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Search Results for: ff jasmineryder

Jasmine Ryder

Oooh look - there's a new girl on the block, and her name is Jasmine Ryder! Jasmine walks into the room, lays on a futon with her ass in the air, and blasts the juiciest fart! Then she talks about the food she ate that gave her all that gas. She does... 5875 views

Jasmine Ryder 2

Jasmine Ryder 2 Jasmine is on the a futon and she\'s all bloated with gas. She pulls up her dress and spreads her legs, then pulls out her titties. She rolls over onto her side and blasts a fart! The camera zooms in on her hot round booty as she blo... 5138 views

Jasmine Ryder 3

Jasmine is on the a futon and she's wearing a cute leopard-print outfit! She's laying on her stomach, and she starts blasting farts! Then she rolls over onto her back and blasts a wet one. The camera zooms in on her thong as she pulls it to the side ... 3649 views

Jasmine Ryder 4

Indian hottie Jasmine Ryder returns and today she's nude on the bed! She lifts her legs and blows a squeaker! Then she rolls onto her side and you can see her bare asshole working as she farts some more. Jasmine's got some nasty gas in her today, and... 4698 views

Jasmine Ryder 5

Near Eastern beauty Jasmine is sitting naked at the computer, looking at Fart Fantasy. She sits on a hard wood chair and farts on it - OH YEAH! Then she gets up and bends over and blasts some farts right into your face! The camera zooms in tight and ... 4515 views

Jasmine Ryder 6

Jasmine is in the kitchen cleaning up, and she\'s stuffed from eating! She pulls up her cute little black lace dress and spreads her butt-cheeks and farts right into your face! The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you the midget\'s-eye-view of... 4735 views

Jasmine Ryder 7

Exotic beauty fJasmine Ryder is on the bed wearing a cute little mini-dress. She rolls over onto her tummy, sticks her ass into the air and farts! She then squats on the bed and the camera zooms in on her bare asshole, which you can see pooch out as ... 5089 views

Jasmine Ryder 8

Sultry Jasmine Ryder is on the bed, wearing white panties. She's got some gas to share with you today, so she pulls her panties down and the camera zooms in from the front and catches some cute little poots! Jasmine then sticks her ass in the air and... 6405 views

Jasmine Ryder 9

Sexy sultry Jasmine sits spread-legged on the bed, wearing a cute bra and panties. She starts stroking her pussy and playing with her tits, then removes her bra. She lays back on the bed and while she\'s stroking her pussy, she says her stomach hurts... 4287 views

Jasmine Ryder 10

Jasmine Ryder 10rnJasmine is in the bathroom, wearing panties. She pulls her panties down and sits on the toilet for some bareass bowl blasts - WOO-HOO! She plays with her titties and gets into the shower for echoing farts! Jasmine's body undulates a... 5079 views