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Search Results for: brunette farting

Carrie Ann 3

Sexy brunette Carrie Ann wants to fart in your face! She bends over and pulls up her dress and sits in a chair ass-out and blasts farts onto the hard surface of the chair with the camera right there catching it all! Then she gets up on the arm of a c... 4215 views

Cece Stone

Oh boy are you in for a special treat today! Farting on camera for the first time is Cece Stone, a hot brunette wearing a tiny bra and panties! She lays back on the sofa and pulls her buttcheeks apart and lets some farts fly through her thong panties... 3939 views

Chyanne Jacobs

Today we introduce sexy brunette Chyanne Jacobs, who is farting on camera for the first time. Chyanne has eaten a whole bunch of bean burritos, and she's bloated with gas. She starts off blasting a huge fart through her red shorts! Then she bends ov... 7018 views

Coco Velvett 4

Sexy brunette Coco walks into the bathroom and drops her cheerleader skirt and sits on the toilet. She leans over and the camera zooms around as she blasts a big fart right into the bowl! You can see her asshole struggle as she blasts another big far... 5052 views

Dolly Dominatrix

Introducing Dolly Dominatrix, a sexy brunette in a fishnet outfit. She starts out blasting a fart through her panties. Then she removes her panties and farts bare-ass right into the camera - BOO-YAH! The camera zooms in tight as Dolly fingers her ass... 4033 views


Today we are happy to introduce Marlena, a HOT little brunette who is farting on camera for the first time! Marlena's wearing a sexy black lace dress, which she lifts to show she's wearing no panties! She pulls her butt-cheeks apart and lets an airy ... 5081 views

Summer Baily

Brace yourself for a special treat today as we introduce Summer Baily, a sexy brunette farting on camera for the first time! She pulls her bikini bottoms to the side and starts farting! She's telling you about all the crazy food she ate today that ga... 5548 views

Tricia Oaks 8

Hot brunette Tricia is back with more gas to fart out in front of you today! She is wearing tight thong panties that are all wedged up against her asshole when she blasts huge farts through her thong! Then she pulls her thong to the side to let the s... 4116 views

Vanessa Naughty

Debuting for your viewing pleasure today is Vanessa Naughty, a sexy brunette wearing a zebra-stiped fucksuit. She lays on her side and blasts a whole lot of big farts, with some cute little squeakers interspersed. The camera zooms up from underneath,... 4284 views

Ava 7

Ava has returned for more farting! This sexy dominatrix brunette really knows how to fart. She has eaten some bad food from the other day and it's made her gassy all day! She's wearing a black lacey outfit with a black bra and black full bottom panti... 4348 views

Eva Ellington

Debuting for your farting pleasure today is Eva Ellington, a cute little brunette who has been sitting on the couch all day, because she ate some bad sushi last night, and now she has a case of the farts! Her tummy is all full of gas, so she squeezes... 4237 views

Fiona and Luxury Amore 3

Brunette Fiona and ebony Luxury have paired up again today - to lick each others' farting asses! Luxury sticks her nice round booty in the air, and Fiona moves in and catches her first fart square in the face! Then she licks Luxury's ass, and gets an... 10844 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3588 views


Kitty is our brand newest girl here at fart fantasy and boy is she a sexy brunette natural! You may have seen kitty around doing other fetish stuff, but never have you seen her farting! She went out and had a big mexican dinner the night before she c... 6613 views

Kitty 2

Kitty is back for another farting session! This sweet, sexy brunette has got some nasty smelling gas. She has to work these ones out because they are coming from deep down in her bowels. By the time they come out they are hot, stinky silent gassy typ... 4179 views

Micah James 6

Brunette beauty Micah James is on the sofa, and there is nothing on TV. So Micah starts talking about the burrito she ate, and she entertains herself by farting! She gets on her knees on the sofa and pulls down her panties to reveal a tiny thong unde... 3379 views

Mya Mason

Porn star mya Mason has decided to give the whole farting thing a try since she's a kinky kind of girl! She hasn't done any farting fetish stuff before but she takes to it and poots like the pro she is - after scarfing down a mountain of Cuban food, ... 4252 views

Sadie Laine 4

Sadie has returned for another fart session. This brunette booty blaster is in bed for this clip, wearing a pink tube top and black n white thong panties. She pulls her thong over to give you some hot close up shots of her naked ass hole farting - ho... 3312 views

Sadie Laine 5

Sadie has returned and she's more gassy than ever! This time around she's in bed again but she's totally nude! Her first all naked farting clip! This hot brunette has got a belly ache and she needs to stink you out, so get ready for some stinky smell... 3376 views

Zoey Holloway 3

Zoey is back, and she starts out stripping off her bikini. While removing her bikini bottoms, she starts blasting some big fat farts! Then she holds her legs in the air and farts some more! It's hard to believe so much nasty stinky gas can come out o... 5251 views

Jasmine LeFleur 19

If you have yet to check out Jasmine LeFleur's sexy ass passing toots, the time is now, my friend! Her backside is worthy of the ultimate praise, and in her latest fart installment, she is passing toots at a rapid pace, in conjunction with releasing ... 3998 views

Britney Stevens 35

How do you want to be farted on? A hot lady like Britney Stevens in a black room with a kinky short outfit on - that\'s how! Britney has just about nothing on, so this is farting at its finest - WOOHOO! See Britney\'s amazing body contort into differ... 3572 views

Britney Stevens 36

How do you want to be farted on? A hot lady like Britney Stevens in a black room with a kinky short outfit on - that\'s how! Britney has just about nothing on, so this is farting at its finest - WOOHOO! See Britney\'s amazing body contort into differ... 7552 views

Britney Stevens 37

The amazing Britney Stevens sure looks sexy in royal blue! And guess what? She just got back from a Mexican restaurant where she wore that dress! You know what that means - she is gassy and bloats with all that stinky Mexican food and behold, you are... 4955 views