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Search Results for: curly hair

Zamora 3

A black girl, with brown curly hair dressed in kinky see through outfit, do you know who it is? Yes, that's Zamora for you, and once again, she ís having a stomach ache and she deliberately timed that situation in front of the camera so you can watch... 3505 views

Savannah Fox 20

Savannah has something nice for you: a chair made just for farting! But this means you have to do something for her: get down underneath it and suck the farts from her butthole! It pleases your mistress to see you gulping down her ass, and to see you... 11321 views

Savannah Fox 22

Sultry Savannah Fox is rubbing her fantastic ass and slit while forcing out some fierce farts. This beauty is not shy about her ass smell affinity, and she simply chuckles between moans as she reaches down to rub and tap her sweet sphincter. All alon... 13908 views

Savannah Fox 23

Savannah Fox has an inventive idea when she is alone farting in bed trying to alleviate her sour tummy. She has a thin plastic bag in her nightstand and thinks farting in the bag is a neat idea. After a series of foul farts, she has filled the plasti... 10685 views

Savannah Fox 24

Spy sultry Savannah Fox as she readies that hot body for a night on the town. She enters nude and slowly slides on adorable matching pink bra and panties then a tight dress, farting up a storm the entire time! Pretty girls fart, and Miss Fox is no ex... 9567 views

Savannah Fox 25

Blame it on the beer! That’s what Savannah Fox is doing when she has rushed into the restroom to relieve her ass of gas and empty her bladder. This poor thing is just miserable with all the strong farts she needs to dispose of and the smell they ar... 10517 views

Savannah Fox 26

You thought you were going to finally get to sample Savanna Fox’s sweet pussy, but that is not going to happen after you’ve forgotten to make a deposit into her bank account enabling her to shop online while you were away. Sultry Savannah is not ... 9702 views

Savannah Fox 27

Who needs enemies with a roommate like Savannah Fox? She is pissed her roomie, Ashley, has left her yoga ball out in the living room so decides devious justice is in order and takes it upon herself to fart all over the sizable pink sphere! Savannahâ€... 8450 views

Savannah Fox 28

Talk about sphincter control! Savannah Fox is a pro. She uses her manicured nail to slightly spread her cheek to work out a series of small toots during this dynamic display of farting, diva style! Sure, she can be a bit bossy, but would we want this... 8819 views

Olivia Rain 8

Sexy, tight jeans take care of a lot of things, but shielding stench is not one of them! Gassy Olivia Rain has a major gas setback and needs relief NOW! In snug jeans, she is arranging her hot body in varied positions to release raunchy rumblers that... 6696 views

Olivia Rain 9

Olivia Rain has a belly ache and has rushed into the restroom in a sexy bikini to do some rather unsexy things on the pot! Her dirty butt is ungodly gassy, and poor Olivia is in a world of hurt as she tries to rid her stomach of more than gas. Her fa... 5203 views

Olivia Rain 10

Farting full force is Olivia Rain’s forte! She knows you like them though, so pushing them out for you is her honor. She makes sure to get as close to you as you can handle - don’t bring her in too close, these farts are nasty! Her barking ass be... 7126 views

Olivia Rain 11

A sweaty, smelly ass that looks like hers is quite a treat, and scintillating Olivia Rain ups the sexy with her dirty talk while farting. She is determined to make you cum and employs the hottest tactics to make it happen. Spoiler alert: making it to... 8088 views

Olivia Rain 12

The sweet, dark folds of Olivia Rain’s pussy are massaged with such finesse when she’s alone and horny! Her ass is competing for attention with some majorly loud gassers slipping out as she rubs her pretty kitty, making this a hot solo session fo... 5912 views

Kahlista Stinem

What a way to get to know sultry Kahlista Stinem! She makes her fabulous farting-on-film debut by featuring her delicious pucker in an outstanding slow-motion farting display that is delightfully stinky, and oh so sexy! She’s not shy, and her ass c... 7216 views

Kahlista Stinem 2

Pretty Kahlista Stinem is no stranger to ferocious farts, but her bout with gas today is almost too much to take. Her sexy stomach is in knots, and her gassers are making the crudest noises as they creep out of her tight pucker. Kahlista’s dark cho... 6553 views

Kahlista Stinem 3

Join Kahlista Stinem and her huge mop of black hair as she speeds into the bathroom to take care of business. She looks like an ebony angel in a sleek white dress, but what happens when her ass makes contact with the commode is less-than-angelic! She... 6006 views

Victoria Monet 2

Fast food is Victoria Monet’s downfall. Yet she still indulges from time to time! Join her post-lunch to see just how gassy she becomes from an overdoes of grease and calories. With extreme closeups, Victoria is showing off her filthy ass as she pr... 5610 views

Victoria Monet 4

Victoria Monet smells so foul as she does her job on the potty. This long-haired hottie has a rough time getting everything out on the pot, almost to the point you cannot help but cheer her on. Let’s hope she proves triumphant, as she really is str... 7384 views

Victoria Monet 13

Brunette babe Victoria Monet has some playfully particular instructions for you. She would love for you to stroke your meat to the melody of her marvelous farts, but if you do not follow her instructions precisely, she will not permit you to cum. She... 5815 views

Liv Revamped 2

Liv Revamped has a tush that is round and kissable, so long as you can get past the stench! This stinky backside produces so many farts when her belly is rumbly! She is such a darling, but her disastrous farts are a lot to take in! Check in on cute L... 5942 views

Liv Revamped 3

Liv Revamped brings new life to her bathroom, in the form of dropping some lady logs in the pot while she farts like mad! Yes, even pretty girls have to go! She enters the bathroom, wiggles out of her sexy bottoms, and gets to work, releasing all the... 5595 views

Liv Revamped 4

Curly haired lovely Liv Revamped is pretty as a picture, but her toilet farts are beyond disgusting! Watch as she made her way into the bathroom to make one dastardly deposit! How she could stand the stench is a mystery, as her beautiful butt is quit... 5240 views

Liv Revamped 5

Liv Revamped says that what makes her feel better when she’s gassy is knowing you are jerking off to her cute ass hole while she passes whoppers your way! This kinkster will help you get off, indulging your fetish for farts, ass and stench! See if ... 6426 views