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Search Results for: Sedusa D

Sedusa D

Meet sexy Sedusa D, as she farts on cam for the first time. Poor thing has consumed some raunchy fare, and her farts are there to bear the burn. This short-haired stunner sharts in her cute jean shorts again and again and is embarrassed by the smell ... 6126 views

Sedusa D 2

Sexy Sedusa D has sped into the bathroom to take care of business, but sadly, things are not working out for her as fast as she’d like. Her farts are fierce, but she’s pushing to no avail. Her busy pucker is stinking up the small bathroom, making... 5685 views

Sedusa D 3

Flirty Sedusa D is still relatively new to farting on cue, but man, has she ever learned fast how to make the most out of a grumbly tummy! She knows you love her ass scents, dirty boy, and in a sexy green and white striped bikini, this short-haired b... 6659 views

Sedusa D 4

Sedusa D is seriously sexy in a tight black corset that accentuates her curves, and in addition to treating you to her uncovered ass, she has some gassers to share. But she’s in a bossy mood, so beware! She wants you to uncover your cock and give i... 5873 views

Sedusa D 5

Little else is sexier than Sedusa D on her back, not wearing a stitch of clothing as she rubs her shaved kitty! When this babe masturbates, her fingers work just fine. In fact, she’s so at ease during her tenacious rubbing, her ass hole releases a ... 7662 views

Sedusa D 6

Sedusa D is a spectacular maven who was made to fart on demand! With her hot black thong pulled to the side, this short-haired bundle of fun is spotlighting what her tight pucker can do when she’s gassy, and the end result is outstanding. In slow-m... 6476 views

Sedusa D 7

Black stockings and a sexy garter belt suit sexy Sedusa D, as she is a captivating, curvy doll who is all class. Well, except for when it comes to her ass! That is where her normally commendable degree of couth comes to a close! She has her ass point... 8477 views

Sedusa D 8

Slow-motion, close-up farting never looked so fabulous! Sedusa D’s stinky center is hard at work, producing the sights and smells we love! Turn the volume down - these gassers are ear-piercing! But her pucker looks so sexy when it relaxes for her t... 7423 views

Sedusa D 9

In a feeble attempt to save money, Sedusa D purchased generic laxatives, and all they accomplished was making her extremely gassy. Good thing she has her sexy white thong tugged to the side, or that sucker would be stained! Sedusa’s wet farts enter... 6289 views

Sedusa D 10

Chimichanga day at the school cafeteria has rendered sexy student Sedusa D embarrassingly gassy. She figures the rest of the pupils are also gassy, but she is so relived she could hold her butt blasts at bay until she returned home. Once in the priva... 4039 views

Sedusa D 11

You can hear the pain in her voice when Sedusa D has rushed into the bathroom to do her business when she is plagued with a seriously daunting belly ache. She is fast to slide down her sexy black bottoms and plop on the pot to release everything that... 5345 views

Sedusa D 12

During a job interview, the worst possible thing happened to Sedusa D: she farted! She was mortified at first, but then realized you liked it, so the interview took a highly unconventional turn. When she knew you were turned on by her farting and rev... 4614 views

Sedusa D 13

Mistress Sedusa D needs her fart slave to server her now, so get your nose where it belongs - wedged between her cheeks! Her butt hole runneth over with stinky farts, and she likes it when your tongue slides against her tight, little hole while she o... 5268 views

Sedusa D 14

Sedusa D takes wet farts to another level when she pours oil on her pucker while farting! The bubbly feeling of her gassers hitting the stream of oil makes her giggle, which is unbelievably adorable. This playful starlet never fails to be entertainin... 6447 views

Sedusa D 15

Sultry Sedusa D has face farting dialed in! She would love to give you a serving of sexy farts in slow-motion so you do not miss a single second of her gassy state. Sedusa’s amazing ass is a must-see for those who like to see a lady’s pucker deco... 9862 views

Sedusa D 16

Watch out for Betty and her tuna sandwiches! Sedusa D learned the hard way that her sweet co-worker Betty’s artisan sandwiches are a don’t because the tuna and cheese on the sandwiches Betty brought have made Sedusa feel awful. Her butt blasts sm... 6138 views

Sedusa D 17

Check out goal-oriented Sedusa D! She’s feeling the burn during her workout, and we caught her at the end, when she’s sweaty and gassy. With her few final squats, a few toots sneak out, but that’s okay! When she lies back to rest, she has some ... 4934 views

Sedusa D 18

A barbecue chicken sandwich from the school cafeteria has left sexy student Sedusa D in the worst possible position. She sped into the bathroom to launch torpedoes into the bowl, holding nothing back! This might just be the worst gas she has ever had... 5746 views

Sedusa D 19

Formidable fart queen Sedusa D is relentless when she’s feeling sassy. She is a stinky Mistress who is eager to propose a challenge. No, she is not going to let you cum right away, but she is going to give you the sort of JOI you crave! Looking fie... 5800 views

Sedusa D 20

Scintillating Sedusa D has a sexy surprise for you! She’s getting undressed, but that’s not all she has for your pleasure! She is going to free the farts that have built up as she takes off each layer. Once her sexy lace bra comes off, her great ... 7216 views

Sedusa D 21

Catch Sedusa D in the middle of an argument with her loser boyfriend. He’s such a dick, and even tries to change the subject of him cheating when he brings up the farts he’s hearing in the background. Sedusa is farting, but before hanging up on t... 7771 views