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Search Results for: beans

Abigail Peach 21

Beans and rice were what cast a gassy state on beautiful Abigail Peach. This poor girl was genuinely regretting her food choices as her stomach was in knots. She could not stand the bloat in her belly. Without a doubt, sultry Ms. Peach is as stinky a... 5090 views

Jackie Avalon 13

Blonde Jackie is sitting in a rimjob position on the sofa, holding her buttcheeks far apart when she blasts farts right into the camera! Then she strokes her pussy while the camera zooms in on her asshole and you can see her pink rosebud open up to r... 3715 views

Angel Marie

Introducing Angel Marie, an ebony beauty in a short, grey sweater-dress. Angel is laying on the bed today and she's got gas, thanks to some beans she ate. Angel starts out with a silent-but-deadly, then gets up onto her knees and pulls up her sweater... 5202 views

Ariel X 15

Sexy blonde Ariel is getting ready to go out, but she always gets gas before a date! Her solution to the problem is to eat a lot of gas-producing foods, like the beans she ate today, and fart all the gas out before she goes out! Ariel pulls her thong... 5246 views

Aries Knightly 10

Returning from an adult party in a leather ultra-mini skirt and leather jacket, Aries undresses down to her leather mini. She ate BBQ franks-n-beans at the adult party, and it gave her some nasty gas. She gets into bed and blasts a big fat fart! Then... 9003 views

Cheyenne Jewel and Baby Doll

Cheyenne and Baby Doll have paired up today to fart in each others faces! The girls get into a 69 shape, and Baby Doll farts right into Cheyenne's nose - repeatedly! Cheyenne sure does like Baby Doll's ass, and all the gas that comes out of it, too! ... 5073 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 6

Chili and beans and nachos and cheese, oh my! Dominican beauty Jezebelle is loaded with gas from all of these things today. She bends over and lets a huge fart bubble up out of her jeans, then she lays on her side on the bed and blasts a bunch of far... 4893 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 8

Sexy Jezebelle had some more tacos and beans, so she's back to fart for you! Jezebelle gets up on the bed naked and spreads that big beautiful brown ass of hers and arts blasting the juiciest farts into your face! Those farts smell like tacos, and bo... 4416 views

LaRin Lane

La'Rin Lane makes her debut wearing a tight turquoise dress and her long blonde hair hanging loose. She's eaten a lot of beans today, and La'Rin is filled with gas! Watch as the camera zooms up from underneath to give you a great view of her spread-o... 4913 views

Lux Play 5

Lux is nude in the kitchen, making beans and rice, which gives her gas. She doubles over and lets an airy fart hiss, followed by a small blaster. She bends over and farts bare-ass right into the camera - NICE! She starts blasting some big fat farts, ... 3418 views

Melody Nakai 8

Favorite fartress Melody Nakai returns with a bellyful of gas. She's nude on the bed today, and she's telling you about the food she ate - a burrito with refried beans and cheese and a soda. Melody sticks her ass into your face and lets her ass gas f... 5141 views

Micah James

Debuting today is long, lean Micah James. She ate way too much beans and rice and cheese, which she farts out in front of you! She's wearing a cute l ittle zebra-striped thong, which she pulls to the side to give you a great view! She lifts one leg a... 3493 views

Rane Revere

Making her debut today is Rane Revere, a raven beauty who just ate some chili dogs and pork-n-beans, and for some reason, her tummy feels weird and she has to fart! Rane pulls her skirt up and farts through her pink-and-white striped panties! Then sh... 4917 views

Tyla Wynn 13

Tyla is in the kitchen today, cooking up some fart fuel! She's drinking a beer as she simmers somer refried beans. Tyla pulls her panties down and blasts a big fat fart! Then she says she wants to spice the beans, so she farts into the pan - YUMMY! S... 3614 views

Tyla Wynn 14

Tyla is at the kitchen sink, cleaning up after a huge meal of refried beans, wearing a camisole and no panties. As Tyla washes the dishes, she rips huge farts! the camera zooms in close on her bare asshole for a terrific view for you. Tyla puts one l... 3549 views

Tyla Wynn 15

Tyla ate some fart-spiced refried beans, and she's in the bathroom today. She's wearing a camisole and thong, and she pulls down the thong and treats you to a great bowl blast! She sticks her finger in her ass while the camera zooms in. Sitting facin... 3576 views

Cassandra Cruz 16

Latina Cassandra Cruz has been eating rice and beans, and they don't agree with her, at all. She is sexy in her black and white lingerie, but her belly is quite noisy. She bends over for us, teasing us slightly before she releases the first round of ... 7682 views

Goddess Dior 3

Ebony, full-bodied Goddess Dior is back home early from a night on the town, looking elegant in her black dress. Unfortunately, her meal had too many beans to be ignored. The big butt ebony amateur lets out a loud fart less than a minute into the vid... 4798 views

Nicky Ferrari

If you like Latina girls filling the room with their nasty farts, you’re in luck! Today Nicky Ferrari’s been eating too many frijoles, and now her pretty ass is filled with disgusting smells. Don’t miss this clip as Nicky explains in Spanish, a... 10180 views

Layla Price

Layla Price is a little shy to get started. She's never farted for anyone before, but this gassy blonde is giving it all she's got! Her ass is loaded with disastrous farts, she's been eating beans all day, and now Layla's finally ready to push out th... 30205 views

Osa Lovely 7

Even though she knew that burrito would upset her stomach, Osa Lovely ate it anyway. Even worse, she ordered extra beans, and now her ass has the fuel to explode the nastiest smelling farts... for what seems like an eternity! If you can't get enough ... 4398 views

Nicky Ferrari 8

Nicky is doing some stretching to press out the gas bubbles in her stomach and they come out of her ass in long, squealching spurts! This lithe Latina is farting so hard while she stretches it's amazing she doesn't blow a hole in her spandex pants! I... 9438 views

Nicky Ferrari 11

Things get "muey caliente" when Nicky gives you masturbation instruction in Espanol! It doesn't matter if you can't understand: her orders to stroke your hard dick are easy to understand, plus farts speak every language! That's right, Nicky has a but... 12792 views

Taylor Starr 21

Taylor Starr had to excuse herself from the barbecue when she found herself gassy and bloated after macaroni salad and beans did not settle in her belly. She hopes you don’t mind being privy to her putrid poots while she lies back, shorts unbuttone... 4937 views