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Search Results for: chubby

Royalty 64

There is something so uplifting about young Asian Royalty and her chunky booty because she’s adorable and a breath of fresh air in the area of sexy girl farts. Yes, she’s terribly stinky, but that is how we love her. What makes her fart sessions ... 3842 views

Royalty 76

Asian cutie Royalty can be so silly sometimes! Recently, she was feeling very gassy, so she dipped her body in the tub to make some stinky bubbles in the water. Her giggles with the funny sounds she makes are adorable. This was certainly a dirty bath... 3842 views

Cupcake SinClair 7

Perpetual party girl Cupcake SinClair cannot stand being gassy, and when she is in the mood to go out with her gal pals, she has next to no patience for flatulence! Check out this breathy ebony BBW as she desperately tries to rid her big booty of fet... 3444 views

Cupcake SinClair 8

Desperate to rid her tummy of methane before work, Cupcake SinClair was a hot mess in the bathroom. She feared being late and upsetting her boss, but no way could she go to work when her ass was working overtime with the gnarliest sphincter whistles ... 4766 views

Cupcake SinClair 9

Cupcake SinClair could barely handle the agony of having a belly full of farts and waste to rid herself of. She is always so loud and distressed when gassy, and this fateful bathroom break was no exception. The sounds of her plight were amplified by ... 3177 views

Sadie Loves 4

Fair-skinned BBW Sadie Loves is full of gas and eager to show off her large ass as she farts and fills the room with the most obnoxious stench. She is not for the faint-of-heart. Sadie’s middle name is stinky, or at least it should be. Ms. Loves ce... 1282 views

Nevada Max 16

Lively lass Nevada Max is a whole bunch of fun when she is gassy and in an exceptionally playful mood! She has so much fun sharing her butt bombs with you while she has her short skirt flipped up, exposing her chubby backside. You are going to love t... 2321 views