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Search Results for: faux leather

Tess the Mess 5

Looking like a snack in black faux leather lingerie, alternative chick Tess the Mess is going to aim her sweet ass at your waiting nose and get to work! She has such a hot booty, and when she launches stink torpedoes in your direction, expect to be t... 2396 views

Jenny 2

Jenny the 18 y/o asian hottie is back for more farting! This time she's on a leather stool with only a tight red top and some full bottom black cotton panties on - very sexy! This sexy, sassy little lady blasts off the nastiest little farts, it's so ... 4936 views

Sinnamon Love 8

Sinnamon is back for some leather farting. She's got a very tight gurtle thingy and some leather laced-up booty full bottoms on. These bottoms make for interesting farts. As usual Sinnamon has the nasty talk down and makes this another nut buster! 5241 views

Brittany Blue 8

Buxom Brittany is here to fart for you some more! She's wearing a cute leather outfit with fishnets, and she starts to undress, asking you if that's okay. She removes her dress to reveal the cutest little strappy outfit, which she promptly pulls to t... 4584 views

Imani Rose 22

Sexy ebony Imani Rose is back to fart for you some more! today she's in a sexy leather-and-spandex outfit, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. Imani then rolls over and sticks her ass right into the cam... 4008 views

Kat Stevens 4

Naked Kat gets up on a brown leather sofa, spreads her buttcheeks, and blasts a big fat fart right into your face! Then she does it again - NICE! She sits on a table and farts on the hard surface, then gets back on the sofa and blasts a whole bunch m... 3781 views

Marlena 4

Marlena is wearing a cute white nightie and asks if you like music. She then treats you to some ass music by grabbing a lampshade and farting into it! She likes to sit on a leather sofa, so she sits on her leather sofa and farts on it, making the mos... 4032 views

Sophia 7

Mistress Sophia is here to fart in your face because she's so gassy! She sticks her leather-skirt-festooned ass into the camera and blasts a fart through her fishnets! She then stands up and blasts another fart right into the camera, cracking herself... 4255 views

Aries Knightly 3

After that last awesome clip of Aries, you demanded to see more of her so here she is! Today she's wearing a tube top and booty shorts in a leather chair. She immediately blasts a huge fart, and lays back and plays with her pussy! Then she drops her ... 7092 views

Aries Knightly 10

Returning from an adult party in a leather ultra-mini skirt and leather jacket, Aries undresses down to her leather mini. She ate BBQ franks-n-beans at the adult party, and it gave her some nasty gas. She gets into bed and blasts a big fat fart! Then... 8801 views

Donna 6

Donna walks in without saying a word. She's wearing a white, see-through mesh top, white thong panties, and black leather boots - sexy! The camera is set right at ass level - and what a wonderful, round ass it is! Donna pulls her thong to the side an... 3425 views

Donna 8

Donna is rolling around on the bed today, wearing a strappy black thong negligee with matching leather boots. She lifts one leg and blows an airy fart. Then, she rolls onto her tummy, pulls herself up on a pillow, and blasts a fart into the camera! W... 2989 views

Harley Valentine 4

Sexy blonde Harley walks into the room wearing a black leather jacket, sunglasses, thigh highs, stilettos and nothing else! She just got back from the porn convention, which made her totally hot! She lays on the bed and lifts a leg and blasts some na... 3441 views

Madison Leigh 8

Madison is hanging out on a workout bench, in her spandex pants ready to get some gas out on the leather bench. She lets loose some real wet, loose sounding farts that stink horribly! Madison farts in all kinds of positions, leaning back, forward, tu... 4507 views

Madison Leigh 9

Madison is back on the bench again, this time totally naked! Listen to how her farting booty sounds against the leather, check out her big sexy titties and naked booty! This is one of Madison's hottest clips yet. You have simply got to get it! 4023 views

Mollie Green 9

Mollie had to take a break in the other room while her dinner party was going on to come and get some farts out because she doesn't want to be farting around her guests! So you get to enjoy them instead! She's in a cute dress and sitting on a leather... 4631 views

Mollie Green 10

Mollie just returned home from the gym and during her pilates class, she kept farting and needed to come home! How embarrassing for her, but hot for you! She's in a pair of tight spandex pants and a tank top. She's farting on her leather stool again ... 5847 views

Goddess Dior

Oh boy, are you in for a special treat today as we introduce Goddess Dior, a lovely ebony fartress who just can't wait to blow your hair back with her ass gas! She says she ate something bad and she wants to just let it all out! Goddess leans over an... 4317 views

Mistress Lovely 5

Lovely got some new leather furniture and she can't wait to break it in for you! This gassy bitch loves the sound of her farts coming out against the leather of her furniture, and she's going to fill those cushions with the stench of her gas. Good lu... 3498 views

Melody Jordan 5

Ever wonder what farts sound like on leather, wood, or suede? Well Melody's just as curious as you are, so that's why she's going to push her ass stink right out onto all those materials, just to see what will happen! You'll be surprised at how many ... 3312 views

Blair Winters 3

Poor Blair Winters! She is lambasting an incompetent at work over the telephone and is not pleased at all at the progress of a particular project. So she is giving stern warnings over the phone and then becomes even more pissed when her subordinate c... 9073 views

Alexa Bay 8

Alexa Bay has to use the bathroom really bad, but her boyfriends using it. So, what’s a gassy girl to do? She’s forced to try to push out all her smelly farts on her leather chair, in a hurry, hoping she won’t get caught. Watch along as Alexa t... 10068 views

GI Jen 5

GI Jen is trying her hardest to stay focused on her work, but when she hears how loud her farts get when she pushes them out on her leather chair, she can’t resist the urge to fart even more! Now Jen is saturating her chair with her smelly gas, and... 6208 views

Veronica Voxx 7

Veronica Voxx has been a bad little school girl; she ate all the horrible food in the cafeteria. Now she’s full of rotten smelling gas, and she’s pushing it out onto the furniture, covering the leather with her rancid farts! Veronica’s always b... 4691 views