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Search Results for: ff bitten


Miss Bitten has decided to come fart for us today. You may have seen her around on other stores, she's a fetish mistress and she can fart like a professional! She came over in a pair of tight yoga pants and a tank top. This sexy blonde milf has some ... 6100 views

Bitten 2

Bitten has returned and she's about to take a nap but she's got a horrible belly ache and needs to fart her pain away. She's wearing a white tube top and pink kitty booty shorts, very sexy! She is on the couch and she even rolls over and onto the flo... 7195 views

Bitten 3

Bitten is just chillin on the couch and she's a bit gassy. She's wearing a pair of gray full bottom panties with no top! This sexy blonde has got some horrible smelling gas that sounds loud and gross as hell coming out, beautiful! Bitten bends over, ... 4177 views

Bitten 4

Bitten is sitting on the black stool today after she's just got back from work. She's wearing a black bra and thong panties, very sexy body farting some very nasty farts! She bends over, leans back, lifts a leg and farts with her ass flat on the hard... 4222 views

Bitten 5

Bitten is upset that you've been watching her fart. She's on her way out, but she needs to punish you for being a pervert by making you lay down in the fart box! She wants to go out but she's got to make sure you get all her ass gas. Try not to cum t... 4547 views

Bitten 6

Bitten is back and more farty than ever! Today she's naked on the couch and she's got a ton of ass gas to blast! She bends over, lays on her back, her side, lots of positions and even more farts! Bitten is a new girl but she's already so professional... 4125 views

Bitten 7

Bitten is back and she's got a belly full of farts she's got to get out before she heads to the pool to work on her tan. Today she's farting on the couch in a black, shiny metallic colored bikini. She has got some very loud, very stinky farts going o... 4266 views

Bitten 8

Bitten is back and today she's got a little specialty for you. She's farting on the coffee table, but she's farting little piles of powdered sugar off of it! You get to see the farts as they are released from her tight white booty! By the end of the ... 8343 views

Bitten 9

Bitten is back again and today she's finally on the toilet! She walks into the bathroom wearing only a pair of booty short panties and no top! She comes in and notices you there watching her, but goes ahead and starts blasting off fart after fart aft... 4304 views

Bitten 10

Bitten has had a bit too much to eat and is back on the toilet today. She is full of butt bubbles and needs to work them out on the ol' bowl. This clip is shot candid style, meaning she just does her business and you get to watch! She's wearing a den... 4504 views