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Search Results for: ff kelly


Farting on camera for the first time today is Kelly, a hot blonde with a stomachache! She's nude on the sofa, and she lays on her side with the camera at her ass and blows you a silent-but-deadly ass kiss! Then she blows another! Then she blasts a cu... 8437 views

Kelly 2

Remember Kelly, the new girl from the other day? Well, today she's back to fart for you some more - YIPPEE! She's wearing a bra and thong panties, and she's on the sofa. She rolls onto her tummy and lets an airy fart hiss through her thong! Then she ... 7040 views

Kelly 3

Sexy little blonde Kelly sits on the edge of the bathtub with her ass sticking out while the camera zooms in on her pink asshole, and she lets an airy fart hiss out! The camera swings back to give you a great view of her big blonde butt, and then zoo... 10848 views

Kelly 5

Cute little blonde Kelly is here to fart for you in the living room chair! The camera hangs under her ass as she blasts her farts! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and rips some nice ones - WOWIE KAZOWIE! She tells you she has more farts for you, then... 5094 views

Kelly 6

Kelly is nude on the bed, and she wants to fart for you today! She pulls her cheeks apart and blows a silent-but-deadly! As the camera zooms in on her bare pink asshole, she blasts a couple great ones right into the camera lens - SEXY! She rolls onto... 4918 views

Kelly Skyline 4

Kelly's wearing only a pink-and-white striped bikini top today, and she's got a bad case of the farts from eating a whole bunch of chili cheese fries! She lifts her leg and blows a squeaky stinky right into your face - then pulls her cheeks apart and... 4412 views

Kelly 4

Kelly is on the sofa, wearing a long-sleeve blouse and no panties! The camera zooms in on her ass as she blasts a couple of little farts! She pulls her cheeks apart and blasts a big one into your face - OH YEAH! Cute little Kelly just keeps ripping f... 3974 views

Kelly 7

Cutie pie Kelly is here to fart for you some more today! She farts through her shorts and then announces it's gone but it's not because her shorts really hold in that fart stench! She's laying on her tummy on the bed and farting, then she honks one i... 5116 views

Kelly Skyline 2

Kelly Skyline returns to fart for you some more, and today she's wearing a black bra and thong panties.. Kelly is sitting at a table, shopping from a catalog when she blows a couple of silent-but-deadlies. Then she pulls her butt-cheeks apart and bla... 3380 views

Kelly Skyline 3

You told us you wanted to see more of Kelly, so here she is! Hot blonde Kelly is wearing a leopard-print bra and panties today, she's got a bad case of gas, and she wants to find out what is the best position to work her gas out. She starts out by h... 3807 views

Kelly Skyline 5

Kelly is sitting on the bed wearing a brown thong bikini with a nasty case of gas. Whe lays on her back and pulls her legs into the air and lets an airy fart hiss through her thong! Then she lets another one while on all fours. But when she pulls her... 3756 views

Kelly Skyline 6

Kelly Skyline is sitting at her computer desk, naked except for a bikini top. She has eaten way too many chili cheese fries, and it's given her the nastiest gas! The camera zooms in nice and close from underneath, just in time to catch Kelly pull her... 3436 views

Kelly Leigh 2

Kelly Leigh is a dirty woman who becomes rather gassy on certain days! Check her out! Her big white ass was full of methane that she had to push out. There is nothing pleasant about her rumbling stomach or her putrid ass pucker! 7107 views

Kelly Leigh 3

Nasty maven Kelly Leigh is up to her old tricks! She has a stinky booty, and she is not afraid to show it off! Look in on her as she makes her white leather couch her smelly playground while she pushes an array of gross farts of of her aged backside.... 5893 views

Kelly Leigh 4

Breakfast of champions?!? This is something uttered by Kelly Leigh about her toots while she was farting up a storm! Though something so putrid is not a reason to celebrate at all, she sat herself down to perform some POV facesitting while launching ... 5708 views

Kelly Leigh 5

The filthy ass of mature maven Kelly Leigh is on display once again! Get used to seeing this big butt up close if you like a stinky older woman who is plagued with chronic gas! Ms. Leigh is a lewd lady who is fast to fart for her fans whenever her ga... 6819 views

Kelly Leigh 6

“Ok, boys here we go!” That is the declaration made by mature maven Kelly Leigh before she gets down to the business of emptying her belly and ass of dastardly methane! Wow, she is quite a dirty bird!! Enjoy the kinky show while she liberates the... 5808 views

Kelly Leigh 7

Kelly Leigh armchair quarterbacked a visit to the john, and wow, it’s as stinky as it is comical! She strutted into the bathroom in the buff, her dimpled white ass on full display before she situated herself on the seat and got rid of the mess swir... 5717 views

Kelly Leigh 8

A topless Kelly Leigh had jeans on when she was cursed with some extremely juicy farts! Beware of the big ass of this blonde broad! She is the epitome of stink, and she seems rather proud when she is able to give fart devotees what they crave! Age is... 4540 views

Kelly Leigh 9

Kelly Leigh is such a silly flirt! This older lady with a thick physique donned designer jeans and totally let loose with a surplus of nasty farts plowing out of her pucker. She teased by giving peeks of her big booty when she pulled those stinky jea... 4255 views