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Search Results for: barefoot

Persuajon 3

Persuajon can't stop farting and she loves to show you while she does it! This sexy ebony babe is wearing a pair of super tight denim jeans and a sexy black mesh top with no bra! You get to see her tits on display - hot! She is sitting on a couch sty... 5070 views


In corduroy shorts barely covering her ass, Olivia looks especially sexy today. Her lunch consisted of a greasy cheeseburger and fries, and now she is paying the price for her poor food choices. She has an abundance of amazingly loud farts and is sat... 13201 views

Stephanie Saint

Stephanie Saint is a natural on camera, but she has yet to fart on camera, so today she is giving it a shot. She has worn full-bottomed, white panties and is looking pretty sexy in her fitted pink and white halter top. Her inaugural gassers are more ... 8624 views

Ashley Luvbug 24

A sexy, young girl farting on your dick? How does that sound? As your doting girlfriend, Ashley Luvbug knows you love her stinky pucker, so she is treating you to an outstanding adventure that includes her farting like crazy on your stiff dick. You l... 5153 views

Candi Coxx

Barefoot and bright-eyed newcomer Candi Coxx has a stinky ass and has held her farts in so that she was not embarrassed in front of her school crush. Farting in front of others is a new endeavor to Miss Coxx, but you’d never know it by watching the... 8772 views

Sedusa D 3

Flirty Sedusa D is still relatively new to farting on cue, but man, has she ever learned fast how to make the most out of a grumbly tummy! She knows you love her ass scents, dirty boy, and in a sexy green and white striped bikini, this short-haired b... 6711 views

Siouxsie Star 5

Jerk off instruction has never been hotter or stinkier! Join gassy Siouxsie Star as she gives you the most divine JOI while she rubs and fingers her own pussy, begging you to cum all over her smelly ass pucker! By the time she treats you to a rousing... 6808 views

Qutie Quinn 7

We can all agree that Qutie Quinn looks awesome while naked. Take a gander at this bubbly black babe as she is suggestively reclined on her white leather couch, while letting it all hang out! She was gassy and giving some straight shots out of that b... 4347 views

Cali Confidential 4

Cute and confident Cali Confidential over-consumed some sweet treats, leaving her belly aching and her ass full of gas. But she cordially invites you to revel in the scents! She looks gorgeous in a maroon ensemble, but as she lounged on her white sec... 5275 views

Temple Love 21

Temple Love has an important message: She is SO gassy! Check her out as she looks so sexy in a pair of lace panties while farting up a storm! Likely, the inside of those underpants were soiled, or at least stinky, by the time she released all of the ... 4957 views

Kelly Leigh 9

Kelly Leigh is such a silly flirt! This older lady with a thick physique donned designer jeans and totally let loose with a surplus of nasty farts plowing out of her pucker. She teased by giving peeks of her big booty when she pulled those stinky jea... 4269 views

Temple Love 22

Temple Love looks rather fetching in a pink and black thong. Wow! She looked fantastic, but she was so gassy. That poor flimsy pair of underpants did not stand a chance! She really soiled those things with her wet, loud and lewd gassers! She says she... 4846 views

Temple Love 26

Temple Love had to call off work early due to the fact she was so gassy! You know belly bloat and stench are a serious consideration when a gal departs work to come home and work out her stinky situation! Perhaps farting in the office this much would... 7993 views

Temple Love 28

A naked Temple Love was feeling gassy, and the poor dear just let it all out. In more than one position, she pushed booty torpedoes out of her tush while confessing that she was in pain. This level of gassiness is not for the faint of heart! 4070 views

Missy Maveric 6

Stink and kink are two things cute Missy Maveric has dialed in! Have a long look at this gassy girl as she lets some slow burners make their way out of her tush. She wanted to have her belly back in fighting condition, so she had to push out all the ... 3753 views

Jolie Shawen 15

Jolie Shawen in short shorts farting up a storm is a fart fanatic’s fantasy in the flesh! Let this dark-skinned dame serve up some stinky farts that will leave you feeling fully satiated and shrouded in stink! There is something special about how J... 4980 views

Jolie Shawen 20

Wow - Jolie Shawen’s gassy state was quite annoying to her, but her loss is our gain! Sure, we don’t want to see her with such an awful belly ache, but we certainly appreciate her sharing her dismay and sending farts our way. This chick is a hot ... 1899 views

Krystal Kash 3

Sporty Krystal Kash ended a recent workout in a gassy state. Looking hot as hell in her short white shorts, she let those gassers escape her bottom in rapid succession, each one stinkier than the last. Her backside is worth praise, for sure, and a sw... 4150 views

Krystal Kash 8

As if a sexy blonde in a black party dress is not hot enough, Krystal Kash added some wet farts to the equation, and talk about boner-inducing for those of us who love female farts! This classy spin on a stinky deed is quite arousing. It seems like o... 6008 views

Kyrin Mae 2

Sexy lace panties look amazing on hot Kyrin Mae! This is a rousing redhead who has no shame. She will fart in your face as soon as you wish. Be careful, everything about this sexpot is potent, from her bedroom eyes and smelly ass, to her soft bare fe... 5635 views

Kyrin Mae 3

Lovely Kyrin Mae slipped into a sexy thong, and she can do no wrong. Fans of farts will especially appreciate her filthy booty and her surplus of gas that shrouded the room in extreme stink. Without a doubt, she is a redhead who has so much to offer,... 4084 views

Remy Rayne 7

Remy Rayne invested in a sexy pink thong, and instead of using it as an accompaniment to a designer outfit, she decided to put on a sexy fart show for your eyes only! She was in an exceptionally gassy state, so she wanted to indulge her penchant for ... 4610 views

Alice Frost 33

Let’s give curvaceous Alice Frost a warm welcome back! She is one hot piece, and she is always large and in charge. During this farting escapade, she is going to give some nasty lady honks filtered through the thin shorts she has covering that larg... 4147 views

Diamond Banks 2

Poor Diamond Banks was suffering a massively sore tummy, and she did all she could to get rid of the methane collected in her belly. The result of her efforts was her letting some sizzlers slide out into her short jean shorts. These farts of hers wer... 6536 views