her titties and blowing a kiss at you. She asks if you want to play with herself, and shows you her gigantic titties! Then she hikes up her skirt and pulls her panties up between her pussy lips and farts throu... 7742 views

Luxury Amore 13

Luxury is crawling on the bed in a black bra, corset, panties, and thigh-highs! She sticks her ass into the camera and says she wants you to put your face in her ass! Then she jiggles her titties and takes them out, and lays on her side and pulls her... 5773 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore

Fiona and Luxury Amore have paired up today to fart in each others' faces and lick each other's farting asses! Fiona starts out licking Luxury's ass and she keeps farting in Fiona's mouth! Fiona just keeps tongue-fucking Luxury's farting ass anyway a... 10851 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore 2

Fiona and Luxury have paired up on the bed today to fart in each others' faces - OH YEAH! Luxury sits that nice round booty onto Fiona's face, and farts right through her white thong into Fiona's nose! Fiona hangs onto that ass, and squeezes it, too,... 4954 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore 3

Brunette Fiona and ebony Luxury have paired up again today - to lick each others' farting asses! Luxury sticks her nice round booty in the air, and Fiona moves in and catches her first fart square in the face! Then she licks Luxury's ass, and gets an... 10852 views

Luxury Amore

Introducing Luxury Amore, who has really bad gas from eating yogurt! She bends over bare-ass and blows a fart! Then she lays on her back, pulls her legs up, blasts a fart and giggles! Then she does it again. What a great booty Luxury has! If you're i... 5569 views

Luxury Amore 2

Luxury came back today to fart for you some more! She's wearing a sexy zebra-striped thong bikini, and she pulls her thong to the side and does a great bare-asshole fart right into the camera! Then she removes her thong and spreads her cheeks and bla... 7376 views

Luxury Amore 3

Nothing but farting asshole - that's how this clip starts. Luxury has some bad gas today from eating at foreign restaurants, which only means one thing - STINKY! Luxury curls up in a chair nude, and spreads her legs and lets you have it right in the ... 3769 views

Luxury Amore 4

Big ebony beauty Luxury is back to blast some more farts into your face! Today she's in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and she's very gassy. She blasts a fart into the bowl, then another, then another! Her farts stink to high heaven, too. Luxur... 3628 views

Luxury Amore 5

You are in for some Luxury today! Luxury Amore returns, and today she's back on the toilet! She's wearing an ittybitty bikini, and she drops her bottoms and sits on the toilet just in time to blast a long, wet fart into the bowl! Luxury thought she h... 4856 views

Luxury Amore 6

Plush ebony fartress Luxury Amore has some big treats for you today - big, nasty, stinky, gassy treats! Her ass is on fire and she just can't quit farting! Luxury is nude in the kitchen, and she walks around drinking a soda as she invites you to come... 6141 views