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Search Results for: Serena Marcus

Serena Marcus

The bathroom door opens, and Serena is on the toilet, farting! She ate too many tacos, that's what she says. Serena is sitting there on the toilet hollering about how much her stomach hurts, and farting into the bowl - WOO-HOO! The camera hangs right... 4113 views

Serena Marcus 2

Serena is in the bathroom today, standing in the tub with one leg lifted,when she blasts a huge fart! The camera zooms up from underneath onto her struggling stink-hole as she farts some more! Serena stands there in the tub farting, then she sits in ... 3338 views

Serena Marcus 3

A fart - that's how this clip starts out! Serena is in a negligee with no panties, and she sticks her ass in the air as the camera zooms in on her bare asshole as she blows a silent-but-deadly ass kiss at you! Then she giggles and farts some more. Yo... 3237 views

Serena Marcus 4

Serena is on the bed, wearing a negligee and no panties! She sticks her ass into the camera and lets a silent-but-deadly fart hiss into the camera, then starts stroking her pussy! She grabs a pillow and lets an airy fart hiss. She lets a slow one rip... 3150 views

Serena Marcus 5

A cute squeaky fart - that's how this clip starts. Then Serena starts playing with her titties and pulling her panties down to blow a silent-but-deadly! The camera swings around to Serena's ass as she lets an airy fart hiss into the camera! Then she ... 3576 views

Serena Marcus 6

Serena is back to fart for you some more! Today she's on the phone with a friend, wearing a cute little negligee and no panties! She sticks the phone to her ass and farts into it! Then she puts the phone right back to her face and keeps talking, and ... 3103 views

Serena Marcus 8

Remember that sexy blonde pornstar who farted in your face a while back, named Serena Marcus? Well, she came back to use with even more gas! She's wearing a cute white negligee, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart! She's fiddling with her titties... 3428 views

Serena Marcus 9

A blonde blasting a big fat fart - that's how this clip starts out. Sexy Serena is nude on the bed with a bellyful of gas today. She plays with her pussy a bit, but she's blasting these massive farts so she just keeps farting! That must feel better a... 3658 views

Serena Marcus 10

This luscious young perverted babe is Serena Marcus. You can tell from her looks that she is playful, and she is indeed. She was just there chilling on the couch when she suddenly surprised herself with a fart. It amused her and it turned her on. So ... 3470 views

Serena Marcus 11

This teeny blonde hottie has some special talent. I know many girls can fart but no one does it like her. And she's damn proud of it! While all giggly and excited she started to perform. She started with a long one, a delicious long rip of wicked far... 3168 views

Serena Marcus 12

It's another day in the life of this cute blonde pornstar Serena Marcus. She goes to the toilet. She's there because she loves how the bathroom and the toilet echo her loud farts, it actually amplifies each burst of wind, and the toilet seat gives he... 3560 views

Serena Marcus 13

We don't just let anyone into the famous fart chair, but Serena Marcus is fart fetish royalty and she has every right to sit on her perfectly suited throne. She demonstrates how to squeeze farts out in that chair perfectly! Keeping that lily-white as... 4349 views

Serena Marcus 14

Miss Serena, the tattooed blonde wonder, returns to blast your face full of ass gas today. She's so sexy in this video, and boy has she got a tummy full of farts for you! Serena has been around the block a few times and knows what she is doing for su... 3136 views

Serena Marcus 15

Combine the beauty of Serena Marcus, her gassy stomach and the infamous fart chair, it makes one hell of a sexy video! Now this is the real deal guys, the best of the best, the kinkiest of them all and simply one of the best fart fantasy fetish video... 4489 views

Serena Marcus 16

This crazy tatted-up blonde Serena really gets herself into strange positions! And that is what we love most about her - unless you count the stinky gas that blasts out of her tight little ass! Serena is propped up on a pillow with her butt in the ai... 3416 views

Serena Marcus 17

This is how Serena Marcus spends her relaxing days. Seeing her would make you think that this girl is the typical pretty blonde chick her spends her time in the malls or something like that. But she has this kinky side that she can never get rid off,... 3529 views

Serena Marcus 18

Serena Marcus will divulge the wickedest of secrets today. She just loves farting, she really does, and she wants to fart in your face! It makes her feel good and light, and the louder the farts are, the better! And another thing, she gets really hot... 3625 views

Serena Marcus 19

It is Serena Marcus in the fart chamber, and yes we do want to see her fart! Feel free to imagine you are there in the room with her,with her lovely body giving you a sweet treat of much-needed eye candy, and her farts are definitely candy for your o... 3395 views

Serena Marcus 20

Poor Serena is all chained up in the chain chair, and she wants out because she\'s got to go to the bathroom! Of course, no one lets her out, so she ends up having a total farting fit, right there in your face - BOOYAH!Does she end up developing a ta... 7548 views

Serena Marcus 21

Serena Marcus has just what all fart loving perverts want most! She's got an ass full of gas, and she's shaking that luscious booty of hers, jiggling them all out for you! How many farts does she have trapped inside that asshole of hers? She'll never... 3271 views

Serena Marcus 22

You know Serena Marcus likes you when shes willing to share her most prized possession her deadliest gas! Shes got so much to give, and this gassy blonde isnt holding any of her gas back! Shes going to push all that stink out and cover everyone with ... 3303 views

Serena Marcus 23

You're in for a treat today, because Serena Marcus is in the kinkiest of moods! She's giving her pussy a little attention, while she pushes out her ass stink - right into your waiting face! You get to hear the sound of that juicy pussy as she works m... 3250 views

Serena Marcus 24

Serena Marcus has an itty bitty bikini on, that's going to be filled with the stink from her big bouncy ass, real soon! This sexy girl is shaking her nasty farts right out, and jiggling that nasty stench right out into the room! Watch as Serena sprea... 3605 views

Serena Marcus 25

Serena Marcus never holds back, so you're in for a real nasty fart covered treat! This gassy girl is covering everything in the room with the horrible smell coming out of her butthole! The air is thick with the stink of her hot gas, and we know that'... 3414 views