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Search Results for: burping

Tricia Oaks 6

Tricia is burping, and she says she's full of bubbly. She starts farting and says she shouldn't have eaten all that cheese, then she bounces around and shakes her ass, then pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts huge stinky farts right into your face ... 5902 views

Yasmin Love 4

Yasmin gets up in the middle of the night with her hair all messy, saying she really has to go. She drops her panties and sits on the toilet and blasts a fart into the bowl! She lifts one cheek and strains hard and burps! She says it came out the wro... 4080 views

Nikki Ford 34

Pull it together, Nikki! Hottie Nikki Ford is farting and burping when sharing her smelly bathroom session with the world! Hope you don’t mind the smell of her boisterous blasts hitting the toilet bowl while she is also belching like mad. She had t... 6775 views

Kim Chi 3

Tattooed tart Kim Chi has a tummy ache, so she has rushed into the restroom to alleviate the issues caused by eating too many beans. Bean farts are by far some of the worst, and her small bathroom quickly becomes nothing more than a gas chamber, as K... 4938 views

Royalty 53

“That one slipped out like a snake,” is just one of the descriptive things young Royalty says while she is overcome with egregious belly gas. Nope, she is not burping! All of the menacing methane is coming out of her ass, and since she is wearing... 3743 views

Aria Carson 4

Lovely Aria Carson is the quintessential girl-next-door, which is why it’s so sexy to spy her on the toilet, thanks to a carefully placed camera! Turns out this all-American doll is a dirty bird! She did some nasty work on that pot, even giving up ... 5710 views

Tristina Millz 50

Tristina Millz is a big believer in farting on flat surfaces and just pushing, for maximum effect. With an incredibly rumbly tummy, she plopped on an accent table to push the plaguing methane out into the room. Tristina was overloaded with gas and ev... 3189 views

Abigail Peach 4

Hot stripper Abigail Peach ate far too much grub at the club, and the cheap ass food left her full of gas and the most disgusting burps. She was relieved to reach home and let it all out, as she had slipped up and farted on a couple customers at the ... 2660 views

Fawna Fuller 3

Fawna Fuller had a lot going on as she entered the bathroom to unleash a load, fart up a storm, take a wizz and burp a bit. This lovely large lady was feeling so gassy, and she had to do whatever it took to quell the gas bubbling in her big belly. He... 4731 views

Fawna Fuller 4

Big girl Fawna Fuller held court on the edge of her tub while gas escaped on both ends. Her large backside was overrun with farts, while an impressive amount of gas absconded her mouth through disgusting burps. With a poor diet, this sexy lady is alw... 5129 views

Fawna Fuller 6

Dirty girl Fawna Fuller seems to be constantly plagued with pesky gas, and she loves nothing more than sharing her big ol’ booty with the world when dealing with a methane crisis! Check her out as she works hard to find some degree of relief. The f... 2283 views

Fawna Fuller 12

The large ass and big pussy of sexy BBW Fawna Fuller are on full display as she rids herself of plaguing belly gas. She was letting it out through both ends with burping and nasty farting. To start, Fawna was sullying the fabric of a pink thong, but ... 2852 views

Fawna Fuller 21

A strategically placed camera captured big-assed Fawna Fuller farting up a storm on the toilet. Her gas was coming out both ends, with her butt staying busy, dropping bomb after bomb. She was burping as well, which was very nasty! 3396 views

Harley Quinn 46

Looking fly in designer lingerie, Harley Quinn is burping out of the wrong end and stinking up the room in the process. Her farts are unbelievable, and she vocalizes how much she wishes you were there to smell them in person. Virtually will have to d... 1509 views

Sydney Screams

Tight, shiny pants keep sexy BBW Sydney Screams’ ass a secret, but her first time farting for fans proved to be exceptional in every way. She has been off the junk food for some time, but indulged last night, and the proof is in the stench! Sydney ... 2091 views

Sydney Screams 3

“Bodies are gonna body,” is what big girl Sydney Screams says as she burps and releases nasty gas into the air. While she bills her stinky behavior as normal at the jump, the horrific smell prompts her to wonder out loud if she should seek a doct... 1546 views

Sydney Screams 8

Who needs sex when you can have stinky farts instead? This is what Sydney Screams asks during an exceptionally hot and smelly girlfriend POV session! After you have spent a wonderful evening together, it is time for you to put the idea of having sex ... 878 views

Sydney Screams 9

Talk about utter calamity! When striking BBW Sydney Screams heads into the bathroom, sounds and smells are emanating from almost every orifice! From her bladder emptying in full, to her obnoxious farts and burps, this girl has a lot going on! Since S... 1606 views

Sydney Screams 11

A bloated Sydney Screams wonders what the hell is inside of her that is making her so gassy. She admits to being bloated, and this hot BBW is emitting a crazy sum of stench! Her butt burbs are disgusting, and she eventually spreads her big ass cheeks... 1195 views

Sydney Screams 18

Gorgeous gal Sydney Screams could not get her jean shorts down fast enough when she had to get on the toilet due to a severely gassy state. As she pushed those smelly farts out into the bowl, she had gas coming out of her mouth, in the form of the st... 1638 views

Sydney Screams 26

Sydney Screams is regretting having roommates when she ends up hotboxing herself in the bathroom when she has to take a dump and expel gas from her filthy pucker. Trips to the potty never end well for Sydney, as her diet is atrocious and always leavi... 1073 views