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Search Results for: Rose Lane

Rose Lane 8

Pizza-lover Rose Lane stopped in at the pizzeria and went overboard with toppings, leaving a surplus of grease in their tummies. Nobody got it as bad as Rose, though. She is defiling her jean shorts with loud, overbearing farts you have to hear to be... 8967 views

Rose Lane 9

Wow! Rose Lane is dropping ass and stinking something fierce. She has rushed into the bathroom to dump a load, and the result is nothing short of disastrous. Rose is making a major mess of her toilet bowl and breaking sound records in the process. Sh... 8493 views

Rose Lane 10

Smells like a rose? Not so much! Gassy Rose Lane is in a dress so tight it could double as a straight jacket, and she’s full of farts. Rose is well aware of how much you like to watch her rid her body of methane, so she somehow gets that tight dres... 15434 views

Rose Lane 11

Few erupting puckers produce obnoxious sounds the way Rose Lane’s does! She wants to give you a special treat to celebrate your promotion, and her ass is on board! Go ahead, get that cock out, because once Miss Lane’s red lace panties are on the ... 10875 views

Rose Lane 12

Rose Lane is a one-woman show who dispels the myth that girls don’t fart! Even during a hot session of solo masturbation, some sexy girls squeeze out gas to accentuate the eroticism of their pussy play. Rose is one such girl! Her pucker is competin... 7759 views

Rose Lane 13

Radiant Rose Lane loves to show off, and when you watch her fart, it puts a smile on her pretty face. To thank you for all of your previous ass adoration, she is treating you to sexy slow-motion farting that is an pucker-lover’s dream come true. Wa... 5578 views

Rose Lane 14

Poor Rose Lane just wants to relax, but a massive tummy ache prevents her proper rest. She does not enjoy the stinky farts she has to force out in order to feel better, but she has to do something. With her sexy pink lace thong pulled to the side, sh... 8165 views

Imani Rose 15

Imani is on the bed in a teddy. The camera zooms up under her butt as she blasts a couple farts into your face - BOO-YAH! She says she doesn't know why she's farting since she just went to the bathroom, so she lays on her back and blasts a big one in... 6193 views

Imani Rose 16

Veteran fartress Imani runs into the bathroom quickly and sits on the toilet wearing a cheerleader skirt and bra. She says she doesn't have time for this before school, and she blasts a big fart into the toilet! The camera hangs under her ass and you... 4854 views

Imani Rose 17

Imani is going to work out today! She's wearing slashed leggings and a pink top, so she arranges two chairs and as she's stretching, she farts! Then she blasts another one into the camera. She keeps on doing squats and farting while the camera hangs ... 4854 views

Imani Rose 18

Sexy Imani thinks she looks cute today, and she's waiting for her friends to get there, and she's telling you all about it when she blasts a fart! Then she confides that she's got gas from eating potatoes. She just keeps farting and farting in those ... 4388 views

Imani Rose 19

Imani is on the phone, wearing a black jacket and nothing else. The camera is hanging under her ass as she sits straddling two chairs and stroking her pussy! While she's blabbing on the phone and stroking her pussy, she farts! You can see her asshole... 5982 views

Imani Rose 20

Imani is on the sofa, wearing matching bra and panties, writing and stroking her pussy. Then she blasts a huge fart! Then she blasts another! Imani just keeps sitting there and blabbing about what she should write, talking about farting, and of cours... 4746 views

Imani Rose 21

Imani is sitting in a chair, asking if you like her toe socks. She's got on a mini skirt, and noticed that she's not wearing any panties. Since she's bored, she's gonna give you something special, so she bounces in the chair and blasts a fart right i... 4570 views

Imani Rose 22

Sexy ebony Imani Rose is back to fart for you some more! today she's in a sexy leather-and-spandex outfit, and she lifts one leg and blasts a fart through her thong! Then she does it again. Imani then rolls over and sticks her ass right into the cam... 4145 views

Imani Rose 23

Imani is wearing a cute little negligee, and she pulls the butt part up and farts through her thong into the camera! She starts out with a lovely thong-filtered machine-gunner before lying on her side and pulling her thong to the side and farting som... 4665 views

Imani Rose 24

Sexy veteran fartress Imani is in the fart chair today with her asshole hanging between the slats. She says she wants you to get under there, and while your face is between her buttcheeks, she blasts some big fat farts into your face - OH WOW! She te... 4843 views

Imani Rose 25

Imani runs into the bathroom and frantically lifts her skirt and sits on the toilet - it's an emergency today! She's trying to get those farts to hurry up and blast out, because she has a test and doesn't want to fail her test by farting through it. ... 4585 views

Imani Rose 26

Sexy Imani is posing for you nude today, and when the camera gets to her butt, she arts farting! Imani then gets up into a chair, facing ass-pout, and blows ass-kisses at you with her butthole! Seriously - you can see her ass hole ch out as she farts... 7113 views

Imani Rose 27

Sultry Imani is allowing you into her bedroom, her personal space. She's dressed in a cute black outfit and she fiddles with her pussy for a bit, then she rolls onto her side and pulls her thong to the side and shows you the money - her asshole - as ... 3921 views

Imani Rose 28

Imani is curled up on the bed, and she wakes up and asks you why you're in her room, then asks if you like what you see. She rolls around on the bed and says it's her personal space and she's trying to sleep. Her panties are so tight, she decides to ... 6471 views

Imani Rose 8

Sexy Imanie came back to fart for you some more today! She's in the bathtub, and the camera zooms in on her ass as she gives herself a fart-bubble bath! She farts into the water and you can see the bubbles - OH YEAH! She gets on all fours and farts b... 5406 views

Imani Rose 9

Imanie is on the toilet, blasting a huge juicy fart! She doesn't want you to look at her, but of course you do! She's got some bad, painful gas today and she can't quit blasting farts into the toilet! She's so embarrassed about all these bowl blaster... 3792 views

Imani Rose 10

Imanie is on the sofa, listening to her iPod. She lifts one leg and blasts a fart! She's wearing a cheerleader skirt and no panties! The camera hangs under her and catches her farts for you. Imanie takes off her headphones and sticks her bare asshole... 4663 views