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Search Results for: Tala Black

Tala Black

Sinfully sexy Tala Black would love to make your acquaintance! She is quite a looker, and her cute pooper really produces some raunchy farts! Do you think you can stand the stench while getting to know this lovely Latina lady? Step on inside for some... 3814 views

Tala Black 2

Spicy Chinese food was a bottomless Tala Black’s downfall when she writhed around in bed feeling tremendous tummy pain from all the gas bubbling in her belly. She did all she could to work out the farts collected in the tank, and the views were per... 3873 views

Tala Black 3

Tala Black is one sexy ass Latina, and those among us who love stinky girl farts have developed a permanent crush on this one! Check her out as a hidden camera in her bathroom captures all of her gassers escaping. There is no finer sight than to see ... 2933 views

Tala Black 4

Sometimes a fast trip to the potty is not a fast endeavor, and this was the case when a stark naked Tala Black hit the john to do some business. Despite an assumed attempt at being ladylike, she had so much gas in her belly, and her rambunctious fart... 4437 views

Tala Black 6

Topless Tala Black looks awesome in a pair of fitted jeans, and fart fans will rise to the occasion when she starts to let huge butt whoppers escape her pucker in a series of disturbing lady gassers. This stinky minx is always a sexy treat, and today... 3779 views

Tala Black 7

Yummy Latina Tala Black looks so great in the buff, and her gassy state on this day only served to add to her sex appeal! Listen in on her as she proffers some major butt explosions while ridding herself of the troubling gas in her belly. She is a se... 3081 views

Tala Black 8

There is no denying the sex appeal of alluring Tala Black! Everything about her screams sex, which is what makes her such an acclaimed starlet among fart fanatics! She is a top-tier temptress who never wastes a fart…she would much rather share them... 2792 views

Tala Black 9

Long-haired hottie Tala Black is back for more stinky sexiness! Do not let the opportunity to see her in action pass you by! She never holds back and seems to get off to the fact that the gassier she is, the sexier she appears! Her awesome ass is on ... 2739 views

Tala Black 10

Tala Black’s awesome ass will not let you down! Trust Tala to always be gassy and good to go as she releases a series of farts into the air, headed straight for your face. She is not for the weak-hearted, as she is a filthy MILF, fitted to only the... 3054 views

Tala Black 5

Take a look a scrumptious Tala Black as she balances her booty on two chairs and proffers a great view of her pucker erupting in gassy explosions! She is the proud owner of a great ass, and we just love to see her let loose when she is full of methan... 3440 views

Tala Black 11

Tala Black is a sexy chick, and it is great to see her back and gassier than ever! She is a gal who fart fans from all over the world can’t get enough of. You would think that her slender body would not be capable of such stench, but those girl far... 2966 views

Tala Black 12

Striking Tala Black was suffering a massive tummy ache, and she had nothing to do but plop her tiny booty on the pot and try her best to get rid of the gas and waste collected in her intestines. She was in a terrible way, but even when she is not fee... 2858 views

Tala Black 13

It was a nice bathroom until Tala Black arrived! This dirty darling did quite a number on the toilet as she blasted it full of farts. The views of her backside are incredible, as a strategically placed bathroom camera allowed for a sight of that tush... 4842 views

Tala Black 14

Slender siren Tala Black looks sexy as hell in black boots and absolutely nothing else! She was feeling gassy and needed to liberate toots, and lucky for us, she was not shy about it! Tala is a yummy piece of ass, and that perky tush of hers is one f... 4247 views

Tala Black 15

Pink thongs are made for sexy girls, and here we have stunning Tala Black wearing nothing but a pink thong as she farts like mad for her legion of devoted fans. She has a yummy bum, but that Latin ass is certainly stinky as fuck! Join this hot harlot... 3778 views

Tala Black 16

Tala Black is one of the hottest Latina pornstars on the planet! She is fully uninhibited, which makes her a huge hit among those who love stinky girl farts. Her body’s contours are enough to bring a guy to his knees, so when she is naked and face ... 5278 views

Tala Black 17

Slim Tala Black hiked up her sexy dress, and the view was rather impressive once her cute tushy was exposed. There is quite a bit to love about this darling, as she is so very sexy and always eager to share her lady gassers with guys who appreciate a... 6350 views

Tala Black 18

Petite sinstress Tala Black always has something filthy up her sleeve, and this time, she decided to pass some stink through a pair of sexy jean shorts. This cannot be missed, as her slight body looks so amazing as she tests out positions that make h... 3204 views

Tala Black 19

Nobody wants to see stunning Tala Black suffer, but when she was dealing with a tummy ache, she sure looked cute trying to get rid of the belly gas giving her such a problem. She was in bed in tight shorts, socks and a crop top and tried so many posi... 3990 views

Tala Black 20

Even Tala Black’s SBD farts are sexy as hell! This Latina fireball is a foxy dame we cannot get enough of! Her ass is perfection, and her fantastic attitude wins the hearts of many. Best of all, her stink runs deep, and she is a total flirt. Enjoy ... 3649 views

Tala Black 21

A naked Tala Black is the ultimate eye candy, and fans of lady gassers will love sniffing up her farts during this face farting session! Take a long look at her in all of her glory because gorgeous Ms. Black is a gift you can give yourself! Without a... 4982 views

Tala Black 22

Sensual Latina hottie Tala Black knows how to work a sexy pink thong! There is no denying her sex appeal as she works her body into several positions while farting like mad! She is such a babe, and when she puts on a fart spectacular, she proffers al... 3215 views

Tala Black 23

Tala Black took quite a risk entering the bathroom in a sexy white thong while feeling waves of wet farts on deck. She had to take a dump, and the gas bubbles simultaneously escaping her booty were bold and teeming with stench. Once she finished the ... 4344 views

Tala Black 24

Tala Black’s tight and toned body is quite a sight to behold. And for fart fanatics, watching her on the pot is a dream! This lovely Latina looker is a stinky dame in the bathroom, no matter how sweet her long, curly hair smells, or her smooth skin... 3664 views