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Search Results for: extreme closeups

Nikki Ford 26

Is Nikki Ford’s thong of the day embellished with tiny, red lip prints? Looks like it! But her cute thong doesn’t stay on for long once this sexy ebony goddess has farted on it a few times, then brings it to her nose for a few strong whiffs befor... 6559 views

Silvia Rubi 3

Silvia Rubi is in a dominate mood today and wants you on your knees with your tongue on her ass! She is giving every indication she will not take “no” for an answer, but with her sultry, throaty voice making commands, how could you say no? Why wo... 8619 views

Amber Star 21

Look at that smile! Amber Star is adorable, and her vertical smile isn’t hard on the eyes either. Alas, it’s her ass that is center of attention when Amber perches over your face to give you the gas you crave. She wants the sum of your attention ... 4968 views

Jessica Winters 5

Jessica Winters is nude and nasty - just how you like her! She is getting her heavenly pucker right up into your face while it opens to dispense the foulest gas she has ever had. She wants her biggest farts to come straight at you, and she is shaking... 6440 views

Nadia Jay 6

Nadia Jay is a tall drink of water with a toned body and perfect tits, so when she tells you to get your face under her ass, why would you decline? Miss Jay has her ass cheeks spread and is eager to put her relaxed ass hole right over your mouth, all... 6412 views

Aimee Davis 5

Aimee Davis is a fresh-faced youngster who is hot as hell with a body of perfection. She is a bit gassy, though, but everybody farts! What is so fantastic about Aimee is she loves to share her farts with admirers, and is sometimes rather crafty when ... 7289 views

Blair Winters 27

Blair Winters is gassy, and in trademark Blair style, she’s not shy about it. Today, however, her farts smell worse than normal, and she is getting you close up to watch her strained pucker pass powerful toots. Her moans express all the pressure sh... 6093 views

Gia Love 7

Gia Love is such a doll! Cheeseburgers and tacos have left her so gassy, and she is ripping some of the biggest farts of her life, but has the best sense of humor about her gassy guzzlers! She is spreading her cheeks to expose you to her raunch and m... 6453 views

Gia Love 8

You have not seen a pucker protrude and dangle during daunting ass blasts the way youthful Gia Love's ass hole does. Wow! In sexy slow-motion, her ass is outstanding as gas escapes the pink confines of her beautiful butt hole. Nobody delivers such a ... 8365 views

Lacher Brelle 6

Lacher Brelle is up to her old tricks and has upped the sexy by providing closeup views of her stunning black ass! Say hello to her winking pucker while she farts rancid farts directly at you. Her textured ass is like a rainbow of beautiful brown ton... 7012 views

Aimee Davis 14

Stunning Aimee Davis boarded the fart chair for a fantastic display of her dastardly ass hole hard at work! She knows you like her dirty farts, and she commands you to taste every shot escaping her tight sphincter! Being bossy is new to Aimee, but sh... 5334 views

Aimee Davis 17

Aimee Davis is impeccably groomed, and her cute, pink pucker is perfection. She’s farting in slow-motion, and the view is unbelievable! When her orifice opens to express gas, the coarse folds of skin stretch, then shrink back down to their perfect ... 7766 views

Ashely Luvbug 7

Jovial Ashley Luvbug is such a darling, and she is losing lots of gas while she’s bent over with her ass in your face! Taking her sweet ol’ time, Ashley is ridding herself of daunting air with her trademark playful persona at play. For sure this ... 6765 views

Nova Star 7

You’ll think you are watching Taylor Star in slow-motion, but that’s just how her ass hole rolls! At a snail’s pace, she is releasing the gas accumulated in her tummy after a stop at a Vegas buffet. She went mad on the entrées and is now teemi... 6960 views

Olivia Rain 6

Olivia Rain is sexy as heck in white bottoms pulled the side, and gassy as heck after eating something she shouldn’t have! Or maybe she’s always this gassy? Either way, this sex kitten is sharing detailed views of her sweet ass hole, while making... 5583 views

Rose Lane 13

Radiant Rose Lane loves to show off, and when you watch her fart, it puts a smile on her pretty face. To thank you for all of your previous ass adoration, she is treating you to sexy slow-motion farting that is an pucker-lover’s dream come true. Wa... 5578 views

Sindell Angel 17

Pussy rubbing does something to Sindell Angel! She is never this quiet, but her sweet, soft moans are barely audible as her ass steals the show with outrageous farting while she is massaging her kitty. She’s a bit of a freak, which we all deem her ... 5915 views

Alice Frost 32

Alice Frost thought the gas medicine was supposed to help her, but it’s made things worse, and she’s regretting buying a generic brand. This gassy girl is in a hot purple and black bra, and no bottoms, and is just gassing herself out of the room,... 5650 views

Verta 6

Is someone attempting to land a plane? No, that’s just Verta sharing her trademark thundering toots in fabulous slow-motion! Wow, her stinkers are extra loud today, and the deafening drill of her ass disasters is enough to make you want to cover yo... 7538 views

Candi Coxx 4

Good-natured Candi Coxx has a rotten ass, but it’s cute! So you must take the good with the bad when she sits on your face and forces farts out of her rose bud. Nope, you won’t just be watching the action, you are going to be part of it, as she w... 5010 views

Katt Lowden 8

Gorgeous Katt Lowden’s sexy sphincter is at it again! This time she wants to take a seat directly above your face while she farts so you can catch every beguiling blast making its way out of her delightful bottom. Wasting those spicy Latina spews ... 4977 views

Verta 13

Verta’s black ass is something else, and when she’s gassy, her brown pucker looks fantastic as it opens to accommodate the methane exit. When she shares her farts in scintillating slow-motion, the view can’t be beat. Sexy Verta is as naked as t... 7944 views

Candi Coxx 13

A lovely lady is not supposed to make these sorts of sounds, but Candi Coxx didn’t get the memo on how to act like a sophisticated maven! She’s gassy and giving a grand display of her pucker hard at work. The best part? She’s sharing these stin... 9028 views

Friday 6

Naked as a jaybird and stinky as a sewer is exactly how we like to see saucy MILF Friday, and her latest fart session sees her in exactly this state. Exposing her busy ass hole in fabulous slow-motion makes her display that much more enticing. The co... 6550 views