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Search Results for: ff brunette

Abigail Peach 22

Brunette knockout Abigail Peach is finally home after a night out partying, and she found herself in a rather gassy state. Of course this sex kitten did not want to keep all the fun to herself, so she made the most of it and constructed a sexy video ... 4724 views

Abigail Peach 23

“It feels so good to let all of those farts out for you…” This is what sultry brunette Abigail Peach had to say during a tremendously sexy fart session. You do not want to miss this babe at her best as she farts her way directly into your fart-... 4073 views


Samantha is our newest fart girl here at Fart Fantasy. She's a cute little 22 year old brunette hottie! This petite pooter farts some of the best, nastiest gas you've seen in any of our clips! Her tight little hairy ass hole is so tight and sexy as i... 7754 views

Alexa Bay

Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce Alexa Bay, a sexy little brunette who just ate a bunch of Mexican food and it gave her burning gas! She pulls her thong to the side and sticks her ass in the camera and starts blasting stinky farts ... 5926 views

Amber Rayne

Introducing Amber Rayne, a cute, young brunette with a dirty, little secret. She ate way too much fiber, and might have to go. She bends over and blasts a loud fart through her denim shorts - nice! She pulls her shorts down, sticks her ass into the a... 6889 views

Carrie Ann 3

Sexy brunette Carrie Ann wants to fart in your face! She bends over and pulls up her dress and sits in a chair ass-out and blasts farts onto the hard surface of the chair with the camera right there catching it all! Then she gets up on the arm of a c... 4217 views

Cece Stone

Oh boy are you in for a special treat today! Farting on camera for the first time is Cece Stone, a hot brunette wearing a tiny bra and panties! She lays back on the sofa and pulls her buttcheeks apart and lets some farts fly through her thong panties... 3942 views

Chyanne Jacobs

Today we introduce sexy brunette Chyanne Jacobs, who is farting on camera for the first time. Chyanne has eaten a whole bunch of bean burritos, and she's bloated with gas. She starts off blasting a huge fart through her red shorts! Then she bends ov... 7027 views

Coco Velvett 2

Remember the hot, sexy brunette from last week? Well, today she's back she's wearing super-tight shorts, and she's got a bellyful of gas to fart out in front of you! Coco bends over and blasts a cute little poot and giggles about it! Then she does it... 4826 views

Coco Velvett 3

Sexy brunette Coco says she is going to fart on a fart chair! She crawls up onto the coffee table and sits her ass in the fart chair while the camera zooms in on her asshole. Coco has a giggling fit, then she lets some airy farts hiss into the camera... 4448 views

Coco Velvett 4

Sexy brunette Coco walks into the bathroom and drops her cheerleader skirt and sits on the toilet. She leans over and the camera zooms around as she blasts a big fart right into the bowl! You can see her asshole struggle as she blasts another big far... 5060 views

Cristi Minaj

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Cristi Minaj, a sexy brunette wearing tight shorts! The camera zooms up underneath and catches her first fart on camera, and it's a blasty one! Then she farts some more - BOO-YAH! Those shorts really hold i... 4205 views

Dolly Dominatrix

Introducing Dolly Dominatrix, a sexy brunette in a fishnet outfit. She starts out blasting a fart through her panties. Then she removes her panties and farts bare-ass right into the camera - BOO-YAH! The camera zooms in tight as Dolly fingers her ass... 4042 views


Today you're in for a special treat as sexy brunette JR farts on camera for the first time! She's wearing jeans, and she blasts a great-big fart through those jeans, then another! She pulls her legs way up and says her pants are too tight, then lean... 4945 views

JR 2

Remember the new girl from last week, the hot little brunette named JR? Well, today she's back, she's nude, and she's got a bad case of the farts! She sits on the coffee table, and blasts a tasty fart against the hard surface! Then she gets onto the ... 5187 views

Jizzelle Jennings

You're in for a special treat today! Making her debut is Jizzelle Jennings, a sexy little brunette who's bloated with chili-cheese-fries farts! She leans over and blows a couple silent-but-deadlies, then lays back on the sofa, spreads her legs, and p... 3872 views

Kendra Secrets 4

Cute little brunette Kendra has eaten something bad, and now it's given her a tummy ache. She's wearing a see-through black mesh mini-dress today, and it does not even come close to covering her ass. The camera zooms up from underneath, giving you th... 4107 views


Today we are happy to introduce Marlena, a HOT little brunette who is farting on camera for the first time! Marlena's wearing a sexy black lace dress, which she lifts to show she's wearing no panties! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and lets an airy ... 5090 views

Nikki Noir

Making her debut today is Nikki Noir, a brunette lovely with a bigass booty! She's wearing a lace nightie with no panties. The camera hangs under her big booty like a faithful ass-sniffing pooch as she farts - WOWIE KAZOWIE! Nikki lifts a leg and far... 4128 views


Debuting today is Sophia, a brunette hottie with glasses. She's wearing a cheerleader outfit and farts right into the camera! She lifts a leg and farts some more, and she knows you want to put your face in there and smell it! The camera zooms in on h... 4658 views

Summer Baily

Brace yourself for a special treat today as we introduce Summer Baily, a sexy brunette farting on camera for the first time! She pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and starts farting! She's telling you about all the crazy food she ate today that ga... 5557 views

Tricia Oaks

Guess what we've got for you today - a sexy new girl named Tricia Oaks! Tricia is a gorgeous brunette who has never done anything like this before. She's all bloated from lunch today, so she's going to fart it all out in front of you! She gets on all... 4832 views

Tricia Oaks 8

Hot brunette Tricia is back with more gas to fart out in front of you today! She is wearing tight thong panties that are all wedged up against her asshole when she blasts huge farts through her thong! Then she pulls her thong to the side to let the s... 4120 views

Vanessa Naughty

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Vanessa Naughty, a sexy brunette wearing a zebra-stiped fucksuit. She lays on her side and blasts a whole lot of big farts, with some cute little squeakers interspersed. The camera zooms up from underneath,... 4290 views