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Search Results for: ff latin

Lexi Veracruz 16

Sexy Lexi is laying on the bed in a Forever Lazy blanket garment, and she unzips it to air it out. She is wearing a thong underneath, and she lets some airy farts hiss right through her thong! She doubles over on the bed and says she has mroe gas, th... 7914 views


Abby-Girl stars in her first ever farting episode for Fart Fantasy! This one is a new thing for us, it's the "farttoon"! She farts some really stinky nasty farts into the brass spittoon. The brass makes for a metallic sounding fart, a must hear! Anot... 11247 views

Abby-Girl 2

Abby-Girl back for more farting in your face! This time she's on the stool and she's busting some major stinky ass! You get to see her farting sitting down on the stool and hanging her ass over the side! Very sexy stinky farts come out of this latina... 8454 views

Abby-Girl 3

Abby-Girl is back on the stool for another fart fantasy! This time she's in a pink booty short outfit that is perfect for farting! Watch her ass fart on the stool and then see it hang over the side and fart some stinky gas right in your face! Sexy as... 11023 views

Abby-Girl 4

Abby-Girl stars in her very first toilet farting POV scene, as well as her very first naked ass hole scene! She lets off some nasty wet farts into the toilet and then after wiping only once she bends over out the window and tells you to get her hole ... 10912 views

Abby-Girl 5

Abby-Girl joins us for another farting session. This time she's wearing a pair of tight jeans and laying down in bed. She's got some really smelly gas that she needs to get out! Lots of close up shots as she poots in your face! Very good clip and if ... 7972 views

Abby-Girl 6

Abby-Girl back again for another round of farting in bed! This tie she's in a pair of tight cotton pants and a cute white top. These pants fit her ass very nicely and allow the farts to come through unimpeded! Abby's got lots of ass gas and her belly... 8252 views

Abby-Girl 7

Abby-Girl is on the toilet for your enjoyment! She has some bad gas and needs to get it all out. You get to enjoy the view from outside the window of the bathroom in a peeping style POV scene. This is a must have for you Abby-Girl fans! 9822 views

Abby-Girl 8

Abby-Girl is back for another toilet clip. She loves to let you watch while she takes care of business. In this one you are watching her from outside the window again, and she tells you what a nasty pervert you are for jacking off while she's on the ... 13063 views

Madison 12

Madison decided that it would be a good idea to try to fart some flour off her tight little stink maker. Want to watch? She has no panties on, only a tight shirt and she puts her naked booty hole up in the air to try to fart some flour! 4468 views

Brandy 7

Brandy is cooking nude in the kitchen today. Her boyfriend cheated on her, so she gets back at him by farting on his tortillas, and she also rubs the tortillas in her butt crack. Then she sticks her ass into the camera for some really great bare-assh... 5354 views

Brandy 9

Sexy little Brandy just came back from tanning, so she's in the bathroom covered in lotion. Brandy pulls her panties down and sits on the toilet, where she does a one-cheek sneak - NICE! She then blasts a big fart into the bowl. Brandy plays with her... 6936 views

Brandy 11

Brandy just came back from a lame party with greasy food and now her tummy hurts. She lays back to relax and blasts a fart through her cute little panties! Brandy sits on a futon telling you she needs to take a shower, and sticks her ass into your fa... 4234 views

Brandy 12

Brandy's back - WOO-HOO! Today she's lounging around in her lingerie after eating a big dinner that made her gassy. She starts out letting an airy fart hiss through her panties and asks if you want to stick your dick into that - and you know you do! ... 4358 views

Britney Stevens 15

Pretty Britney is in the bathroom today. She's on the toilet, and she asks you if you like watching her go to the bathroom, then she blasts a loud, long, stinky fart into the bowl - YOWZA! The camera zooms in on her ass as she lets a cute little poot... 5054 views

Britney Stevens 16

Britney is eating on the sofa and she wonders what you're doing, She stands up and pulls her shorts down and farts in her food! Then she sniffs it, and asks you if you want to smell that too! She then bends over and sticks her bare asshole into the c... 4292 views

Britney Stevens 17

Britney sits in the chair wearing a sexy mini-skirt outfit and no panties! She lifts one leg and pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a huge fart into your face - BOO-YAH! She's talking about her tattoos, piercings, slutty outfit, and farting! She knows... 4345 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets 2

Girlfriends Chyanne and Kendra are back to fart on each other's faces! Chyanne sticks her face right into Kendra's thong panties, and Kendra lets her have it - then Chyanne sniffs up Kendra's distinctly Mexican-food-scented farts! Then, Chyanne sits ... 6680 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets 3

Chyanne and Kendra pair up today to lick each other\'s farting asses - YOWZA! Kendra\'s got her face in Chyanne\'s big round booty, and Chyanne lets Kendra have it by blasting a fart into her face! Kendra can\'t get enough of that, and licks Chyanne\... 30365 views

Chyanne Jacobs and Kendra Secrets 4

Chyanne and Kendra pair up today, nude in the bathroom! Chyanne sits on the toilet, and Kendra squats over her face and farts right into her face, and Chyanne licks Kendra's ass! Then the girls trade off. Kendra sits on the bathroom floor and rests h... 12442 views

Daisy Dare 5

Sexy Daisy is in the fart chair today! She's up on the coffee table, bouncing in the fart chair, when she farts! She bounces around some more to work the gas down to her asshole, and she's all spread out underneath and you can see everything because ... 4625 views

Dolly Dominatrix 5

Dolly is on the bed, wearing a pink skirt with no panties. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and farts - YIKES! Then she bends over and puts her bare asshole right in the camera and blasts big farts! After that, she starts fingering her asshole. Dolly s... 4163 views

Kendra Secrets 2

Kendra is here to treat you to some ass worship today! While she's crawling around, she blasts a fart! The camera zooms up from underneath and catches Kendra's bare asshole farts! You can even see Kendra's asshole pooch out as she farts right into yo... 4308 views

Kendra Secrets 3

Kendra is back, she is wearing a tiny pink top and thong panties, and she has horrible gas today - lucky you! She bends over and blasts a fart right through her thong, then the camera zooms up from underneath to catch a huge blasting fart! Kendra rea... 4261 views