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Search Results for: curvy

Cassandra Cruz 17

Our Latina sex kitten Cassandra Cruz can "t avoid it anymore: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras are lucky enough to follow her! She sits her curvy, tight ass on the toilet in her lingerie, and lets loose fart after ... 7198 views


Today you're in for a special treat as we introduce a curvy young thing named Emerald. Emerald has something she wants you to see today - her farting ass! Although she has never farted on camera before, you can see she's got some real potential! She ... 4009 views

Goddess 6

Our curvy ebony amateur model Goddess Dior is looking sexy in her white lingerie. But don't let the pristine white outfit fool you: she is suffering from really bad gas! While greeting our cameras in her bedroom, she lets out several silent but deadl... 6538 views

Goddess 7

Ebony amateur Goddess has had enough: she has to take those smelly farts to the bathroom, and our cameras get to follow her! She sits her big, curvy butt on the toilet in her white lingerie, and proceeds to let loose fart after fart in an effort to g... 4707 views

Goddess 13

Whew! That gas needs to be let out and it needs to be done right now! Why right now you ask? Because she wants you to watch it. She knows youíre getting pretty hard right now seeing that curvy body of hers but she definitely knows she can get you off... 4530 views

Malaysia Blue 12

She seems a little embarrassed about it and we do blame the burrito for giving her so much gas. Thank God that delicious Mexican food gave us all this chance to see the curvy babe Malaysia Blue get naked and blast out all those farts right into our f... 4846 views

Malaysia Blue 15

Malaysia is this lovely girl with one talented little asshole! She is curvy, all natural, horny and kinky, and she\'s got a big bellyful of gas for you - WOOHOO! She really knows how to please the eyes, ears, and nose with that asshole and the farts ... 4857 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone 2

Our playful, curvy interracial pair returns, but this time they're wearing only their sexy panties for this sexy girl-girl romp! The ebony goddess and blonde bombshell take turns worshiping each other's asses, and delight in smelling each others stin... 10686 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone 4

Interracial duo Michelle Malone and Roxy Moore are back again, giving us more nude girl-on-girl ass-play. The bubble butt chocolate beauty Michelle gives as good as she gets, as she worships the curvy ass of blonde pin-up Roxy Moore. Roxy is a firm b... 10685 views

Layton Benton 7

If you like beautiful naked ebony women with juicy jiggly booties, Layton Benton is the fart goddess for you. Layton knows exactly what a gorgeous voluptuous woman she is, feeling so comfortable in her skin rolling around on the bed releasing fart a... 6118 views

Nicki Blue

Nicki Blue is all pretty and curvy in her electric purple leopard print panties. This giggly blonde beauty is delighted to fart for you and describes the asparagus smell radiating from her ass in vivid detail! Her ass, so round and lovely, releases e... 7016 views

Nicki Blue 4

The view of Nicki's striped panties is lovely as she struts into the bathroom, but she won't be wearing them for long! She's got business to take care of and that toilet is about to take a beating! Nicki is so gassy, and she means and groans as she d... 7329 views

Nicki Blue 5

When Nicki has a protein shake followed by a hard workout, it's a gassy combination! This curvy exercise enthusiast pulls down her shiny track pants just enough that you can see her asshole working to push out all her saved-up gas! Her ass is so big ... 7709 views

Nilaya Brown 8

Nilaya is in some serious agony during her trip to the swimming pool. It's from eating poorly and then holding in all those farts! Now she has retreated to a private room and is letting the gas out. Nilaya's thong panties are rattling in the wind and... 5195 views

Katie O'Riley

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering from a bad case of gas. She's waiting for us in her living room, in a blue bra and nothing else. Katie is a little embarrassed that we'll be watching her deal with her belly sounds the only way she can ñ by ... 5827 views

Katie O'Riley 3

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is back again, and she's still dealing with the effects of a meal that has her stomach noisy and bloated. The only way to get relief is to let out some nasty gas. She greets us in her animal print bra and nothing else. Sh... 6067 views

Katie O'Riley 6

Curvy brunette Katie O'Riley is suffering from a bad case of gas. She's waiting for us in her living room, in a blue bra and nothing else. Katie is a little embarrassed that we'll be watching her deal with her belly sounds the only way she can ñ by ... 6212 views

Caramel Lee 2

When Caramel Lee works out she feels the burn in more ways than one! This gassy girl is exercising in her living room, and all the bending is causing her to spew some hot wind out of her tight ass hole! Her attire selection is commendable, as her tig... 8663 views

Alice Frost 24

Big-breasted Alice Frost thinks leather smells boring. That’s an odd take, but we’ll take it, because her remedy is to fart on it, and watching her stink up the leather is a pleasure. She is not taking it easy on the once-pristine sectional! Her ... 5784 views

Alice Frost 25

You are in for a real treat in the form of curvy Alice Frost wanting to fart all over your dick! She is using her own flesh-colored phallus to show you exactly what she has planned for your stiffie. Alice is pushing it against her pink pantyhose and ... 4361 views

Alice Frost 26

Feeling the burn at the gym has rendered Alice Frost’s ass on fire! She saved up most of her poots to release at home, to not embarrass herself at the gym, and her sweaty, stinky ass is making up for lost time! Yikes! Even though she is wearing her... 9009 views

Alice Frost 27

Big and beautiful Alice Frost has a lot going on! Stationed on the potty, voluptuous Miss Frost is making a massively smelly deposit. She is even peeing a lot, as her ass is busy honking and spewing nasty, dirty things, all while she is shrouded in s... 6105 views

Alice Frost 28

Alice Frost is a dirty little lady, and she loves indulging your kinky love for curvy girl farts! She is not exactly a fan of the smell, but she knows you like stinky ass holes, so she is more than happy to give you an uncensored view of her busy ass... 6496 views

Alice Frost 29

Alice Frost is in the mood to play a game. Since she has to go to the bathroom, she’d like for you to stroke your cock for her and see if you can reach orgasm before she shoots a stinky surprise your way. Doesn’t that sound like a delightful game... 7830 views