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Search Results for: black girl farting


Chanel joins us for her very first ever fart clip! She has never done any farting on camera, but she handles it like a pro. This hot black girl has some nice big fat titties and a nice onion booty made for farting! She's got on a red fishnet outfit t... 4726 views

Jazmyne Starr 5

Length: 2:54 >br> Sexy Jazmyne is outside today, and she\'s farting in the beautiful weather. She starts out blasting a fart through her jeans -NICE! Then she lets a silent but deadly fart hiss out. Surprise, surprise - Jazmyne pulls her jeans ... 5631 views

Cameron Lexus 2

Remember the sexy new girl from the other day, Cameron Lexus? Well, today she's back because she ate some pizza and has a bad case of the farts from it! She sticks her cute round booty into the camera and rips huge, pizza-scented farts right through ... 4531 views

Ebony Star 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Ebony Star? Well, today she's back to fart for you some more! She's on the bed, wearing nothing but a jacket, and she says she just feels like farting. She sticks her nice round booty into the camera and pull... 5600 views

Evanni Solei 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Evanni Solei? Well, she's back to fart for you some more today! Evanni is wearing a camisole top and no panties, and without saying a word, she just starts treating you to lots of close-up bare-asshole fartin... 5818 views

Imani Rose 20

Imani is on the sofa, wearing matching bra and panties, writing and stroking her pussy. Then she blasts a huge fart! Then she blasts another! Imani just keeps sitting there and blabbing about what she should write, talking about farting, and of cours... 4746 views

Imani Rose 4

Iamnie is on the bed, wearing only a cute pair of pink panties and gold heels. She pulls her legs far apart and lets an airy fart hiss through her panties! She lays there stroking her pussy, then gets on all fours and crawls around the bed farting - ... 4095 views


Making her debut today is Kartier, a sexy ebony girl who has never farted on camera before! She's naked on the bed and she feels like she has to go and her tummy hurts, so she pulls her buttcheeks apart and blasts gas into the camera! She keeps blast... 4295 views

Kitty, Tracey & Stacey

Kitty vs. Tracey vs. Stacey. Wow, talk about fart-o-rama! This is our first 3 girl fart contest, and man was it stinky! Kitty is wearing a thong, so is Tracy and Stacey has got on some spandex pants. There is so much farting going on in this clip tha... 11749 views

Taylor Starr 2

Remember the new girl from the other day? Well, today Taylor is back, and she's wearing only a tiny thong and a string of pearls! She says she has something for you, then lifts a leg and lets an airy fart hiss! She holds her buttcheeks apart and you ... 3653 views

Angel Cummings 2

Remember the new girl from the other day, Angel Cummings? Well, today she's back, and she's wearing a cute pink bikini and she's loaded with gas - WOO-HOO! Angel lifts a leg and blasts a big, fat fart right into the camera, followed by a squeaker. Fa... 5395 views

Body Language 4

There she goes again - boy this girl just can't stop farting in front of you! Body Language is wearing a black fishnet top and tiny black panties. She tries to clean up her desk, but she just can't stop blasting nasty farts out of her ass. You've got... 4073 views

Body Language 5

Body Language is wearing a red fishnet top and matching red lace panties. Trying to tidy up the kitchen doesn't stop this bad girl from farting herf ass off right there in front of you. Think she's done with you? Think again as she hits you with her ... 4328 views

Destiny Day

Destiny Day makes her debut today, wearing a black mesh top and yellow lace panties! She blasts a couple of big farts, and you can see her ass-cheeks spread to let the gas out - but her lace panties hold in the stench! Destiny then farts some more - ... 3897 views

Destiny Day 5

Destiny Day is back to fart for you today! She's wearing the cutest little bra and matching panties, with a tiny see-thru skirt! The camera zooms in on her panties, and catches some of the hottest, nastiest farts you ever saw or smelled! How such a t... 4024 views

Hanna Cruz 2

Hanna is our sexiest new brunette booty blaster and she's back at it again! This time she's got on a sexy red dress and a nice black thong that lets the farts just sail on through! This gassy girl is a real natural at farting sexy! This is beauty's b... 3599 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 7

Remember Jezebelle, the sexy Indian girl with an awesome big butt? Well, she came back to us with a bellyful of gas, and today she's on the bed wearing a shirt and no panties! She lays on her side and she's telling you about a big bean burrito she at... 6421 views

Lux Play

There's a new girl on the block, and her name is Lux Play! Lux is an ebony beauty in a little black dress. Lux ate way too much gas generating food, so she lifts one cheek and blasts a big one on the sofa! She's talking about the burritos, tacos, and... 4181 views

Mahogany Bliss and Destiny Day

Remember the new girl from yesterday, Mahogany Bliss? Well, fart-girl Destiny Day showed up, and the two girls hit it off so well, they've paired up today to lick each others' farting asses and you get to watch - WOO-HOO! Mahogany gets on the sofa on... 10933 views

Mya Mason

Porn star mya Mason has decided to give the whole farting thing a try since she's a kinky kind of girl! She hasn't done any farting fetish stuff before but she takes to it and poots like the pro she is - after scarfing down a mountain of Cuban food, ... 4259 views


Nyeema has never done any kind of fart videos before, this is her first time. She's our newest fart girl and she's got some really smelly farts! For Nyeema's first clip she's wearing a pair of blue sassy-saying panties on her deliciously round brown... 4401 views

Nyeema 2

Nyeema came back to give you some more farts, she enjoyed her first session and was down to do more. In this clip she's got a white top, and some neon yellow thong panties on, so hot! This sexy little ebony girl is sitting on the couch farting up a s... 4028 views


Priscilla is our newest fart girl here at Fart Fantasy, and she's a real natural! This sexy ebony honey has some of the nastiest smelling, hotest sounding farts ever. She's never done any farting on camera before and the fart virgins are always super... 4343 views

Rebecca Blue and Melody Nakai

Well, here's something you don't see every day - a hot blonde and a sexy Blasian girl paired up for some hot, nasty, face-farting action - YOWZA! Rebecca starts off by pulling her pink thong to the side, and sitting on Melody's face to fart in her n... 20445 views