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Search Results for: ebony farting

Chanel 10

Chanel is back for another farting session, this time on the bed! She's got on a tight shirt and extra tight jeans that are hard to fart through! Watch as Chanel wrestles her farts out for you. Can you handle the ass gas of this ebony goddess? 6919 views

Jazmyne Starr 2

Sexy ebony Jazmyne is wearing a dress in bed. She's on her knees blasting farts, then she lays on her side and farts some more - NICE! Jazmyne pulls her dress up so you can clearly see her bare asshole struggling to get the gas out! Jazmyne then play... 5207 views

Jazmyne Starr 6

Sexy ebony Jazmyne is on the sofa wearing a bikini top and no bottoms. She spreads her legs as the camera zooms in and blasts a fart! She;s eating potato chips and farting while she eats - NICE! The camera zooms in and you can see her bare asshole po... 4108 views

Sinnamon Love 12

Sinnamon Loves to fart! This clip she's in a gray tank top and jean miniskirt with bright pink panties, very sexy indeed! This hot ebony honey gives you tons of close up ass farting, including lots of naked ass hole farting! Watch her spread her blac... 12024 views

Tanya 13

Tanya is back for another fart clip! This time she's on a coffee table to give herself a good hard surface for her farts to echo off of. Watch as this sexy ebony babe pulls her sexy red panties down and farts right on the table for your enjoyment! Lo... 4008 views

Amber Star 2

Remember that hot ebony number from the other day? Well, today Amber is back to entertain you with her farting ass! She's curled up in a chair wearing a bikini, when she blows a stinky, airy fart through her bottoms! Then she pulls her legs up and he... 4068 views

Ebony Star

Today you're in for a special treat as Ebony Star makes her farting debut! Ebony is nude on the bed and she says her tummy hurts and asks if you want to hear her ass fart! She lays on her side and pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts some nasty stin... 4815 views

Ebony Star 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Ebony Star? Well, today she's back to fart for you some more! She's on the bed, wearing nothing but a jacket, and she says she just feels like farting. She sticks her nice round booty into the camera and pull... 5590 views

Evanni Solei 11

Ebony Evanni sits in a sex chair with her asshole hanging between the slats. The camera is right under there and you can see her asshole opening and closing, struggling to get the gas out! She farts into the camera and says that feels good. This chai... 9287 views

Imani Rose 26

Sexy Imani is posing for you nude today, and when the camera gets to her butt, she arts farting! Imani then gets up into a chair, facing ass-pout, and blows ass-kisses at you with her butthole! Seriously - you can see her ass hole ch out as she farts... 7109 views

Imani Rose 3

Returning for your viewing pleasure is sweet ebony Imanie Rose. She gets on all fours and sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts a fart! You can see her stink hole open wide as she releases her gas into your face - YIKES! The camera hangs... 3904 views


Making her debut today is Kartier, a sexy ebony girl who has never farted on camera before! She's naked on the bed and she feels like she has to go and her tummy hurts, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts gas into the camera! She keeps blast... 4295 views

Kartier 7

Ebony Kartier wants to let her gas out on you today! She's wearing a black bra and teensy thong, she she lays on her side and blasts farts through that thong! You can see her asshole peek around the side of her thong string when the farts blast out -... 4037 views

Kartier 10

Ebony Kartier sits on the bed wearing a sexy little teddy outfit! She says she's here today to fart all in your face as she rubs her belly. Kartier faces ass-out on the bed and lets a little fart squeak through her thong! She's massaging her ass and ... 3901 views

Kartier 12

Ebony Kartier is in the bathroom, saying she has to let all her farts out. She's wearing a black transparent stretchy dress, and she sits on the edge of the bathtub and lets massive farts squeak out through that tight spandex dress! Then she lifts he... 5635 views

Nilaya Brown 5

Sexy ebony Nilaya has nacho gas today! She's rooting for Atlanta to win the game, and farting through her sexy red shorts! Nilaya lays on her side and blasts some great big stinky farts in those shorts and boy are they loud! Nilaya then removes those... 4919 views

Nina Devon 5

Ooooo-weeeee are you in for a treat today - ebony Nina in a cute little hot pink outfit, on the bed, all eager to fart for you! She lays back and shows you her bare underside and starts blasting huge farts right into your face - BOO-YAH! She's tellin... 4061 views

Nina Devon 7

Ebony Nina Devon is nude on the bed. She asks if you're ready, then she lays back and pulls her legs way up and starts blasting you with massive farts - YIKES! She squishes her buttcheeks, and you can see her asshole struggling like crazy to get the ... 5845 views

Taylor Starr 4

Ebony Taylor returns to entertain you with her ass! She's wearing a cute red thong, so she spreads her cheeks and blows a couple squeakers at you through her thong! She bends over and pulls her thong to the side and treats you to some bare-asshole fa... 5015 views

Tristina Millz

Today we introduce Tristina Millz, an ebony beauty who ate a big lunch and now has a tummyache. She lays on her side and farts through her tight jeans! She then lays on her back and spreads her legs and farts some more! The camera hangs in there and ... 5033 views

Tristina Millz 11

Ebony Tristina is asleep on the sofa with her ass hanging out from under a blanket, when she starts blasting huge farts, which wake her up! She tries to go back to sleep, and you can see her asshole struggling, and she blasts a big fart! She says she... 3772 views

Angel Cummings 6

Ebony beauty Angel Cummings sits nude on the coffee table with her legs spread wide. She blasts a squeaker onto the coffee table, and says how cute it is. Then she starts blasting nice big farts onto the coffee table, and boy do they stink! Angel hop... 7281 views

Brown Suga

Introducing Brown Suga, a sexy ebony beauty who wants to tease you with her farts! She's wearing a tiger-striped bra and panties, and she immediately drops her panties and starts farting - OH YEAH! She sticks her ass in the air and you can see her fa... 4535 views

Brown Suga 5

Ebony babe Brown Suga has a tummy ache today, and she's wearing animal-print panties. She pulls her panties up into her butt-crack and blasts some stinky farts! Then she plays with her pussy and keeps on farting while you watch! Brown Suga just keeps... 4186 views