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Search Results for: Royalty

Britney Stevens 37

The amazing Britney Stevens sure looks sexy in royal blue! And guess what? She just got back from a Mexican restaurant where she wore that dress! You know what that means - she is gassy and bloats with all that stinky Mexican food and behold, you are... 4894 views

Serena Marcus 13

We don't just let anyone into the famous fart chair, but Serena Marcus is fart fetish royalty and she has every right to sit on her perfectly suited throne. She demonstrates how to squeeze farts out in that chair perfectly! Keeping that lily-white as... 4319 views


Have you met innocent-looking Royalty? She is a super sweet starlet who took so well to sharing her toots with her admirers! Seems she's like a fish to water when it comes to farting up a storm and letting others in on her stinky secrets! She is a be... 5637 views

Royalty 2

Sultry Royalty has a great ass, and for fart fans, she is a dream come true when she shares her nasty blasts up close. She has so much stink bottled up between her cheeks, and she makes sure her pucker stays busy as she blasts her gassers in your dir... 4403 views

Royalty 3

Want another dose of adorable Royalty faring up a storm? Well, here you go! Her round ass is garnering quite a following as she farts her way into fart fans' hearts! On the surface, she seems so demure, but her nasty ass sure has a way of going into ... 3750 views

Royalty 4

There is nothing wrong with a gassy girl if you're a fan of foul farts! Cute, young starlet Royalty has a perky pooter, and she loves showing it off! She would love the opportunity to show you up close how she shoots toots out of her sweet ass. With ... 5158 views

Royalty 5

Cute Royalty's recent trip to the potty to make a nasty deposit proved to be productive, and she was blissfully unaware that her loud and lewd behavior was being recorded by a hidden spy cam. Her toots were ferocious, and she was making such a mess o... 4302 views

Royalty 6

Royalty makes herself giggle when she is really gassy and cannot believe she has more gas when it has already seemed like too much! Her methane stinks up the joint, and the poor dear just cannot believe the volume or the stench. It's really tragic, b... 3106 views

Royalty 7

Wanna watch me fart? That's what bespectacled Royalty asks when she is reclined on a lounger and launching huge whoppers out of that cute backside of hers! Are you ready for the royal treatment? This young vixen would love nothing more than to take y... 5309 views

Royalty 8

Royalty's ass is a divine sight, and if you have seen it in action before, you know this to be true. Check out her terrific tush as she pushes out her poots while she is recorded in slow-motion so that no pucker flex is missed during this dynamic met... 6944 views

Royalty 9

Royalty is such a sweet young lady, but her secret fetish is farting on film! And she's so great at it, making a fart fan's heart full as she keeps shucking stinkers with her full ass on full display! She's so stinky and sexy, making her worth a watc... 4638 views

Royalty 10

Naked minx Royalty needs you to do her a solid...she wants you to jerk off to her farts! With her big ass as busy as it has ever been, she is going to give you a plethora of poots to jerk your meat to, and once she has filled the room with her methan... 3258 views

Royalty 11

Sweet Royalty was hit with a massive tummy ache, and the poor dear had to do something to make herself feel better. Her best, fastest-acting, option was to push farts out of her pucker. She was wearing fitted black leggings, and she sure did a lot to... 6119 views

Royalty 12

Young and innocent Royalty's ass looks outstanding up close! She has a plethora of poots to liberate from her tight pucker, and she is showing off her penchant for pooting closeup! Watch as these nasty farts fly out of her backside while she pushes w... 4078 views

Royalty 13

The sounds of Royalty's juicy farts are fantastic, and the closeup views of her methane-spewing pucker are perfection! She has so much gas to rid herself of, and she nestled her sweet ass into the fart chair to make this happen a bit more readily. Ge... 3748 views

Royalty 14

Royalty's ripping ass is outstanding! Check out that bodacious buttocks as she releases some shocking gassers that are loud and lewd...just how we like 'em! This young honey is a soft-spoken gem of a gal who is not too shy to show off her ass when sh... 3164 views

Royalty 15

Oh, Royalty, you're so fun to watch in the loo! Little did this dame know, she was being recorded while she paid a visit to the pot. Let's just say, she did not keep things ladylike, as she filled the bowl. The farts accompanying this dump are shocki... 3898 views

Royalty 16

Sweet Royalty sure does cause quite a stir when she settles her awesome ass on the toilet. She refuses to hold back when she has stuff to get rid of and does not know there is a camera on her as she makes her dastardly deposit. She is so gassy, but m... 3846 views

Royalty 17

Royalty is such a precious starlet, but she is not opposed to being a bit dirty once in awhile! She lets her ass do its job when she has gas to get rid of. Watch as she makes a mess of the inside of her tiny black shorts as she farts her way into you... 4114 views

Royalty 18

"Stoke your dick while I fart for you," is what Royalty has to say, and she is going to give you a full sight of her bare bottom as she directs bad blasts in your direction! She wants you stroking fast while she farts out masterful ass missiles to ke... 5788 views

Royalty 19

Royalty’s ass is quite commanding, and when she’s gassy, she is not shy about letting her toots escape in rapid succession. Her belly was hurting, and this young girl gave it her all as she pushed hard to get the relief she so desperately craved.... 3085 views

Royalty 20

Wow! Royalty’s ass looks amazing covered in oil as she releases nasty lady gassers! Check out her ample backside as she spews the most awful offerings in your direction! She sure has a beautiful booty, but it’s a stinky one, without a doubt! 3471 views

Royalty 21

Royalty’s ass is never a letdown, but when she farts, and it is filmed in slow-motion, it looks simply fantastic! The loud and lewd sounds are better than ever when every pucker burp is extended and so close to your face! This crevice is captivatin... 5638 views

Royalty 22

Uh oh! Adorable Royalty ate Thai food that did not agree with her! Needless to say, the gassy fare smelled better going in than it does going out! Her belly hurt her so much, so she had to push out a series of embarrassing farts to make her tummy fee... 3573 views