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Search Results for: ass hole fetish

Sinnamon Love 2

Sinnamon Love returns for another farting feature. She is a real fetish freak and she loves to do the fart thing. She's in a tight little pink outfit with some with thong panties on that make for a lovely fart fantasy! Lots of close ups of her tight ... 5496 views

Kitty 5

Kitty has joined us again to do a panty hose farting session. She is eager to try to "blow a hole in her panty hose using fart pressure" as she says. We'll see about that but, we'll enjoy watching her attempt, right? If you have a panty hose fetish, ... 3342 views

Jasmine LeFleur 19

If you have yet to check out Jasmine LeFleur's sexy ass passing toots, the time is now, my friend! Her backside is worthy of the ultimate praise, and in her latest fart installment, she is passing toots at a rapid pace, in conjunction with releasing ... 3892 views

Rose 4

Rose will show you how to use that asshole for some wicked fetish moves today. Good thing she is not wearing any panties, you can see her exposed holes at the same time as she started out with a doggy position with her bottom facing the camera. Hold ... 3855 views

Blair Winters 7

Breathy Blair Winters is a sight to behold farting in bed and commenting how it smells so good! She’s a huge fan of her own tush ticklers and is rubbing her pristine, pierced pussy while pushing poots onto her white duvet. Her ass muscles extend wi... 9633 views

Blair Winters 8

Blair Winters is regretting her valiant effort during a food eating contest with friends at a buffet. She sampled a plethora of foods and is home now and suffering a very upset tummy that made her very gassy. She’s her normally sexy self in nothing... 7213 views

Blair Winters 10

Blair wants you to beg for her farts and get really close to smell her every offering! Your efforts will be rewarded with awesome closeup shots of that tight ebony ass hole turning out some impressive stale wind! Blair is especially hot in a black th... 8068 views

Blair Winters 4

Do you have what it takes to tolerate Blair Winters’ commanding ways as she demands you get your face right into her ass hole to taste every fart she is shooting out of her puckered button? She wants your tongue right in there and for you to love t... 6104 views

Aryana Adin 14

Do you think you're man enough bust your load right smack in the middle of Aryana's butt hole? She will put you through your paces until she finds out! She's down on the couch, shaking her enormous ebony ass, farting up a storm and commanding you to ... 16306 views

Nicky Ferrari 8

Nicky is doing some stretching to press out the gas bubbles in her stomach and they come out of her ass in long, squealching spurts! This lithe Latina is farting so hard while she stretches it's amazing she doesn't blow a hole in her spandex pants! I... 9358 views

Nikki Ford 11

What did Nikki do between eating lots of cheese and broccoli and partying with her friends at the nightclub? She ripped open her stockings so there's be nothing between you and her flatulent butthole! After the day Nikki's had she needs you to help h... 3664 views

Savannah Fox 15

Savannah is waiting for you, purring and pouty, and totally turned on at the thought of you jerking off all over her asshole! Savannah craves your load against her tight little forbidden hole and will do whatever it takes to get it there, even if it'... 9914 views

Jesse 7

Clad only in her sexy black high heels, Jesse writhes on the bed and farts in a variety of sensual positions! With her come-hither eyes and grasping butt hole, Jesse invites you to come in close and take a deep breath from the depths of her bowels. H... 3452 views

Nikki Ford 20

It's not every day you get to see a sexy black girl play with her pussy while she farts. But that's just a regular day in the life of Nikki Ford! With her long legs spread, Nikki invites you to get an eyeful of her beautiful pussy and to take a whiff... 3893 views

Savanna Ginger 17

How can Savanna get any reading done with all that noise? Probably because it's coming from her own ass! With her book before her to aid her concentration, Samantha bounces her ass to let get rid of the flatulence that is searing a hole in her shorts... 2167 views

Amber Star 13

Amber Star is enamored of guys with an affinity for face farts. Sucking farts out of her ass is a surefire way to land on Amber’s favorites list. Today she’s dressed to kill in a black lace tank and thong but is going to pull those panties to the... 5667 views

Amber Star 14

Connect with Amber Star while she is all alone in her big bed making herself feel good. She is in the buff when petting her pretty, shaved kitty and adding to her pleasure by getting rid of all the gas collecting in her belly all day. Her lip-smackin... 6675 views

Ivana 4

Ivana is sharing an up-close view of her loud ass hole as she fills the room with an odor she blames on what she’s eaten. She says it smells like broccoli and is to be believed because with clamors that grand, they sure can’t smell like flowers. ... 7125 views

Ivana 6

Illustrious Amber Star wants to play and has selected you as her playmate. Asking you to “do her a favor and take out your dick,” she gets down to the business of sharing her ass racket while wearing sexy, bright pink panties. Once her panties ar... 8755 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 13

Look at that dark pucker playing peek-a-boo! Wow! Jezebelle Foxxx is hot as hell, and her winking ass hole is full of spunk and stink but so cute with the way it flexes as she’s pushing farts out in your face. Get a good whiff of her ebony rosebud ... 7388 views

Jezebelle Foxxx 15

Dark chocolate beauty, Jezebelle Foxxx, is alone in her bed and having some fun with her naked body. Her slender fingers massage her clit while she is relaxing her ebony pucker to blow stale air into her bedroom. She assumes the perfect position on h... 13758 views

Paris Marie 3

Paris Marie exercises in the nude because she knows clothes only hamper her ability to stretch and spread her legs wide when she’s hard at work. She works out for a while in that pink thong of hers, but eventually removes that as well for uninhibit... 6390 views

Paris Marie 7

It is unbelievable how heavenly the stark naked, angelic Paris Marie looks spread out on her white comforter! Our tattooed cherub is feeling naughty today and rubs her honey pot while simultaneously farting on her delicate fingers. Her palpable puffs... 5819 views

Blair Winters 11

Blair Winters is bent over with her ass in your face and giving you her brand of air to breathe. She wants your face right between her cheeks every time she shakes out another whopper to blast right in front of you. Breathe it all in as Blair says; ... 5513 views