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Search Results for: booty shaking

Madison Luna 7

Madison back again for another fart fantasy session! She's in a thong bikini shaking her booty and looking hot and sexy while she blasts some nasty ass gas! Lots of close ups and hot booty shaking. 5008 views

Summer Baily 14

Sexy Summer Baily says she has the most upset stomach, and she's got some farts to let loose! She starts out booty-clapping to work the gas out, and stands there shaking her ass. While her ass is shaking, she farts and they sound like this - poot-poo... 5241 views

Christie Sweet 3

Gassy girl, Christie Sweet, seems so innocent! That is, she seems innocent until you get a whiff of that stinky gas she pushes out right into your face! She's shaking her luscious booty, and wiggling out all of her funk, just for you to enjoy! Get re... 4242 views

Daeja Monae 3

Well look who's back with her pretty chocolate booty ripe and ready to release some toxic gas, right into your face! It's Daeja Monae, and she's going to try every position possible to help her push out all the farts she's got trapped deep inside! Do... 5294 views

JR and Daisy Layne 2

Our playful pair returns, but this time blonde girl-next-door Daisy is submitting to riot grrrl JR with her tattoos and piercings and both are nude! JR shows she's a natural at face-sitting as Daisy smacks her lips in anticipation of her farts " a... 10839 views

Kinky Gaga 8

Kinky Gaga wants nothing more than to be able to push her nasty stink out for you! She'll do whatever it takes to let you smell her dirty gas filled asshole! It only takes a little wiggling and shaking of her plump little booty before all her loud fa... 3693 views

Miya Mounds

Miya Mounds has her perky chocolate booty up in the air, and she\'s shaking out all her glorious and nasty farts! Who knew something so rancid could come out of such a pretty ass! This gassy girl has everything you love... a big round butt full of ... 4633 views

Miya Mounds 3

Miya Mounds has something special! The way she slides her ass cheeks open and gives such an innocent look before destroying you with her toxic gas... it\'s something only a gassy girl, like Miya, would do! Fart lovers get ready for this clip, because... 4622 views

Roxy Moore and Michelle Malone 2

Our playful, curvy interracial pair returns, but this time they're wearing only their sexy panties for this sexy girl-girl romp! The ebony goddess and blonde bombshell take turns worshiping each other's asses, and delight in smelling each others stin... 10837 views

Serena Marcus 21

Serena Marcus has just what all fart loving perverts want most! She's got an ass full of gas, and she's shaking that luscious booty of hers, jiggling them all out for you! How many farts does she have trapped inside that asshole of hers? She'll never... 3269 views

Sprinkle Freak 7

Damn this woman is feisty! In case you don't know her, her name is Sprinkle Freak and her name seems tame for what this girl can really do. She doesn't beat around the bush and she goes straight for the , a mere second into the clip and she's there, ... 5324 views

Stacy Lane 9

Stacy Lane is full of disgusting gas today, so she's going to let it all out for you. Make sure you're prepared for the smelliest of gas, and the loudest of farts - because our sexy fart queen, Stacy, just doesn't hold back! This ebony gassy girl is ... 7612 views

Stacy Lane 10

What's better than watching a sexy vixen release all her farts while you watch? Well, watching her do it while she shakes and pops her bouncy booty, that's what! Stacy Lane is coming at you again with another ass shaking farting extravaganza...and sh... 4911 views

Stacy Lane 14

Stacy Lane has such bad gas that her friends put her in a special room (and tied her up with rope) just so they could get a break from her ass stench! But, we know you don't want to get away from her nasty ass stink, do you? We know how much you love... 7541 views

Aryana Adin 6

Aryana Adin loves the stink of her own farts, but what she loves even more is when a fart lover is dedicated to watching her push out her rotten smells while she shakes them out! This Ebony gassy girl is shaking her big chocolate booty and letting he... 7284 views

Osa Lovely 11

Osa looks so sexy and seductive in her pink bra and matching thong panties, but she is feeling seriously uncomfortable. Her stomach is completely blocked up with gas! In fact, Osa is so blocked up that she has to shake, flap, and wiggle her ebony boo... 5810 views

Maryjane Mayhem 23

Somebody buy this babe more tacos! Maryjane Mayhem is eating tacos for lunch, and they are leaving her so gassy. Best of all, she is nibbling in the nude! With her legs spread, her pussy movement with a fart can be witnessed, which is sexy as hell! N... 6349 views

Katrina Kox 28

Katrina Kox doesn’t mind waiting for her date to arrive as she spends time farting on her favorite table. She delights in the sounds her fierce, smelly farts produce as they blast against the table’s surface. With her legs spread wide, the view o... 3255 views

Kay Love 2

Kay Love’s pink yoga ball is in the living room, begging to be played with, so she hops on in her gold short shorts. She’s so cute bouncing on the ball with her tits jiggling with every bounce. Kay is quite gassy and is ripping ass all over the b... 7545 views

Michelle Malone 6

Spy sexy Michelle Malone alone in bed with nothing on her glorious body but a pair of colorful leg warmers. Poor Michelle is super gassy and her ass is filling the room with smelly poots. Michelle wants relief and is shaking her fine ass to work it a... 10331 views

Lisa Tiffian 2

Lisa Tiffian is a sight for sore eyes with her hot pink thong and matching bra. She has always wondered what her farts smell like when pushed into her white leather couch, so she’s going all out to saturate the coarse leather with her nasty ass odo... 6442 views

Jessica Winters 5

Jessica Winters is nude and nasty - just how you like her! She is getting her heavenly pucker right up into your face while it opens to dispense the foulest gas she has ever had. She wants her biggest farts to come straight at you, and she is shaking... 6426 views

Maryjane Mayhem 33

Guess who is home from the gym all sweaty and gassy? Maryjane Mayhem, of course! This beauty has been feeling the burn at her favorite workout joint and is now home to let out the burning inside her belly. Her fair-skinned ass is especially hot in ti... 8645 views

Nova Star 3

Twerk it girl! Nova Star’s ass is full of gas, and this likable lass is ready to play! She knows you like farts, so she is showing off in style. A barely there, shiny blue ensemble that does nothing to cover her ass cheeks accentuates her lean body... 7036 views