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Search Results for: blue bra

Allison Pierce 3

Allison is back again for more farts for you! She stands up and bends over and sticks her hand down her pants, oh my! She is such a cute little blond hair blue eye girl, isn't she? She's wearing a cure top and a pair of tight jean pants for this clip... 8025 views

Chanel 2

Chanel is back for more farting! Her ass had a blast last time, so here is more of her big brown round booty! This time she's in a blue dress with some blue thong panties on to match! She sits her onion booty down on the coffee table to get a nice ha... 5063 views

Naughty Holly 24

Holly is back and in the mood for some room service. She is thinking about what she wants then gets on the phone at her desk to order some food, italian food and farting at the same time! She's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black spaghetti strin... 5835 views

Tanya 11

Tanya finally does her very first toilet farting clip! You couldn't wait, so here it is! In this clip she's in a pair of blue jeans, a tight shirt and full of farts! She bends over and gives you some nice naked ass hole farting angles as she blasts g... 4371 views

Allison Pierce 15

Adorable blonde Allison is farting on the sofa today, wearing only a blue tube top. The camera zooms in to give you a close-up view and catch the sound - how nice! As always, Allison delivers on some GREAT sounding - and smelling - farts for you! She... 9089 views

Allison Pierce and Amber Rayne 4

Allison and Amber pair up again, both wearing blue bras and panties, to sniff each other's farts! Amber removes her panties and farts into Allison's nose - repeatedly! Then Allison starts licking Amber's farting asshole - OH YEAH! Amber sure is blast... 12458 views

Britney Stevens 14

Britney is wearing a cute blue bra top and panties. She just got a new tattoo and is horny today! She shows you her ass and blasts a big fart - HOW NICE! She says she has the room all to herself so she is comfortable farting. She pulls her butt-cheek... 3806 views

Brittany Blue 15

Remember Brittany Blue, the blonde bombshell from a while back? Well, she returned with a big bellyful of ripe farts! She's trying to explain why she's so full of gas, when she leans forward and does a one-cheek sneak! She's telling you how good it f... 4964 views

Brittany Blue 16

Blonde bombshell Brittany has a lot of gas, and she wants to fart it all out before aerobics class! She's sitting the chair wearing a skirt and no panties, and she starts blasting little farts, then more and more and she's wondering if they'll stop s... 5431 views

Brittany Blue 17

Britney is sitting at the desk, telling you about some bad tacos she ate off a truck. Good thing she has her own office, and the freedom to fart that gas out without fumigating any coworkers! Britney stands up bare-ass and starts blasting big farts i... 4496 views

Brittany Blue 18

Sexy blonde Brittney Blue crawls onto the bed wearing red thong panties and white heels. She asks if you get turned on by a little gas in the bedroom, then she pulls her thong to the side and blasts a squeaky fart! She sticks her ass right into the c... 5967 views

Brittany Blue 19

Sexy veteran fartress Brittney Blue is on the bed, wearing jeans, and she blasts a huge fart and says she's been waiting all day for that! And guess what? That fart has friends! That's right - Brittney just keeps farting and farting in those jeans, a... 6125 views

Brittany Blue 20

Blonde Brittany runs into the toilet and sits down fast and blasts big farts into the bowl! She's holding her tummy and talking about the chili cheese fries she had, along with an extra-creamy milkshake, as she unleashes a barrage of huge farts! Brit... 13203 views

Brittany Blue 21

Blonde bombshell Brittany Blue steps into the tub and hangs her ass over the edge, and starts blasting farts! She leans over and the camera is right there at her ass, catching it all for you! She pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts juicy farts! She... 6586 views

Brittany Blue

Making her debut is Brittany Blue! She's nude on the bed and she ate burritos,, and she wonders if you want to smell her farts, and of course you do! She sticks her ass in the air and pulls her butt-cheeks apart and starts pooting - SEXY! She rolls o... 5575 views

Brittany Blue 2

Remember the hot new girl from the other day, Brittany Blue? Well, today she ate a bunch of hotdogs at the ballpark and she's going to fart out the gas for you! She sticks her ass into the camera and blasts the cutest farts right into the lens - OH Y... 10569 views

Brittany Blue 3

Brittany is in a huge tub and she's all full of gas from eating Spaghetti-O's! She spreads her legs and blasts big farts up the front - NICE! The camera zooms in on her bare asshole and you can see it all! She says there's more gas in there and it do... 4191 views

Brittany Blue 4

Brittany walks into the bathroom and gets into the shower, and pulls her butt-cheeks apart and presses her asshole against the glass shower door and blasts a fart - BOO-YAH! She turns on the shower and sticks her ass against the glass again and blast... 4207 views

Brittany Blue 5

Brittany runs into the bathroom nude and sits on the toilet because she has to fart. The camera zooms up from underneath as she blasts some good ones into the bowl - NICE! She says it feels good and keeps on farting! Then she leans forward and the ca... 5141 views

Brittany Blue 6

Blonde bombshell Brittany Blue is back to blast more farts for you! Today she had some broccoli, and her gas is intense! She's wondering if you can handle it - can you? She sticks her ass into the camera and blows broccoli-scented farts right in your... 6517 views

Brittany Blue 7

Brittany is wearing a sexy leopard-print negligee with pink trim! As she's bent over removing the matching panties, she blasts a fart! That was so fun, she decides to fart some more. So she sticks her bare asshole into the camera and blasts fart afte... 6027 views

Brittany Blue 8

Buxom Brittany is here to fart for you some more! She's wearing a cute leather outfit with fishnets, and she starts to undress, asking you if that's okay. She removes her dress to reveal the cutest little strappy outfit, which she promptly pulls to t... 4709 views

Brittany Blue 9

Brittany is nude on the bed, wearing fishnets, and her tummy is bloated with gas! She stretches out on the bed, then sticks her ass in teh air and pulls her thong to the side, baring her asshole! While her asshole is in the camera, she pulls her butt... 4524 views

Brittany Blue 10

Blonde Brittany is ned on the bed, wearing only fishnets, saying she shouldn't go to that taco place anymore because it gave her gas. She sticks her booty into thge camera and farts as she says her tummy hurts! She just keeps blasting farts and holdi... 4338 views